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How to choose the suitable drilling waste management system

As more and more countries start to control the drilling waste and improve the standard of waste discharge in oil and gas drilling field, drilling waste management becomes more and more popular and important. Many companies have to or want to start their business for drilling waste management. But many clients do not have experience on it. They do not know how to choose the suitable equipment or systems for their activities.

As a worldwide famous brand on mud solids control and drilling waste management, GN Solids Control start its research and development department for drilling waste management and industry waste management for many years. Below is a brief introduction of normal drilling waste management equipment to help the users make decision.

drilling waste management system

1) High G drying shaker.

It is also named High G dryer, cuttings dryer. It utilizes high G force up to 8.0G to dry the cuttings. If there are big particles in the solids waste, high G shaker is requested. It can remove big size solids and even metal particles. The high G shaker can remove solids above 100 microns.

It is mainly used to treat the water base mud and water based mud cuttings. It can also be used for oil based mud treatment in some cases.

When the high G drying shale shaker is used to treat oil based mud and cuttings, it can only reduce the oil on cuttings (OOC) to 10 ~ 15%.

2) Vertical cuttings dryer

It is also called vertical centrifuge or vortex dryer. It utilizes centrifugal force up to 420G to separate the fine solids and recovery the usable drilling fluids. The screen opening of VG dryer is 0.5mm, 0.35mm and 0.25mm. It cannot allow big size sizes solids or metal particles; otherwise, it will be broken.

Vertical cuttings dryer is mainly used for oil base mud and cuttings. It can reduce the oil on cuttings to 3 ~ 5%. In this case, the solids discharge is on a very dry condition and it is easy for shipment. And the solids with 3~5% OOC can be discharged directly in many countries. If not, it is also easy for next treatment.

3) High speed centrifuge and big bowl decanter centrifuge

It utilizes the high centrifugal force to separate the very fine solids to 2~5 microns. It is used after high G shaker and vertical cuttings dryer, for further separation.

There are many other equipment used for drilling waste management, we will introduce in next file.


GN Containerized Waste Management Package intended for Russia

As China primary manufacturer for solids control and drilling waste management programs and equipments, GN Solids Control has been one of the most popular brands in Russia for countless years. Ever since GN firstly made the first generation Vertical Cuttings Dryer for the drilling waste management application, clientele from Russia has bought them and have been using GN products for many years. Their suggestions and suggestions encouraged and also helped GN to make a wide range of improvement.

drilling waste management
This newly provided package of drilling cuttings waste management equipments incorporate a vertical cuttings dryer, a new drilling cuttings conveying pump and screw conveyors. Obviously for the vertical cuttings dryer, there is a screw pump to get flushing.
The special place for this drilling waste management system is the containerized design, may be the container. It is like a remoteness overall for the vertical cuttings dryer. As is known to most, the winter in Russia is quite cold, which could affect the effectiveness of the vertical cuttings dryer. Meanwhile, when the treated stuff is of lower heat range, the material is of higher viscosity and of less liquidate. The particular container could reduce the adverse affect from the weather.

Much like in some extremely hot locations, with a high temperature and the sunshine is fierce, like in Cameras and Middle East, owners always make a sunshade for that equipment in case the high temp affects the performance of apparatus.
This drilling waste management package deal is not the first one GN solids control presented to Russia, years ago, GN has turned a similar system for Russian federation with isolation outside with regard to keeping warm. And GN standard drilling cuttings waste management systems are being used through Baker Hughes. The end customers and operators are supplying good feedback.

Not only in The ussr, GN drilling waste management programs and equipments like the central products, decanter centrifuge, top to bottom cuttings dryer, high H drying  shale shaker and other machines like the screw conveyors in addition to screw pumps are popular in more than 60 places and regions including Down under, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iran, Singapore, India and and so on Now besides GN headquarter near Beijing, China, you might like to contact GN directly by means of GN branch companies within Houston, USA and Moscow, Russia.
For any question, here you are at contact us freely.

GN Waste treatment system for Water base mud and water base cuttings

World top manufacturer GN Solids Control offers complete solution associated with water base mud as well as water base drilling cuttings, as well as oil base mud and oil base cuttings. Water base mud is a very normal type drilling mud for oil and gas drilling, particularly in China. Here we have a short introduction of the treatment system to get water base mud in addition to water base cuttings.
GN Solids Control system may recovery drilling mud while more as better, and lessen amount of solids waste as little as better. After the GN system treatment, the fluids can easily clean enough for recycle for discharge. The solids phase is harmless along with dry; it can be used to help make bricks or other purposes.

GN Detcanter Centrifuge
GN no pit drilling waste management system intended for water base mud as well as water base cuttings tend to be welcomed in China and outdoors of China. Like CNPC, CNOOC and SINOPEC are generally equipped with GN brand drilling waste management.
The equipment with regard to water base mud in addition to water base cuttings usually are as following:
1) Excessive G drying shaker. It might be called High G dryer, or drilling cuttings dryer. The Qty is only two ea for 1 system. Model GNZS594HGE-LD. The shaker model is the 5 creation high G dryer shaker from GN Solids Control. GN own over ten ea patent design for the main line equipment.
2) High speed decanter centrifuge GNLW363C-VFD. It is the most advanced design centrifuge for waste management supply by china manufacturer. It replaced many United. S brand at several jobsite with its mature design and style and reliable performance.
3) Chemical dosing system along with dewatering centrifuge: If the clear fluids from the high speed centrifuge will not be reused for drilling, it will be transferred to chemical dosage system (or called dewatering unit) for further treatment. An excellent step the fluids is definitely clean and can be discharged.
4) Drill cuttings solidification product. It is used to treat all of the solids phase discharged by high G dryer shaker, from high speed decanter centrifuge and from the dewatering centrifuge. After the treatment of solidification system, the solids can be used to help make bricks for road structure.

Maintenance of GN vertical cuttings dryer for WBM and also OBM(

GN vertical cuttings dryer can be used for equally water based mud and also oil based mud/ or BINQ. The maintenance cost is one of the priority for mud service company or even waste service company, they are all buying a cost effect dryer for that drilling waste management weighed against US brand cuttings dryer or ship the spend to drilling waste management companies.
The main spare parts regarding vertical cuttings dryer tend to be as below, most of the servicing cost is from these kind of spare parts:
(1) Screen basket, the particular screen basket and screen frame are separated ingredients and they are balanced separately. Typically the screen basket scraper is usually installed to prevent the dismissed fluids from blocked around the screens, sometimes the solids content is very high, it can be difficult to get down from the window screens. Based on different drilling cuttings conditions, the replacement period of time will be different for the screens, could you check with GN sales electrical engineer team for the required volume in one year.

GN Cuttings Dryer
(2) Flites and also Cone Rotor Assembly, the actual 8 flites are permanent on the rotor assembly, it is advisable to replace it completely. The travel arrangements are used to prevent cuttings hindering the screens and scraping the mud inside the monitors.
(3) Bearings replace time depending on actual working time.
(4) Bell jar with scraper, the particular scrapers are used for solids relieve scraping.
(5) Liquid discharge wedding ring, it is not easy to be damaged commonly, 1 set is required since back up.
With flushing pump and air knife to offer pressurized cleaning, that is why GN cuttings dryer can be used with regard to both WBM and OBM. We have 2 units associated with vertical cuttings dryer stored in Houston warehouse, 6710 windfern road, Houston, TEXAS 77040, USA. Welcome to look at our cuttings dryer in your Houston office to know more information from our sales team.

GN Decanter Centrifuge and Cuttings Dryer Stock for sale.

GN Solids America LLC is a Houston side company of GN Solids Control. With the fully assistance from its parent firm, GN Solids America LLC is widely known by To the north America and South America customers.
GN Solids Control is located in Langfang, which is merely 40km from Beijing air port. Now GN Solids Control has 2 branch corporations: one is GN Solids America in Houston, the other is usually GN Solids Russia with Moscow. With the fast marketplace expanding, GN is going to determine another branch company with Middle East. In the next calendar year, the Middle East Company are going to be put into use. And the No . two factory near Beijing may also start to manufacture decanter centrifuges and shale shaker screens. For your American customers who likewise have business in Africa and also Middle East, GN can offer short lead time for several solids control and punch cuttings management systems.
As a way to meet customers’ demands for a short lead time, GN Solids America LLC possesses storaged many shale shakers, decanter centrifuges, cuttings washer dryer combos as well as many spare parts throughout Houston warehouse. GN skilled engineers in Houston may be also sent out for soon after sales service and difficulty shooting.

2015.12.02 vertical cuttings dryer
In GN Beijing headquarter, many decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers are manufactured for urgent orders placed.
1 . GN decanter centrifuge
GN decanter centrifuges usually are widely used in over 70 countries for solids control and drill cuttings management. There are 9inch, 14inch, 18inch and 22inch decanter centrifuge if you divide them by diameter of rotating serving.
When running at various speed, GN centrifuge can be employed for different usage. Lets’ get GNLW363 centrifuge (14inch) for instance:
a. 2200RPM is suggest to recovery barite;
c. 2700RPM is recommend to minimize mud weight;
c. 3200RPM is recommend to drill down cuttings management.
2 . GN cuttings dryer
GN cuttings dryer is especially designed to different the OBM, WBM or even SBM. Many large internet businesses are using GN cuttings washer dryer combos for drill cuttings separating, such as Shell, Baker Gaines.
Welcome to visit GN Solids America warehouse or GN Beijing factory. GN machines are always available for urgent requirements.

Centrifuge for Solids Control and Waste Management

In oil and gas industry for solids control equipment, the centrifuges are more and more used for separating out the fine and extra fine particles from the drilling mud system. In fact, they are taking over the former position of hydrocyclones like the desander cones and desiter cones.

Depending on the applications, the centrifuges could be divided as following items. And GN Solids Control, as the leading centrifuge manufacturer in China oil and gas industry, GN has a complete series of centrifuges, and such centrifuges cover all applications needed in the solids control and waste management systems as below:

1. solids control centrifuge. This is the centrifuge used in solids control system, as the fourth step for separate out the solids from the drilling mud. Normally, there are 2 centrifuges used in a solids control system for a large horse power system, one is for separating the valuable drilling material barite, which is expensive in price and could be re-used in future projects, the other is for separating out the particles which are too fine for the desilter cones. In most cases, GN clients use GNLW452 for barite recovery and GNLW363-VFD for extra fine particles in solids control system.

GN Detcanter Centrifuge


2. waste management centrifuges, for further treatment of the drilling liquid, the dewatering centrifuge. When the drilling fluid is used and reused for several times, there are extra fine particles in the drilling fluid are too fine for the centrifuge itself to get them out. So the end users need to add chemicals to merge them to be bigger, big enough for the centrifuges. In this case, GNLW363CG-VFD is recommended as the dewatering unit. And also, GN has dewatering unit available.

3. waste management centrifuge for further treatment of the solids discharged from the solids control system. When the solids are collected from the solids control system, they are not dry enough and couldn’t be discharged directly. So for the water based mud, there’s a drying shaker of High-G force and for the oil based mud, there’s a vertical cuttings dryer before the decanter centrifuge. GNLW363CG-VFD of high speed decanter centrifuge is ideal for this application. And GN also has GNZS594HGE-LD drying shaker and GNCD930CD Vertical cuttings dryer for the complete system.

Mud pit drill cuttings management system for oil field drilling

GN Solids Control is Chinese leading maker mud solids control devices & systemas well since oil field drilling squander mud pit waste management equipment and system.
Features of GN made solids control equipment
After mud comes out from well crown, the dirty mud could enter into GN Solids control system, and treatment simply by GN solids control gear, First step shale shaker separating, second step desander parting, third step desilter spliting up and The forth step decanter centrifuge separation.
Other GN solids control equipment: fly mud mixer for mud mixing system , poor by degasser and vacuum degasser in order to kill the gas coming from mud.
In many jobsite, we will see some mud pit with rig site. After divided by above solids control equipment, the clean mud will enter into mud system for drilling activities, often the dirty mud will released into the mud pitfor waste material treatment.

2015.07.17 solidification unit
Most popular GN manufactured equipment for mud abyss drilling waste management
1) High G drying shaker. It can be mainly used for water dependent drilling cuttings treatment. Its normally 4-panel shale shaker with high G force.
2) Vertical cuttings dryer. It is mainly utilized for oil based cuttings cure. But GN made straight cuttings dryer can be used to take care of both water based going cuttings (WBM) as well as oil-based drilling cuttings (OBM). People can use one system for everyone steps of drilling activitites.
3) High speed decanter centrifuge and big bowl big level high speed centrifuge. After handled by high G dryer shaker or vertical cuttings dryer, the fluids period will be treated by decanter centrifuge with high speed to part ways the fine solids.
Various other GN made mud ditch waste management equipment.
1) Dewatering unit (Chemical enhancing system).
2) Drill cuttings solidification system
3) Thermal desorption unit (TDU). It is used to further cure the cuttings discharged through vertical cuttings dryer. Immediately after treatment by TDU, often the oil on cuttings could be reduced to 0. five per cent.

GN Solids Control Equipments are available in America

Because the leading Solids Control along with Drilling Waste Management maker in China, Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Limited established the first USA side company in Houston, TEXAS in 2013. With these two many years fast development, GN Solids America LLC is getting to help known by more and more Upper America and South America oil and gas companies, HDD organizations, Waste Water Treatment businesses.

America solids control equipment
GN Solids America LLC has a large warehouse get to to 30, 000 sq. feet. GN Solids America helps to keep many sets of shale shaker, desliters, desanders, decanter centrifuges, cuttings dryers and a few other spare parts in Freeport warehouse, all of these equipments is usually arranged for delivery in rapid sequence. GN also sends encountered engineers to customer’s worksite for after sales services and trouble shooting.
1. GN shale shaker as well as drying shaker
Shale shaker and drying shaker (also called Hi-G shaker) bring solids separation. Dry shakers are also widely used for normal water base mud separation, they can be effectively to dry the mud.
2 . GN desander as well as desilter
GN desander (8 inch cyclones) and desilter (4 inch cyclones) would be the finer phase separation accessories, they can separate solids in which larger than 20 microns.
three or more. GN decanter centrifuge

GN Solids Control Houston
Numerous sets of decanter centrifuges are available in Houston. GN Solids America is providing rental services for these centrifuges and the some other solids control and going waste management systems. Different kinds are optional from varying speed to fix speed. At the first of this year, one of the largest essential oil service companies purchased around 30 sets decanter centrifuges from GN.
4. GN cuttings dryer
GN cuttings dryers are widely used in numerous oil and gas worksite for OBM, WBM and SBM spliting up.
Many large clients worldwide are using GN mud methods and waste management techniques to treat different solids. At this point Baker Hughes, Shell, Halliburton, CNPC etc are using GN equipments for the various acrylic sludge treatment. GN mud mixing systems are also widely used throughout HDD, TBM, CBM spot.

Drilling cuttings solidification unit and cuttings disposal solution

Drilling cuttings solidification unit is one of the solution of cuttings disposal, it is also called stabilization unit. It is an effective solution for both water based cuttings disposal and oil based/ synthetic based cuttings disposal.

Why should we pay more attention of cuttings disposal?

Obviously, The waste cuttings will damage the environment, lead a heavy pollution and contaminate the under groundwater and influence the Sustainable Development.

There are 4 common ways for the drilling cuttings disposal”

(1)   Thermal Desorption Unit, Mechanical separation of drilling cuttings waste treatment with dewatering unit, which is the most popular solution right now

(2)   Cuttings re-injection (CRI)

(3)   Bio-remediation

(4)   Solidification unit/ stabilization unit

Modular Drilling Waste Management

GN solids control is specialist for the mechanical separation of drilling cuttings. GNCM-40A & GNCM-40B is our standard drilling waste management system for oil based drilling cuttings, especially for international client, it is design suitable for container shipment. The main difference between them is the installation of the decanter centrifuge, the centrifuge is installed on the telescopic skid in proposal A, the centrifuge is installed on the catch tank on proposal B, they are 2 main methods in the existing projects.

The modular drilling waste management unit including high-G drying shaker unit and decanter centrifuge telescopic skid unit are the main equipments for water based cuttings treatment.

After treated by GN drilling waste management unit, solidification unit will be used for water based mud, and thermal desorption unit will be used for OBM and SOBM. The OOC in the discharged dry cuttings from the vertical cuttings dryer is under 5%, sometimes it reach 3.7%, in some countries, it is acceptable for environmental standard for land filling. In some counties where has more strict environment standard for the cuttings disposal, a further equipments TDU is necessary.

GN Solids Control, as TOP solids control manufacturer in China, has been the equipment supplier of the oil service companies for many years.Usually, in order to provide a better after sales service, GN Solids Control sends a checklist for customer to fulfill.

To get more info of our Thermal desorption unit and solidification unit, pls contact with GN solids America.

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GN Mud Plant for South America

Although the whole China will be on holiday for the coming 7 days, GN Solids Control is still busy for an urgent order of a mud plant including 4 mud tanks and mixing equipments. Those cargoes are scheduled to deliver to the loading port during the National Day of China.

Besides mud plant and its mud agitators, mud guns and jetting mud hoppers, GN Solids Control also exported to South America many other equipments for solids control and drilling waste management in oil and gas drilling industry.

mud mixing tank

Why the South American companies choose GN Solids Control as supplier?

Because of the geographic reason and the economic reasons, and also because most of world Top solids control manufacturers are from USA, the South American companies always share same standards with US companies accordingly.

mud mixing tank-1

What models of equipment are popular in South America?

1. GNLW series decanter centrifuges are always the most popular products among the end users, especially the GNLW363 high speed decanter centrifuge. For the same size decanter centrifuge, GN has 4 optional models, high configuration and standard configuration, for each configuration, there is both VFD controlled and fixed speed available. This model is suitable for both solids control and waste management.

GNLW452 is also a popular model, which is big bowl centrifuge perfect for barite recovery.

2. GNZS series shale shaker and high G drying shaker. GN’s shakers are designed with high quality material and strong structure of shaker deck, in order to stand the high G vibrating force from the famous brand motors and a longer service life.

3. GNCD930 Series vertical cuttings dryer, which was new products 3 years ago, but now it seems to be an essential equipment in a complete waste management system, used before the decanter centrifuge. GNCD930 has higher rotating speed and a better performance after the third time of improvement in design, and it is suitable for both oil based mud and water based mud. It is well proved by many jobsites inside and outside China.

centrifugal pumps

South American companies are not the only oversea market of GN Solids Control, in fact in the past several years, GN products are widely used in more than 60 countries and regions and become more and more welcomed by end users.

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