GN Solids Control Equipments are available in America

Because the leading Solids Control along with Drilling Waste Management maker in China, Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Limited established the first USA side company in Houston, TEXAS in 2013. With these two many years fast development, GN Solids America LLC is getting to help known by more and more Upper America and South America oil and gas companies, HDD organizations, Waste Water Treatment businesses.

America solids control equipment
GN Solids America LLC has a large warehouse get to to 30, 000 sq. feet. GN Solids America helps to keep many sets of shale shaker, desliters, desanders, decanter centrifuges, cuttings dryers and a few other spare parts in Freeport warehouse, all of these equipments is usually arranged for delivery in rapid sequence. GN also sends encountered engineers to customer’s worksite for after sales services and trouble shooting.
1. GN shale shaker as well as drying shaker
Shale shaker and drying shaker (also called Hi-G shaker) bring solids separation. Dry shakers are also widely used for normal water base mud separation, they can be effectively to dry the mud.
2 . GN desander as well as desilter
GN desander (8 inch cyclones) and desilter (4 inch cyclones) would be the finer phase separation accessories, they can separate solids in which larger than 20 microns.
three or more. GN decanter centrifuge

GN Solids Control Houston
Numerous sets of decanter centrifuges are available in Houston. GN Solids America is providing rental services for these centrifuges and the some other solids control and going waste management systems. Different kinds are optional from varying speed to fix speed. At the first of this year, one of the largest essential oil service companies purchased around 30 sets decanter centrifuges from GN.
4. GN cuttings dryer
GN cuttings dryers are widely used in numerous oil and gas worksite for OBM, WBM and SBM spliting up.
Many large clients worldwide are using GN mud methods and waste management techniques to treat different solids. At this point Baker Hughes, Shell, Halliburton, CNPC etc are using GN equipments for the various acrylic sludge treatment. GN mud mixing systems are also widely used throughout HDD, TBM, CBM spot.

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