GN Mud cleaning System For HDD Sailing to Middle East

Even though the passing year is really law the oil and gas industry, typically the crude oil price is into the bottom low record in the past 11 years. There is continue to need for solids control devices, this time, maybe not for oil and coal drilling, but for the HDD drilling projects, the CBM drilling projects and occasion the TBM piling operates.
The principle and functions for any mud recycling systems intended for other drillings like HDD, TBM or water very well drilling are same as solids control systems, the equipment essential:
1 . shale shaker, a single set or two, which is made the decision per the requested dealing with capacity of the whole system,

GN Mud Recycling System For HDD Sailing to Middle East
2 . desander and desilter cones, in HDD drilling, especially the large capacity HDD drillings, there is always a mud cleaner combining both desander cones and desilter cones. For smaller HDD mud systems, there is a desilter mud cleaner only. And for TBM works, because the treating typical is not so strict, they will always use desander cones together with under flow shaker.
several. Mud mixing system or even calling jet mud mixer, this is a standard equipment for all those HDD projects no matter a greater capacity one or a smaller just one. Because for HDD is effective, they need to add new chemical compounds into the cleaned drilling mud, while the pilings media is definitely water, there is no need to use the particular mixing device for adding or TBM.
Of course , every single jobsite and each jobsite’s positioned country is different in natural environment standards and regulations, therefore each set of complete system is not exactly the same, like the change in locations, in configuration, and the equipment adopted.
GN Solids Control is the leading supplier of HDD mud these mud cleaning systems for many years, and GN has experiences in more when compared with 60 countries and territories. GN’s engineer team possesses more than 20 years of functioning experience in this field. Should you have this kind of project, pls seek advice from GN for more information.

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