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Trenchless Mud Recycling System of 120 CBM Delivered to Jobsite

Although when talking about the products provided by GN Solids Control, in the oil and gas industry, a lot of people’s first image is the line of high quality decanter centrifuges, but in fact, the traditional products of GN Solids Control is solids control equipment like shale shaker, desander, desilter, shear pumps and shaker screens. Recently, GN just finished the fabrication and the delivery of one complete set of mud cleaning system for a trenchless project contractor and the treating capacity is 120cbm.

GN Mud Recycling System For HDD Sailing to Middle East

Ever since its establishment 9 years ago, GN has been providing following products and solids control lines for following industries:

  1. Oil and gas drilling solids control system including 4 phase of solids control and 5 phase cleaning equipment, the shale shaker, desander cones, desilter cones, decanter centrifuge and the various feeding pumps for those equipment, like centrifugal pumps, submersible slurry pumps, mono pumps and shearing pumps. And also, the vacuum degasser is within GN’s product range.
  2. Mud cleaning system for HDD projects. The main equipment used for HDD mud recycling systems are similar as the oil and gas solids control systems, especially recently, more and more centrifuges are used for HDD projects after the desilter A slight different is that, in case of oil and gas solids control system, the mud falls directly from the well mouth to the shale shaker, while in HDD project, there is a submersible slurry pump used for transporting the mud from the mud pit to the shale shaker. GN shale shakers are designed differently on the buffer box accordingly.
  3. Desander plant or slurry plant for Trenchless projects or TBM projects. The mud system or so called desander plant are similar with the HDD projects’ mud recycling systems. And the separation equipment to be used are chosen by clients’ respect. In some cases, the TBM Mud recycling system even use a decanter centrifuge or a dewatering system.

Plsadvise more information about your project, GN will give a most suitable solution for you.

Solids control equipemnts for Hongkong client

Recently GN solids control shipped 2 shale shakers and 2 mud cleaner units for Hongkong clients, area is customized silver off white color which is different with normal green color, we can easily provide customized color, style, brand and nameplate to get client’s special requirement.
The particular desander cone, desilter cone and bottom shale shaker combination as mud cleaner, compared with single desander, desilter, the mud cleaner using bottom shaker which can obtain useful drilling fluids and prepare the discharged solids ground, and the footprint is scaled-down. Sometimes when shale shaker is not working, it can be likewise used as back up shaker.

shale shaker mud cleaner
With different quantity desander cone and desilter cone, the particular mud cleaner has several treating capacity, 1S8N having 1 of 10 in . desander cone with eight of 4 inch desialter cone, the treating ability is 500gpm, 2S12N using 2 @ 10 half inch desander cones and twelve @ 4 inch desilter cone with treating capability about 1000gpm, 3S16N together with 3 @ 10 half inch cone(sometimes with 2 connected with 12 inch desander cone) and 16pcs of some inch desilter cone, the particular treating capacity is 1500gpm. The Hongkong client ordered 2 units of 1500gpm capacity mud cleaner having 3 desander cone, sixteen desilter cones.
The shale shaker and mud cleaner bottom shaker are the same type, and use the same dimensions shaker screens, so the customers do not have to make different dimension screens for inventory. Each of our most sold shale shaker models including GNZS703 and GNZS594, the former model together with 3 panels screens regarding size 700x1250mm, the other model with 4 solar panels screens of size 585x1165mm.
Right now we have several sections of GNZS594E-HB shale shaker and mud cleaners with stock of Houston part, welcome to visit GN solids America. With the US Charlie brand vibration motor, high-quality and reliable performance is actually assured.

GN Centrifugal Pump used in Drilling Fluids Recycling

Here in this article, the actual centrifugal pump we referring to is a device designed along with engineered to handle abrasive, viscous and corrosive fluids inside drilling fluid or professional slurry applications. With the functionality matched by exceptional overall performance, high volume, high temperature features, long service life, easy for upkeep, overall economy and higher savings. Currently, this type pump motor is widely used in operation in land-based and offshore going rigs around the world.
In regards to the going industry, the centrifugal pump could be used to transfer the particular drilling fluids, mixing the harmful chemicals into the fluids. Thus this always be equipped in the providing pump system for giving drilling mud to de-sander and de-silter and fly mud mixer unit for a mixing pump. Besides, it is also used as trip water pump used to feed the going fluids into deep straight down well when changing the going pipe and supercharging send for rig high pressure magnetic pump.
GN Centrifugal pump Advantages are as listed below:
1 . The much plumper housing is for extra power and extended service life. Often the concentric design housing removes turbulence and cavitations inside pump, and it also reduces the actual radial load on the bearings.
2 . The open vane impeller is designed to reduce désordre, lower radial and press loads, and provides a simple flow of fluid with the pump.
3. The tube shaft with a large height ensures the heavy duty effectiveness with minimal shaft defection. The shaft sleeve in addition to mechanical seal can be substituted without removing the canal from the pump.
4. GN centrifugal pump adopts kinetic type seal which is manufactured from the best material so far worldwide. This type seal delivers excellent performance with superior style. Our seal distributes push torque over 10 commute tabs, which greatly minimizes stress on the outer retainer-like.

GN Solids Control offers the centrifugal pump together with capacity from 198 for you to 1400 GPM. All the pump motor is provided with explosion proof generator and the pump package could possibly perform well during the area together with ambient temperature of subzero 40 to above cold 60 degree Celsius.

GN HDD mud recycling system shipping to Africa

GN Solids Control is China & USA based leading manufacturer for mud recycling system. Recently, we exported 2 sets GN 500gpm mud recycling system to Egypt. The client is professional horizontal directional drilling contractor. They have tried our 200gpm mud system last year and give repeated order this year.

2015.8mud system

500gpm mud recycling system configuration

1) 1 set 4 panel shale shaker, GNZS594E-HB, This shaker with 4 panel shaker screen can have high performance when treating drilling mud. The composite material shaker screen is replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose screen, but more cost-effective, better price and good quality.

2) 1 set mud cleaner, GNZJ594-2S12N. The mud cleaner is combination of down deck shale shaker with 4 panel shaker screen & 2 desander cones & 12 desilter cones. This is combination of second phase treatment & third phase treatment.

GN Solids Control can also offer mini mud cleaner, with much better price and good performance. Read more of GN mini cleaner from GN website.




3) 2 set centrifugal pumps for feeding desander cones & desilter cones. GN centrifugal pumps can also work with mud hopper, mud pump etc. Sometimes, client use our centrifugal pump as diesel pump for short time.


4) we one pipe to connect the shale shaker & mud cleaner, butterfly valve controlled the opening. When client have a bigger overflow, the client can distribute the drilling mud to mud cleaner down deck shaker directly. In this case, the treating capacity can reach to around 700gpm.


GN Solids Control have over 5 years jobsite experience on compact mud system design & manufacturing & after sales service. Our system is widely used in China ( CPP), Australia ( TT Aisa), Mongolia, Middle East, Israel, Egypt, Sudan etc. Good quality equipment win good reputation and repeated order for us. If you have any requirements, pls contact us freely.

Maintenance cuttings dryer step

Forbidden to open the guards of the drum and belt, refit it after opening because of stoppage for some reason,When you open the cover to clean and maintain the cuttings dryer system , take note of protecting the nozzle of drum’s small end carefully, because the nozzle is made of hard alloy materials, it is hard and brittle, so jacking and hammering the nozzle is never allowed, and it is also forbidden to put any stick or fingers into the nozzle while the auxiliary motor is working. Even though the drum has stopped now, but the propeller is still working. Stick pulled in will damage the nozzle , and finger may be cut off,If shear pin is cut , replace it with a new one of the same specification and material. It is the best to use the shear pin provided by original manufacture. No other shear pins are. After using , flush and stop according to operational rules . Otherwise, drum or propeller may be jammed.
Make sure discharged solids can flow out of the tank smoothly, otherwise the gate may be blocked,pay attention to rigidity of the tank surface where centrifuge is mounted so as to avoid resonance,Check if main and auxiliary motor’s rotational direction is the same as arrows shows after resetting, no sand can be discharged if not.
Protect feed pipe carefully when removing and installing the centrifuge. Abrasion with the drum will occur when it is bent and it will be wear out at last,Six lunate discs are installed at the big end of the drum. Remount them back according to its series number after disconnecting, don’t exchange them so as to keep drum’s interia balance,No untrained personnel is permitted to operate the centrifuge.
1.Maintenance cuttings dryer .
There are four grease filling points in the centrifuge, two of them are at the top of the main bearing base. After every 8 hours’ running, fill No.2 lithium base grease in ,fill until excessive oil flow out. Another two filling point are at the left and right axle of the drum, fill 2# lithium base grease once every 50 hours (Each time, press grease gun for 10 times)
2.Lubricate the planetary gear box with No.68 engine oil. After the first 150 hours’ running , the engine oil should be replaced completely : First, drain off all the used oil , then fill in 4kg of diesel oil, screw the plug, and then discharge the diesel oil after manually rotating the differential several turns. In the same way, flush it for 2~3 times , finally, fill No.68 engine oil to the required level.
From now on, after every 1000 hours’ running , replace the oil according to the procedures described above .
3.No.20 or No.6 hydraulic transmission oil is normally used for filling into the hydraulic coupler . the oil in the coupler not only have the function of lubrication, but also as a media of transferring torque. The amount of oil feed directly affect the capacity of torque transmission. Max. oil feed shouldn’t exceed 80% of the total volume, otherwise coupler isn’t effective in buffering motor’s starting impact, then lead to pressure rising in the couple cavity while it is running, increase hydraulic loss, leakage and heat may occur; Min. oil feed can’t less than 50% of the total volume, otherwise, bearing can’t be fully lubricated, speed the wear of the bearing, at the same time, noise occur. replace the oil in the coupler after 3000 hours’ running . The oil filled must be filtrated by 80~100 strainer screen in order to keep debris out.