Mud pit drill cuttings management system for oil field drilling

GN Solids Control is Chinese leading maker mud solids control devices & systemas well since oil field drilling squander mud pit waste management equipment and system.
Features of GN made solids control equipment
After mud comes out from well crown, the dirty mud could enter into GN Solids control system, and treatment simply by GN solids control gear, First step shale shaker separating, second step desander parting, third step desilter spliting up and The forth step decanter centrifuge separation.
Other GN solids control equipment: fly mud mixer for mud mixing system , poor by degasser and vacuum degasser in order to kill the gas coming from mud.
In many jobsite, we will see some mud pit with rig site. After divided by above solids control equipment, the clean mud will enter into mud system for drilling activities, often the dirty mud will released into the mud pitfor waste material treatment.

2015.07.17 solidification unit
Most popular GN manufactured equipment for mud abyss drilling waste management
1) High G drying shaker. It can be mainly used for water dependent drilling cuttings treatment. Its normally 4-panel shale shaker with high G force.
2) Vertical cuttings dryer. It is mainly utilized for oil based cuttings cure. But GN made straight cuttings dryer can be used to take care of both water based going cuttings (WBM) as well as oil-based drilling cuttings (OBM). People can use one system for everyone steps of drilling activitites.
3) High speed decanter centrifuge and big bowl big level high speed centrifuge. After handled by high G dryer shaker or vertical cuttings dryer, the fluids period will be treated by decanter centrifuge with high speed to part ways the fine solids.
Various other GN made mud ditch waste management equipment.
1) Dewatering unit (Chemical enhancing system).
2) Drill cuttings solidification system
3) Thermal desorption unit (TDU). It is used to further cure the cuttings discharged through vertical cuttings dryer. Immediately after treatment by TDU, often the oil on cuttings could be reduced to 0. five per cent.

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