GN Solids Control Engineers Commissioning in North Africa

GN Solids Control Engineers Commissioning in North Africa
Although the oil and gas market would make many oil and gas relating firms to feel sad during the past season by the low price of the unsavory oil, there are still chances for your good companies. Like GN Solids Control, their consumers are still buying. The going companies in Africa continue to be looking forward to a brighter foreseeable future to come by fully prepared to get equipments and staff.
This time around, GN Solids Control dispatched engineers to a North Africa equipment company on request of the clientele to do the commissioning of just one set of mud plant in addition to 4 sets of waste material management systems.
This is a big drilling company in Cameras which provides solids control as well as waste management systems as well as services to the oil businesses who have oil fields inside Africa. They employ employees from local Africa although importing equipments from worldwide. Before, they bought products from USA only, however in case of the low acrylic price, in order to get a crammed benefit to be larger, that they choose to find suppliers supply by china manufacturer, and they visited all principal Chinese rig manufacturers and also solids control manufacturers and lastly decide to buy from GN Solids Control.

drilling waste management system
1 . GN is most well known solids control manufacturer in China plus 1st API certified throughout China.
2 . besides API certifications, GN also got ISO, DNV CE, HSE in addition to etc certificates, showing the duty of the company to the community and environment.
3. GN Solids Control equipment quality is equivalent to the usa and Europe suppliers, within word, from GN, they will buy at a better cost than US or Eu suppliers but the quality is usually equivalent.
4. Reassured right after sale service and repalcement parts, for main equipment and also systems, GN send technical engineers for first time commissioning along with training for end user’s workers for free for 1 week.
About spare parts, GN always have essential spare parts in stock with regard to quick delivery.
That’s the reason why more and more drilling companies along with oil service companies are deciding on to cooperate with GN Solids Control.

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