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GN Solids Will Attend ADIPEC 2017

As one of the largest oil and gas show, ADIPEC draws attention to thousands of oil and gas professionals. APIPEC is short for Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference. Every year, many newly developed oil and gas equipment are exhibited in this show and new technology are shared by many experienced experts. The 2017 ADIPEC will be held from Nov.13th to 16th. This might be the largest oil and gas show besides USA OTC show in Middle East.
GN Solids Control will attend ADIPEC show, GN Solids booth no. is 10250 in Hall 10. GN Solids Control welcomes all GN friends to visit us, please feel from to connect with us if you would like to check our solids control and waste management equipment.
This year, GN Solids Control will exhibit some shaker screen in the ADIPEC show. Although the oil price is still pretty low, but GN Solids Control receives more inquires on shaker screens and selling more shaker screens. With the establishment of GN Solids America LLC and GN Solids Russia, more and more GN shaker screens and solids control equipment are purchased.

GN Solids Control will exhibit many different kinds of shaker screens, such as replacement King Cobra shaker screens, replace Venom shaker screens, replace Derrick shaker screens, replace Mongoose shaker screens and replace FSI shaker screens. Now GN Solids Control mainly manufactures composite frame shaker screens. Composite frame shaker screen frame is also metal frame, while the outside is covered with Composite Frame. GN Composite Frame screens are using 3 layers for screen API no. above API 60, while most of the shaker screen manufactures are using 3 layers for screens above API 120.
GN Solids Control only used top brand wire cloth to manufacture shaker screens. Feel free to check our shaker screens in thee 2017 ADIPEC. If you are located in USA, welcome to visit our Houston warehouse in Houston, TX.

GN Shaker Screen Stock Plan (B)

We have discussed on the GN shaker screen distributor agreement before, today we would like to pick up that topic can continue our conversation.
4. GN Distributor has the right to return maximum 500 pieces brand new GN shaker screens to GN houston warehouse at GN Distributor’s cost, return period is 7 days before the end of the first year’s stock agreement, example: if GN Distributor and GN signed the stock agreement on Aug. 10th,2016, then GN Distributor can return maxmim 500 pieces from Aug. 3rd to Aug.9th, 2017. All cost related to returning those screens to GN Houston warehouse will be borned by GN Distributor.
5. GN will accept those returned GN brand new screens. Stock plan will be proceed based on GN Distributor’s screen demands, so GN Distributor stock qty. can reach to 1000 pieces at the end of the first cooperation year.

composite screen
6. This stock agreement between GN and GN Distributor will be valid for 2 years unless GN and GN Distributor decide to extend the cooperating period. All the balance credit will be calculated and paid at the end of the second cooperation year within 7 days.
Notice: For some screens that not used a lot especially for those old screens such as National screens, they are usually not included in this stock agreement, 100% need to be paid before manufacturing. But for the other shaker screens, such as repalcement Venom screens, Mongoose screens, Derrick screens, GN Solids America LLC has no problem to stock for you.
In the future, GN Solids America LLC will stock composite material type (replacement Venom or Mongoose) for GN distributor. Compare to the metal frame screens, composite material screens can be stocked for a longer time (you could stock for over 2 years without any damage), the life period is longer and the separating performance is much better.

GN Solids Control working for oil drilling field

Recently, we just export one batch of solids control equipment to Middle East. The equipment including some sets shale shaker, some sets mud gun, some sets mud agitator, some sets of centrifugal pump etc.  The entire product is going to Middle East for land rig operation mud system.

Except above equipment, GN Solids Control also have other super star equipment to give high efficiency working performance, and with very lower price.

1) Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is necessary equipment working for oil drilling mud system. Most of client will need 2 sets centrifuge for operation. The dual centrifuge system including one set high speed centrifuge for lower gravity solids removal; one set lower speed or middle speed centrifuge for high gravity solids removal; screw pump for feeding the dual centrifuge will be also concluded, as well as telescopic high skid for installation.

decanter centrifuge

2) Vertical cuttings dryer

Vertical cuttings dryer is to deal with the waste discharge from shale shaker, recycle the valuable drilling fluids and dry the solids. This vertical dryer is very good use for oil based mud drilling cuttings. The OOC can reduce down to below 5%, much convenient for following transportation or next stage treatment.

3) High G drying shaker

If for water based mud, most of client choose High G drying shaker. The performance of High G drying shaker is not that good as vertical cuttings dryer, but much lower purchase cost and maintenance cost. GNZS594HGE-LD HIGH G drying shaker is used in many different drilling rig site. And the high working efficiency performance and less maintenance give good reputation for GN Solids Control. The shaker screen is replacement for SWACO mongoose shaker, composite material. If the client have GN this model shaker and need shaker screen urgently, the client can buy Mongoose shaker screen to mount it on GN shale shaker.

However, we recommend clients to buy some shaker screen in stock for use in advance. Because the price of original Mongoose shaker screen is much higher cost.

A New batch of Shaker Screens Arrive At The Warehouse

This week, a new big batch of Shaker Screens arrive at the warehouse of GN Solids America LLC. It will further meet the customers’ urgent need in North America.

Shaker Screen, as a wearing part of Shale Shaker, needs to be replaced regularly. As a top provider of complete line of solids control equipment and packaged mud system, Shaker Screens are also 1 of its mature products.

mud cleaner

The Shaker Screen that GN Solids Control manufactures do 1 of the 2 things:
1. Used on the shale shakers made by GN self;
2. Used on the Shakers from other brands, such as Derrick, Swaco;

In 2015, over 20,000 pcs of Replacement Screens were sold around the world. Please they are just the replacement shaker screens for the original ones from Derrick, Swaco, etc.

GN Solids America LLC was held in Houston in May, 2012. Until now it has been 3 years. The good location, convenient work condition, big warehouse, experienced salesmen and after-sales workers make GN Solids America LLC become more and more well known for the customers of North America. Lots of projects and cooperation have been received.

As compared with the solids control equipments manufactured by the companies in North America, the equipments of GN Solids Control have very dominant price advantage. Meanwhile, GN Solids Control has been putting high attention on the product quality since the first day it was held. Actually, GN’s products has already been well accepted by the customers from Middle East, Russia, Southeastern Asia, etc.

Now, Strategically more and more equipments and spare parts will be delivered to and stocked in the warehouse of GN Solids America LLC, it will further facilitate the North America’s customers in the future.

Finally, if you have any need with the products used for solids control and drilling waste management, welcome to visit our website or contact us at any time. You were promised that the good quality and competitive price will be provided.


Quantity of Shale Shaker Screen to Middle East

Shaker screen is wearing elements of shale shaker, and the consumer need to replace it frequently according to drilling speed and going conditions. To serve far better of our client, GN Solids Control start the design in addition to manufacture of shaker screen from the foundation of company. You can offer GN model shaker screen, and also we can offer you replacement shaker screen usually brand shale shakers, like. replacement screen for Derrick shaker, replacement screen to get Swaco Mongoose shaker, substitute screen for NOV brandt king cobra shaker. In accordance with the jobsite feedback, our replacing screen is accepted nicely with jobsite engineers, life span and performance is similar to original company shaker screens.

shaker screen

Recently, we all export one large quantity connected with replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose shaker to Center East. The client is GN VIP client; they get same quantity of screens not too long ago, and repeat order as soon as they know the good performance through drilling site acceptance. The customer came to GN factory regarding shaker screen inspection; they are really very satisfied with the shaker screen quality, appearance, bundles, etc . shipping status.

Apart from replacement screen for Mongoose shaker screen, the client in addition show keen interest in GN decanter centrifuge. “In our country drilling internet site, most of brand are YOU brand like Swaco centrifuge, Derrick centrifuge, but I actually happen to see GN company centrifuge once. And the overall performance is OK; After the screen order, we will bid considerably more tenders and will put considerably more manpower and energy about centrifuge rental / centrifuge service project”. In the conference, we show our decanter centrifuge project list with past years, as well as our own centrifuge working video together with mud in rigsite. Your client is very impressed with GN high quality decanter centrifuges.

GN Solids Control is primary solids control equipment provider from China. Our product normal is same as US/Europe model product, the price is much better. Contrary to other China brand, most of us target on high end product or service and only produce high quality products with longer lifetime and good working performance. Most of us don’t waste time to produce decrease quality product with more affordable price to mislead customer.

GN Replacement Mongoose Shaker Screens In Houston

As we all know, GN Solids Control is famous for providing turnkey solutions for oil and gas, dredging, HDD, TBM, Bored Pile Drilling, Core Drilling areas. GN solids control equipments such as decanter centrifuges, shakers, cuttings dryers are also widely used in many countries.
GN manufactures several different kinds of shakers to meet different usage, from min shaker GNZS752E to large shaker GNZS594, treating capacity can be choose from 200GPM to 610 GPM. Different size of hydro cyclones can be also assembled on the shaker to compose desander or desilter. GN also manufactures various shaker screens which can be used on GN shaker, desander, desilter. Some other types of shaker screens are also manufactured for world famous shaker screens, such as Derrick 500, Derrick 2000, Mongoose, King Cobra, VSM 300 screens.
GN replacement shaker screens are cost effective, they are frequently ordered by GN clients in order to cut cost especially when the oil price is pretty low right now.

GN shale screen

GN shale screen

GN Solids Control now manufactures about 5000 pieces shaker screen every month. With the opening of GN no.2 factory, GN will be able to manufacture more shaker screen by using automatic machines.
Now GN provides these types shaker screens:
1. GN replacement Mongoose shaker screens
Due to GN also manufactures shaker GNZS594, this shaker is using the same size shaker screens as MiSwaco. It uses for pieces shaker screens, all the screens are fixed with GN patented wedges for fast changing shaker screens.
Shaker screens are divided by different materials such as metal frame shaker screens and composite material shaker screens.
2. GN replacement derrick shaker screens
For the PMD shaker screens and PWP shaker screens, GN can provide a cost effective replacement screen.
3. Some other replacement shaker screens such as fluids system, King Cobra, VSM 300 etc, GN can also manufacture. For the not well know shaker screens, if client can advise the size and provide the picture, GN can also provide replacement shaker screens.
GN Houston warehouse has many shaker screens in stock, welcome to connect with GN Solids America LLC for more details.

GN Solids America LLC API RP 13 C screens

As solids control machinery manufacture, one wear and tear parts we manufacture is the shale shaker screen.  Such screen is critical for maintain consist operation cost for various type of drilling.  GN Solids America’s shale shaker screen comply API RP 13C standard from API. The America Petroleum Institute screen labeling practice, API RP 13C standard:

  • API RP 13C uses particles to measure the coarsest particle that passes through the screen, resulting in a measured value of D100.
  • Historically API RP 13E’s D50 was considered the primary cut-point of the screen. Currently, API RP 13C uses D100 to compare two different screens.
  • Separation curves show that the D100 value is always coarser than the D50 value.

As we mention before, shale shaker screen is the wear and tear parts of shale shakers.  GN Solids America LLC produce steel frame and composite frame. The frame was made with 2 or 3-layer stainless steel wire cloth. The wire cloth can be combined with the frame with metal rubber lining, or directly bonded on the frame. The main feather of the screen is every layer of wire cloth has different meshes, accurately and reasonable making screening more micromesh.





High-strength frame structure and the moderate tension screening cloth that create a reliable whole, greatly enhance the tolerable fluid flow.  The wedge tensioning devices make screen installation more convenient, and save the time of machine-stop for screen changing.  The

wire cloth is divided into several independent small cloths to prevent excessive expansion of  damage. Excellent constructed frame and high-strength injection frame enhance corrosion resistance, have good shock absorption and extend working life of screen. GN Solids America LLC keep consist stock of various type of screen for not only GN Solids America’s GNZJ594 shale shaker but also many popular models from various brand manufactures.

GN Decanter Centrifuge and Cuttings Dryer Stock for sale.

GN Solids America LLC is a Houston side company of GN Solids Control. With the fully assistance from its parent firm, GN Solids America LLC is widely known by To the north America and South America customers.
GN Solids Control is located in Langfang, which is merely 40km from Beijing air port. Now GN Solids Control has 2 branch corporations: one is GN Solids America in Houston, the other is usually GN Solids Russia with Moscow. With the fast marketplace expanding, GN is going to determine another branch company with Middle East. In the next calendar year, the Middle East Company are going to be put into use. And the No . two factory near Beijing may also start to manufacture decanter centrifuges and shale shaker screens. For your American customers who likewise have business in Africa and also Middle East, GN can offer short lead time for several solids control and punch cuttings management systems.
As a way to meet customers’ demands for a short lead time, GN Solids America LLC possesses storaged many shale shakers, decanter centrifuges, cuttings washer dryer combos as well as many spare parts throughout Houston warehouse. GN skilled engineers in Houston may be also sent out for soon after sales service and difficulty shooting.

2015.12.02 vertical cuttings dryer
In GN Beijing headquarter, many decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers are manufactured for urgent orders placed.
1 . GN decanter centrifuge
GN decanter centrifuges usually are widely used in over 70 countries for solids control and drill cuttings management. There are 9inch, 14inch, 18inch and 22inch decanter centrifuge if you divide them by diameter of rotating serving.
When running at various speed, GN centrifuge can be employed for different usage. Lets’ get GNLW363 centrifuge (14inch) for instance:
a. 2200RPM is suggest to recovery barite;
c. 2700RPM is recommend to minimize mud weight;
c. 3200RPM is recommend to drill down cuttings management.
2 . GN cuttings dryer
GN cuttings dryer is especially designed to different the OBM, WBM or even SBM. Many large internet businesses are using GN cuttings washer dryer combos for drill cuttings separating, such as Shell, Baker Gaines.
Welcome to visit GN Solids America warehouse or GN Beijing factory. GN machines are always available for urgent requirements.

GN Shaker Screens Getting More Popular

GN Solids Control is a China leading manufacturer on solids control and drilling cuttings treat equipment manufacturer. Now GN solids control equipment including shale shaker, desander, desilter, cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge and some other equipments such as shaker screens, centrifugal pumps, hydro cyclones etc.
GN Solids Control can manufacture over 5000 pcs shaker screen every year. These shaker screens are widely used to replace many world famous shaker screens, such as Derrick, Mongoose, King Cobra etc. GN Solids Control also manufactures its own shaker screens for the shale shaker they have.
Now GN has one shaker which model is GNZS594E, the treating capacity is 616 GPM (140m³/h) by using 4 pieces shaker screens. GN has several patents on our shakers, such as the rubber sealing method on the shaker bottom frame. steel-frame-screen
GN 594 shaker can also use replacement Mongoose shaker screens as the shaker has the same dimension to assemble these screens. Now for the replacement Mongoose shaker screens, GN manufactures steel frame shaker screen and composite material shaker screen. Due the obvious cost-effective characters, now the steel frame shaker screens are widely used by GN clients from over 60 countries. But from the long run, GN also recommends to used the composite shaker screen, as they can be used for a long time, and the separating performance is much better than the steel frame type although its price is a little bit higher.
Now GN Houston warehouse has many shaker screens in stock. Some shakers and mud cleaners can be also delivered very quickly.
GN Solids America LLC is increasing the storage in Houston warehouse step by step. Now we are make the regular storage plan for many clients who keep purchasing from us in Houston, in order to provide a better lead time, GN shaker screens are manufactured and delivered from Chinese factory to Houston warehouse at first, so whey clients have immediate need on these shaker screens, we can call for a truck to send them very fast.

GN HDD mud recycling system shipping to Africa

GN Solids Control is China & USA based leading manufacturer for mud recycling system. Recently, we exported 2 sets GN 500gpm mud recycling system to Egypt. The client is professional horizontal directional drilling contractor. They have tried our 200gpm mud system last year and give repeated order this year.

2015.8mud system

500gpm mud recycling system configuration

1) 1 set 4 panel shale shaker, GNZS594E-HB, This shaker with 4 panel shaker screen can have high performance when treating drilling mud. The composite material shaker screen is replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose screen, but more cost-effective, better price and good quality.

2) 1 set mud cleaner, GNZJ594-2S12N. The mud cleaner is combination of down deck shale shaker with 4 panel shaker screen & 2 desander cones & 12 desilter cones. This is combination of second phase treatment & third phase treatment.

GN Solids Control can also offer mini mud cleaner, with much better price and good performance. Read more of GN mini cleaner from GN website.




3) 2 set centrifugal pumps for feeding desander cones & desilter cones. GN centrifugal pumps can also work with mud hopper, mud pump etc. Sometimes, client use our centrifugal pump as diesel pump for short time.


4) we one pipe to connect the shale shaker & mud cleaner, butterfly valve controlled the opening. When client have a bigger overflow, the client can distribute the drilling mud to mud cleaner down deck shaker directly. In this case, the treating capacity can reach to around 700gpm.


GN Solids Control have over 5 years jobsite experience on compact mud system design & manufacturing & after sales service. Our system is widely used in China ( CPP), Australia ( TT Aisa), Mongolia, Middle East, Israel, Egypt, Sudan etc. Good quality equipment win good reputation and repeated order for us. If you have any requirements, pls contact us freely.