Quantity of Shale Shaker Screen to Middle East

Shaker screen is wearing elements of shale shaker, and the consumer need to replace it frequently according to drilling speed and going conditions. To serve far better of our client, GN Solids Control start the design in addition to manufacture of shaker screen from the foundation of company. You can offer GN model shaker screen, and also we can offer you replacement shaker screen usually brand shale shakers, like. replacement screen for Derrick shaker, replacement screen to get Swaco Mongoose shaker, substitute screen for NOV brandt king cobra shaker. In accordance with the jobsite feedback, our replacing screen is accepted nicely with jobsite engineers, life span and performance is similar to original company shaker screens.

shaker screen

Recently, we all export one large quantity connected with replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose shaker to Center East. The client is GN VIP client; they get same quantity of screens not too long ago, and repeat order as soon as they know the good performance through drilling site acceptance. The customer came to GN factory regarding shaker screen inspection; they are really very satisfied with the shaker screen quality, appearance, bundles, etc . shipping status.

Apart from replacement screen for Mongoose shaker screen, the client in addition show keen interest in GN decanter centrifuge. “In our country drilling internet site, most of brand are YOU brand like Swaco centrifuge, Derrick centrifuge, but I actually happen to see GN company centrifuge once. And the overall performance is OK; After the screen order, we will bid considerably more tenders and will put considerably more manpower and energy about centrifuge rental / centrifuge service project”. In the conference, we show our decanter centrifuge project list with past years, as well as our own centrifuge working video together with mud in rigsite. Your client is very impressed with GN high quality decanter centrifuges.

GN Solids Control is primary solids control equipment provider from China. Our product normal is same as US/Europe model product, the price is much better. Contrary to other China brand, most of us target on high end product or service and only produce high quality products with longer lifetime and good working performance. Most of us don’t waste time to produce decrease quality product with more affordable price to mislead customer.

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