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Shearing mixing hopper and jet Mud Mixing System for drilling mud system

Jet mud mixing system is a normal and necessary part of most kind of drilling mud systems and liquid mud plant (LMP). It is used to prepare new mud and qualified mud, and service for drilling activities. The mud mixing system can be used to mix oil based mud (OBM), water based mud (WBM), as well as synthetic based mud (SBM).

Jet mud mixing system is actually a combination of mixing pump, mixing hopper and control panel. All of them connected by pipelines, they can be mounted on the tank separately per tank layout. They can also be mounted on the same skid as a complete unit.


The jet mixing hopper is also called shearing hopper. It can be mounted on different position of the mud cleaning system for different purpose.

Centrifugal pump is the most popular pump model for jet mud mixing system. Another pump model is shearing hopper. Clients can choose motor drive mixing pump, or diesel engine drive mixing pump, to meet for different demands.

Different position of jet mixing hopper for mixing system

1) The jet mixing hopper can be mounted on the top of the mud tank. Advantage of the tank top hopper is easy for mixing chemical as the gravity. But you should to consider lifting of the chemicals. Sometimes, it is even 1 ton big bag. you should consider the necessary device to help for the chemical lifting. Operation table and crane cradle is the popular way to service for it.

2) The normal way is to put the shearing mixing hopper on the tank skid, next to centrifugal mixing pump. The mixing performance may not as good as on the tank top, but also acceptable. And it is easier for the chemical lifting.

3) Another way for the shearing hopper is on a separate skid with centrifugal mixing pump and control system. The complete is in a separate skid. It is more flexible for application. Users is easy to more the mixing unit from one jobsite to another jobsite, or move it from one tank for another.


GN Solids Control working for oil drilling field

Recently, we just export one batch of solids control equipment to Middle East. The equipment including some sets shale shaker, some sets mud gun, some sets mud agitator, some sets of centrifugal pump etc.  The entire product is going to Middle East for land rig operation mud system.

Except above equipment, GN Solids Control also have other super star equipment to give high efficiency working performance, and with very lower price.

1) Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is necessary equipment working for oil drilling mud system. Most of client will need 2 sets centrifuge for operation. The dual centrifuge system including one set high speed centrifuge for lower gravity solids removal; one set lower speed or middle speed centrifuge for high gravity solids removal; screw pump for feeding the dual centrifuge will be also concluded, as well as telescopic high skid for installation.

decanter centrifuge

2) Vertical cuttings dryer

Vertical cuttings dryer is to deal with the waste discharge from shale shaker, recycle the valuable drilling fluids and dry the solids. This vertical dryer is very good use for oil based mud drilling cuttings. The OOC can reduce down to below 5%, much convenient for following transportation or next stage treatment.

3) High G drying shaker

If for water based mud, most of client choose High G drying shaker. The performance of High G drying shaker is not that good as vertical cuttings dryer, but much lower purchase cost and maintenance cost. GNZS594HGE-LD HIGH G drying shaker is used in many different drilling rig site. And the high working efficiency performance and less maintenance give good reputation for GN Solids Control. The shaker screen is replacement for SWACO mongoose shaker, composite material. If the client have GN this model shaker and need shaker screen urgently, the client can buy Mongoose shaker screen to mount it on GN shale shaker.

However, we recommend clients to buy some shaker screen in stock for use in advance. Because the price of original Mongoose shaker screen is much higher cost.

GN Mud Tank System for Sale with 30% Off

We have one mud tank system on sale news in 2012, reading in below chapters:


GN Solids Control has 3 sets complete mud tank system each with 7 mud tanks in stock they are brand new system which was built in 2011.It was built for Iraq project, we have already shipped 2 sets. Due to the situations there, the project will be delayed or canceled. GN now will sell left 3 sets system mud tanks at 30% Discounts.


Location now: Beijing, China Welcome the buyers come to check and discuss

We have already sold one same system to the China Largest Oil Rig manufacturer SJ Petroleum a Sinopec company for PDVSA Project in Venezuela.

Applications for the mud tanks:

1000HP/1500HP oil rig complete mud system with Derrick Solids Control or GN Solids Control Equipments.

Liquid mud plant

HDD/CBM/Oil Drilling Mud Storage Tank or mixing tanks/recycling tanks.

drilling mud system

Items including:

1) Mud tanks

7x400BBL Mud Tank for one set 3 sets total capacity=8400BBL Dimension(LxWxH):12000x2900x2300mm Including Shaker Tank, suction tank, storage tanks, mixing tanks completed with agitators, mud guns, centrifugal pumps.

2) Solids Control equipment

3x Linear Motion Shale Shaker, GNZS594 shaker Model equivalent to Swaco Mongoose shaker.

1xVacuum Degasser, GNZCQ360

1xMud Cleaner with 3x10inch desander and 16x4inch desilter, underflow linear motion shaker, GNZS594 mud cleaner, equivalent to Swaco Mongoose shaker mud cleaner

2xDecanter Centrifuge, GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge equivalent to Derrick DE1000 or Swaco 518 centrifuge.


The configuration for above is flexible,you can choose not ot have decanter centrifuge or degasser or less shale shakers etc.

If the buyer want a complete drilling rig,we can sell the complete drilling rig to you with high standard configuration.


Above sales news is not available now, but however if some customer need some solids control equipment or mud cleaning system at the moment, we can offer almost same discounted price, the delivery time is also not long, because we have some main equipment in stock for urgent project.

GN Solids Control Equipment for India

India & China are good friends’ country and we interchange our advantages. China is a good market for India software; Vice versa, India is a big market for solids control equipment & mud system for China. As China & USA based leading manufacture for solids control equipment, GN export lots of equipment to India in the past years.


In year of 2009, GN export one sets ZJ70 oil drilling rig mud system to India. The system configuration including:

1) 4 set 40ft mud tanks. 1 set mud tank for recycling tank, 1 set mud tank for mixing tank, 2 sets mud tank for mud storage tanks.

2) 1 sets shale shaker & 1 set vacuum degasser mounted on mud recycling tank.

3) 1 set mud cleaner & 1 set centrifuge mounted on mud mixing tank

4) Other mud tanks with mud agitators, mud guns, mud hoppers, centrifugal pumps etc.



In year of 2009, GN export one set ZJ20 drilling rig mud system to India. This is two mud tank system with two sets shale shaker, 1 sets mud cleaner.


In year of 2012, GN export 500gpm HDD mud system to India

The 500 GPM mud system is the 8th set complete mud cleaning unit we sold to India,GN has ever delivered one1500HP mud system,two 750 HP mud tank system,and three 800 GPM mud tank system,and one 500GPM mud tank system to India for the drilling industry.India is fast developing country for construction and CBM exploration as well as oil gas drilling.


In year of 2012, GN export Hydraulic jackup mud system to India. It is for CBM drilling. The system including 1 set shale shaker & 1 set mud cleaner & 3 sets centrifugal pump & 1 mixing hopper & 1 agitator


In year of 2015, GN export 2 sets GNLW363CG-VFD centrifuge to India Company for solids control service application.

For more info, pls contact us- GN Solids Control.


GN Mud Plant for South America

Although the whole China will be on holiday for the coming 7 days, GN Solids Control is still busy for an urgent order of a mud plant including 4 mud tanks and mixing equipments. Those cargoes are scheduled to deliver to the loading port during the National Day of China.

Besides mud plant and its mud agitators, mud guns and jetting mud hoppers, GN Solids Control also exported to South America many other equipments for solids control and drilling waste management in oil and gas drilling industry.

mud mixing tank

Why the South American companies choose GN Solids Control as supplier?

Because of the geographic reason and the economic reasons, and also because most of world Top solids control manufacturers are from USA, the South American companies always share same standards with US companies accordingly.

mud mixing tank-1

What models of equipment are popular in South America?

1. GNLW series decanter centrifuges are always the most popular products among the end users, especially the GNLW363 high speed decanter centrifuge. For the same size decanter centrifuge, GN has 4 optional models, high configuration and standard configuration, for each configuration, there is both VFD controlled and fixed speed available. This model is suitable for both solids control and waste management.

GNLW452 is also a popular model, which is big bowl centrifuge perfect for barite recovery.

2. GNZS series shale shaker and high G drying shaker. GN’s shakers are designed with high quality material and strong structure of shaker deck, in order to stand the high G vibrating force from the famous brand motors and a longer service life.

3. GNCD930 Series vertical cuttings dryer, which was new products 3 years ago, but now it seems to be an essential equipment in a complete waste management system, used before the decanter centrifuge. GNCD930 has higher rotating speed and a better performance after the third time of improvement in design, and it is suitable for both oil based mud and water based mud. It is well proved by many jobsites inside and outside China.

centrifugal pumps

South American companies are not the only oversea market of GN Solids Control, in fact in the past several years, GN products are widely used in more than 60 countries and regions and become more and more welcomed by end users.

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Mud recycling system with decanter centrifuge for HDD

GN solids control new designed mud recycling system with decanter centrifuge has been used for HDD mud recovery. Normally the client did not use decanter centrifuge, but for some special projects, the solids size are very fine, the 4 inch desilter cones are not enough, they have to use the decanter centrifuge to separate the fine solids. CPP, short for China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, is the China largest Horizontal Directional Drilling Contractor, they have bought over 30 sets of muf recycling system from GN solids control in the past 5 years. Some of their mud recycling systems are tradional design with only shale shaker, desander, desilter 3 phase cleaning , some are with decanter centrifuge because of high percentage of fine solids in the drilling fluids.

This time they bought 4 sets of 1000gpm Mud Recycling System with GNLW452 middle speed decanter centrifuge, which is one of the most reliable working, high treating capacity with separation point 5 microns.

1000 gpm mud recycling system

The main features of the 4 sets of mud recycling systems are the equipments are installed in a 20ft standard container frame, and the mud tank size is replaceable with standard 20ft container, during working, they are installed with screws. And during transportation from one place to another, they will be shipped by the vehicle fit for 20ft container size. This is for fast move, fast disassembly, fast installation purpose.

Not only for the mud recycling system, we can also adopt such design into drilling waste management system design for the same reason. In some cold temperature area, you can cover some tarpaulin outside the 20ft steel frame to keep them warm in winter, so you can save the money of heating lines to keep them warm and fluxible.

If you need a similar design for your HDD,CBM, underground construction, mining project, pls contact GN sales.


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Australia Frequent Mobile Mud Tank System

Frequent modifications of Horizonal Directional Drilling (HDD) constructing net page demands the drilling gear to mobile and transportable from 1 location to a extra. To attain this point, the drilling mud tank technique could possibly be mounted on a trailer or assembled with hydraulic jack legs. Not also extended ago we’ve got constructed a hydraulic lifting HDD mud cleaning and recycling unit in accordance for the Australian requires. The mud tank is generally lifted by four hydraulic jack legs.

Mud Tanks

The client calls to acquire a two-tank plan for his project, and amongst tanks equips with two decanter centrifuge for mud material recovery. The centrifuge utilised is GN Solids Control most well-liked model GNLW363G.

Earlier this month, a set of hydraulic jack up mud cleaning unit has been functioning in NSW Australia. You will have the ability to learn about an added mobile unit – trailer mounted mud tank strategy.