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GN Mixing Mud System is Delivered to Middle East HDD Drilling Client

GN Solids Control manufactures many compact and standard mud systems for HDD, Trenchless, Boring and No-dig Drilling areas. All of these mud recycling systems are divided by 200GPM, 500GPM and 1000GPM when consider the treating capacity.
Besides those standard mud recycling systems, GN also provides many customized systems based on customers various demands. Recently, GN Solids Control just delivered one set of Bentonite mixing system to one Middle Ease client, they will use this bentonite mixing system to equip with the former GN 500 GPM HDD mud system that they purchased before.
As we all know, in order to keep the drilling running smoothly, we need to add some chemicals such as bentonite or barite. This customized mixing system is especially designed to fit the 500 GPM mud system.

2016 GN mud mixing system
This GN mixing system is including the following main parts:
1. GN Mud tank
GN manufactures many different mud tanks for mud storage and mixing mud. GN professional engineers are good at welding steel plate together and the QC department also has very strict rules on the checking before leave factory.
2. GN Jet Mud Mixer
By using two hoppers, GN jet mud mixer can enlarge the working room and help to mixing the bentonize for different mud tank. One small mud hopper is fixed on the skid, bentonite can be added by put in the hopper where there is a sharp spine help to open the package.
Another large hopper is build with a stand, so large bentonize can be added from the top of the stand, the metal frame will help to hold those large bentonize bags.
3. GN Centrifugal Pump
Centrifugal pump is used to pump the mixed fluids into the drilling rigs. Some auxiliary products such as the ladder, handrails etc are also provided for safety.
With the successful usage of GN500 GPM mud system for HDD area, more drilling companies are coming to GN for their drilling solutions.


GN Waste treatment system for Water base mud and water base cuttings

World top manufacturer GN Solids Control offers complete solution associated with water base mud as well as water base drilling cuttings, as well as oil base mud and oil base cuttings. Water base mud is a very normal type drilling mud for oil and gas drilling, particularly in China. Here we have a short introduction of the treatment system to get water base mud in addition to water base cuttings.
GN Solids Control system may recovery drilling mud while more as better, and lessen amount of solids waste as little as better. After the GN system treatment, the fluids can easily clean enough for recycle for discharge. The solids phase is harmless along with dry; it can be used to help make bricks or other purposes.

GN Detcanter Centrifuge
GN no pit drilling waste management system intended for water base mud as well as water base cuttings tend to be welcomed in China and outdoors of China. Like CNPC, CNOOC and SINOPEC are generally equipped with GN brand drilling waste management.
The equipment with regard to water base mud in addition to water base cuttings usually are as following:
1) Excessive G drying shaker. It might be called High G dryer, or drilling cuttings dryer. The Qty is only two ea for 1 system. Model GNZS594HGE-LD. The shaker model is the 5 creation high G dryer shaker from GN Solids Control. GN own over ten ea patent design for the main line equipment.
2) High speed decanter centrifuge GNLW363C-VFD. It is the most advanced design centrifuge for waste management supply by china manufacturer. It replaced many United. S brand at several jobsite with its mature design and style and reliable performance.
3) Chemical dosing system along with dewatering centrifuge: If the clear fluids from the high speed centrifuge will not be reused for drilling, it will be transferred to chemical dosage system (or called dewatering unit) for further treatment. An excellent step the fluids is definitely clean and can be discharged.
4) Drill cuttings solidification product. It is used to treat all of the solids phase discharged by high G dryer shaker, from high speed decanter centrifuge and from the dewatering centrifuge. After the treatment of solidification system, the solids can be used to help make bricks for road structure.

GN Oil Cuttings Turnkey Solution

GN Oil Cuttings Turnkey systems are effectively used to treat cuttings. As more and more companies are trying to protect the environment, GN oil cuttings equipments are getting more and more popular too. GN can provide turnkey solution based on customer’s worksite, some modular units can also be provided for cuttings separation.
There are three main equipments included in GN Oil Cuttings Treatment System: \
1. GN Cuttings Dryer
GN Cuttings Dryer is especially used to treat OBM, WBM or SBM. Generally speaking, the oil in the final cuttings is less than 5%. GN cuttings dryer can separate the oil cuttings larger than 250 microns.
2. GN Decanter Centrifuge
GN decanter centrifuges are widely used in various areas due to the excellent working performance and good quality. Now every year, GN provides nearly 300 sets decanter centrifuge.
For the slurry discharged by the cuttings dryer, GN decanter centrifuge can be used to separate out those solids larger than 2 to 5 microns. By using different rotating speed, GN centrifuges can also be used for barite recovery or waste water separation.
Two decanter centrifuges are also paralleled to use as two stage separation: the first one rotating at a low speed while the second one rotate at a high speed.
3. GN Solidification Unit
Those oil cuttings separated by GN dryer and decanter centrifuge can be send to GN Solidification Unit for further treating. GN Solidification Unit is also called GN stabilization unit. Cements and absorber are also added when using GN solidification unit. Drilling cuttings can be mixed thoroughly with cement and chemicals, which can be change into t solid from without liquidity. Cuttings can be safely moved or buried deeply.
GN provides whole solution for OBM treating, WBM can also be treated. Usually, GN use Hi-G shaker to treat the WBM, and then GN decanter centrifuge will do the further separation.


Maintenance of GN vertical cuttings dryer for WBM and also OBM(

GN vertical cuttings dryer can be used for equally water based mud and also oil based mud/ or BINQ. The maintenance cost is one of the priority for mud service company or even waste service company, they are all buying a cost effect dryer for that drilling waste management weighed against US brand cuttings dryer or ship the spend to drilling waste management companies.
The main spare parts regarding vertical cuttings dryer tend to be as below, most of the servicing cost is from these kind of spare parts:
(1) Screen basket, the particular screen basket and screen frame are separated ingredients and they are balanced separately. Typically the screen basket scraper is usually installed to prevent the dismissed fluids from blocked around the screens, sometimes the solids content is very high, it can be difficult to get down from the window screens. Based on different drilling cuttings conditions, the replacement period of time will be different for the screens, could you check with GN sales electrical engineer team for the required volume in one year.

GN Cuttings Dryer
(2) Flites and also Cone Rotor Assembly, the actual 8 flites are permanent on the rotor assembly, it is advisable to replace it completely. The travel arrangements are used to prevent cuttings hindering the screens and scraping the mud inside the monitors.
(3) Bearings replace time depending on actual working time.
(4) Bell jar with scraper, the particular scrapers are used for solids relieve scraping.
(5) Liquid discharge wedding ring, it is not easy to be damaged commonly, 1 set is required since back up.
With flushing pump and air knife to offer pressurized cleaning, that is why GN cuttings dryer can be used with regard to both WBM and OBM. We have 2 units associated with vertical cuttings dryer stored in Houston warehouse, 6710 windfern road, Houston, TEXAS 77040, USA. Welcome to look at our cuttings dryer in your Houston office to know more information from our sales team.

GN Decanter Centrifuge Delivered To Africa

GN Solids Control is a well known manufacturer who can provide decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer. Many other solids control equipments are also manufactured such as various shaker screens for Derrick 500, Derrick 200, NOV King Cobra or VSM 300 screens. GN Solids America Houston warehouse has many screens in stock which help to provide a much better lead time.
Recently, GN Solids Control just provided one set of decanter centrifuge to Africa. GN centrifuges have been widely used for solids separation and drill cuttings management. This decanter centrifuge is delivered to Nigeria for oil and gas cuttings separation. Although the oil price is very low at this time, Nigeria is keeping drilling and many worksites are even much busier than before.

gn centrifuge for waste cutting management
GN has provided over thirty sets decanter centrifuges to the Nigeria market. Every year, GN also manufactures over 300 to 350 sets decanter centrifuges. GN got this order from a regular client, who has been using GN shakers, centrifugal pumps as well as some other solids control equipments for many years. They will use this GN decanter centrifuge to match their cuttings dryer which is also purchased from GN Solids Control.
For those cuttings separated from GN cuttings dryer, the particles are less than 250 microns are still in the slurry. While the solids that larger than 250 microns can be separated out in the form of solids or cuttings. So for the smaller solids, GN decanter centrifuge can separate them out, diameter that larger than 2 to 5 microns will separate out by GN centrifuge under the rotating speed of 3200 RPM.
GN provides VFD centrifuge and fix speed centrifuge to meet various usage. All these centrifuges are explosion-proof. Now GN Solids America LLC also provides CSA certified or UL certified decanter centrifuges as well as cuttings dryers and shakers.

GN Mud cleaning System For HDD Sailing to Middle East

Even though the passing year is really law the oil and gas industry, typically the crude oil price is into the bottom low record in the past 11 years. There is continue to need for solids control devices, this time, maybe not for oil and coal drilling, but for the HDD drilling projects, the CBM drilling projects and occasion the TBM piling operates.
The principle and functions for any mud recycling systems intended for other drillings like HDD, TBM or water very well drilling are same as solids control systems, the equipment essential:
1 . shale shaker, a single set or two, which is made the decision per the requested dealing with capacity of the whole system,

GN Mud Recycling System For HDD Sailing to Middle East
2 . desander and desilter cones, in HDD drilling, especially the large capacity HDD drillings, there is always a mud cleaner combining both desander cones and desilter cones. For smaller HDD mud systems, there is a desilter mud cleaner only. And for TBM works, because the treating typical is not so strict, they will always use desander cones together with under flow shaker.
several. Mud mixing system or even calling jet mud mixer, this is a standard equipment for all those HDD projects no matter a greater capacity one or a smaller just one. Because for HDD is effective, they need to add new chemical compounds into the cleaned drilling mud, while the pilings media is definitely water, there is no need to use the particular mixing device for adding or TBM.
Of course , every single jobsite and each jobsite’s positioned country is different in natural environment standards and regulations, therefore each set of complete system is not exactly the same, like the change in locations, in configuration, and the equipment adopted.
GN Solids Control is the leading supplier of HDD mud these mud cleaning systems for many years, and GN has experiences in more when compared with 60 countries and territories. GN’s engineer team possesses more than 20 years of functioning experience in this field. Should you have this kind of project, pls seek advice from GN for more information.

GN Various pumps

GN Solids Control manufactures various pumps, such as centrifugal pumps, displacement positive pumps (also called screw pumps) and submersible pumps. All these pumps can be used to pump mud effectively. During the past 2015, GN Solids Control has provided many pumps to the global world. GN Solids America LLC also delivered some centrifugal pumps and screw pumps to USA clients and Canada clients.
1. GN centrifugal pumps
Centrifugal pumps are widely used when transfer mud. Many centrifugal pumps are used to pump GN hydro-cyclones which are assembled on GN mud cleaner.
GN centrifugal pumps are replacement pumps for Mission pump. As GN No.2 factory will start manufacture soon, more centrifugal pumps will be provided in the new year.

2015.12.24 centrifugal pump
2. GN Screw Pump
GN screw pumps are mainly used to feeding decanter centrifuge or flushing cuttings dryer. Screw pump is also called positive displacement pump, which has a very good characteristic that transfer mud or slurry without mud agitating. While for the centrifugal pump, the impeller will provide a large centrifugal force to pump mud and case heavy agitating.
3. GN Submersible Pump
Submersible pump is used to pump slurry with large size solids. GN submersible pumps are mainly used to feeding HDD mud recycling system. Although they’re also used in feeding decanter centrifuge, when it meets large height difference, GN PMP pumps are usually the first choice. However, the price of submersible pump is pretty lower when comparing with GN screw pump.

2015.12.24 SLURRY PUMP
Besides those above pumps, GN Solids Control also manufactures electrical control box. All GN control boxes can be used in the oil and gas area which needs to be explosion-proof. GN control box meets the Class I, Division I or Division II standard for various usages.
Now GN also manufactures VFD control panel for decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer. All the running parameters can be adjusted easily on the control panel. When using GN VFD control box, a air compressor need to be equipped in order to provide high pressure air into the control box: one is to cool down the inside temperature, the other is for anti explosion.

happy new year 2016

As the New Year 2016 is coming, GN Solids Control would like to say Happy Start of the year to you all. Hope most GN friends in the start of the year will have a happy family and a great heath.
With the New Year 2016 arriving, GN Solids Control is another one year older. GN has growing from a small corporation to a modern factory which often as many certificates such as API, HSE, DNV etc, these cannot be completed without the fantastic help and support through GN friends. We’d want to give our since because of you all.
In the past 2015, GN Solids Control retained a fast growth although the acrylic price is sharply cut down from top 130 usd/barrel in order to 35 usd/barrel. GN Solids Control equipments and drilling cuttings management systems get to be the first choice for many large coal and oil clients as they are trying to slice the cost. GN solids control equipments has won quite a few large projects when concluding with world famous leading firms. GN shakers, decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers are actually proven to be the best quality products together with good separating performance even though the price is pretty competitive.

GN  solids control houston
GN Solids Control now has 2 branch companies: GN Solids America LLC which is situated in Houston Texas and GN Solids Russian in Moscow, Russia. With the fast improvement, GN Solids Control can open another warehouse throughout Middle East. GN also offers some partners working in around 60 countries to provide tech support team and after sales service regarding GN.
GN Solids America LLC is registered with 2013, and started the real business in 2014. Although GN Solids America LLC is still a fresh firm in North America, using the large support from GN Solids Control, now GN Solids America has a substantial warehouse, which can stock equipment including vertical cuttings dryer , shale shaker , shear conveyor , shear pump , oilfield shale shaker , mud cleaner , desander and desilter , vacuum degasser , Mud Gas Separator , decanter centrifuge , mud tank , mud agitator , etc . Each of the spare parts for those equipments may also be in Houston warehouse intended for fast delivery.

GN Solids Control Engineers Commissioning in North Africa

GN Solids Control Engineers Commissioning in North Africa
Although the oil and gas market would make many oil and gas relating firms to feel sad during the past season by the low price of the unsavory oil, there are still chances for your good companies. Like GN Solids Control, their consumers are still buying. The going companies in Africa continue to be looking forward to a brighter foreseeable future to come by fully prepared to get equipments and staff.
This time around, GN Solids Control dispatched engineers to a North Africa equipment company on request of the clientele to do the commissioning of just one set of mud plant in addition to 4 sets of waste material management systems.
This is a big drilling company in Cameras which provides solids control as well as waste management systems as well as services to the oil businesses who have oil fields inside Africa. They employ employees from local Africa although importing equipments from worldwide. Before, they bought products from USA only, however in case of the low acrylic price, in order to get a crammed benefit to be larger, that they choose to find suppliers supply by china manufacturer, and they visited all principal Chinese rig manufacturers and also solids control manufacturers and lastly decide to buy from GN Solids Control.

drilling waste management system
1 . GN is most well known solids control manufacturer in China plus 1st API certified throughout China.
2 . besides API certifications, GN also got ISO, DNV CE, HSE in addition to etc certificates, showing the duty of the company to the community and environment.
3. GN Solids Control equipment quality is equivalent to the usa and Europe suppliers, within word, from GN, they will buy at a better cost than US or Eu suppliers but the quality is usually equivalent.
4. Reassured right after sale service and repalcement parts, for main equipment and also systems, GN send technical engineers for first time commissioning along with training for end user’s workers for free for 1 week.
About spare parts, GN always have essential spare parts in stock with regard to quick delivery.
That’s the reason why more and more drilling companies along with oil service companies are deciding on to cooperate with GN Solids Control.

Happy New Year

As the New Year 2016 is coming, GN Solids Control would like to say Happy New Year to you all. Hope all GN friends in the new year will have a happy family and a good heath.
With the New Year 2016 arriving, GN Solids Control is another one year older. GN has growing from a small company to a modern factory which as many certificates such as API, HSE, DNV etc, all of these cannot be completed without the great help and support from GN friends. We’d like to give our since thanks to you all.
In the past 2015, GN Solids Control kept a fast growth although the oil price is sharply cut down from the top 130 usd/barrel to 35 usd/barrel. GN Solids Control equipments and drilling cuttings management systems become the first choice for many large oil and gas clients as they are trying to cut the cost. GN solids control equipments has won many large projects when completing with world famous leading companies. GN shakers, decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers have been proven to be the best quality products with good separating performance while the price is pretty competitive.
GN Solids Control now has two branch companies: GN Solids America LLC which is located in Houston Texas and GN Solids Russian in Moscow, Russia. With the fast development, GN Solids Control will open another warehouse in Middle East. GN also has some partners working in over 60 countries to provide technical support and after sales service for GN.

GN Shaker
GN Solids America LLC is registered in 2013, and started its real business in 2014. Although GN Solids America LLC is still a fresh company in North America, with the large support from GN Solids Control, now GN Solids America has a large warehouse, which can stock over 20 sets of shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryers. All the spare parts for those equipments are also in Houston warehouse for fast delivery.