GN Mixing Mud System is Delivered to Middle East HDD Drilling Client

GN Solids Control manufactures many compact and standard mud systems for HDD, Trenchless, Boring and No-dig Drilling areas. All of these mud recycling systems are divided by 200GPM, 500GPM and 1000GPM when consider the treating capacity.
Besides those standard mud recycling systems, GN also provides many customized systems based on customers various demands. Recently, GN Solids Control just delivered one set of Bentonite mixing system to one Middle Ease client, they will use this bentonite mixing system to equip with the former GN 500 GPM HDD mud system that they purchased before.
As we all know, in order to keep the drilling running smoothly, we need to add some chemicals such as bentonite or barite. This customized mixing system is especially designed to fit the 500 GPM mud system.

2016 GN mud mixing system
This GN mixing system is including the following main parts:
1. GN Mud tank
GN manufactures many different mud tanks for mud storage and mixing mud. GN professional engineers are good at welding steel plate together and the QC department also has very strict rules on the checking before leave factory.
2. GN Jet Mud Mixer
By using two hoppers, GN jet mud mixer can enlarge the working room and help to mixing the bentonize for different mud tank. One small mud hopper is fixed on the skid, bentonite can be added by put in the hopper where there is a sharp spine help to open the package.
Another large hopper is build with a stand, so large bentonize can be added from the top of the stand, the metal frame will help to hold those large bentonize bags.
3. GN Centrifugal Pump
Centrifugal pump is used to pump the mixed fluids into the drilling rigs. Some auxiliary products such as the ladder, handrails etc are also provided for safety.
With the successful usage of GN500 GPM mud system for HDD area, more drilling companies are coming to GN for their drilling solutions.


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