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GN Decanter Centrifuge and Shaker for Middle East Client

GN Solids Control just got another repeated order on decanter centrifuge and shaker from one Middle East client. Although the oil price is still very low, many drilling companies are stilling drilling, anyway, if you drilling then you can make money. On the same time, you need to think about to use a very good equipment to do the work and save cost.
GN Solids Control manufactures over 300 set decanter centrifuges and 500 sets shale shakers every year, most of which are using in the oversea market. Thousands of successful projects have been proved to be worth use GN Solids Control equipments and drilling waste management systems.
As one branch company locates in Houston, TX, USA, GN Solids America LLC has one warehouse which keeps many shakers, decanter centrifuges and cutting dryers in stock. This project is made due to GN Solids America has these equipments in stock and can be arranged for delivery immediately. This Middle East client came to GN Houston warehouse and checked those decanter centrifuges and shakers before make the final purchase order.
1. GNLW363 Decanter Centrifuge
This is the star products made by GN Solids Control, with the treating capacity of 130 GPM, excellent rotating bowl made of duplex stainless steel, screw propeller edges are covered with hundreds pieces of tungsten carbide tiles. Many large companies are also using GN Solids Control decanter centrifuges such as Shell, Baker Hughes and Halliburton etc.
One VFD control cabinet is also used; all those parameters such as the bowl rotating speed, and differential speed etc can be changed easily on the HMI.

Decanter Centrifuge
2. GNZS594 shale shaker
GNZS594 shaker is using USA made Martin vibration motors for long time usage, large thickness metals are using to make the shaker deck in order to have a better linear motion. There are 4 pieces shaker screens fixed on one 594 shaker. Shaker screen size is the same with Mi-Swaco mongoose.

GN Shakers in Houston

GN Shale Shakers are stocking in Houston

GN Solids America LLC now has many shale shakers in stock. As one of the famous solids control and drilling waste management manufacturers, GN Solids Control is well known in North America. With the opening of GN Solids America LLC in 2014, GN Solids brands name is getting to known by more and more professionals.
GN has a large warehouse located in Houston, TX. Houston is a oil and gas city, many famous drilling companies and energy companies have headquarters or branches in Houston. Every year, there is also one large oil and gas show exhibited in Houston.
We’re glad to see the oil price is growing since this April. Hopefully, the oil price can keep at a relative high level which should benefits for the economy growth.
There are over 11 sets GN shale shakers and 5 sets mud cleaners (desanders and desilters) stocking in Houston warehouse. GN shale shaker is using world famous vibration motors: one is USA Martin and the other is Italy OLI. Both these motors are working perfectly well and provide a rest assured after sales services for GN shakers. GN Hi-G Shaker
The one GN has in Houston is GNZS594 shaker, which treating capacity is around 500 GPM. GN shaker working angle can be adjusted conveniently by add some convening mechanical device on one side, ranging from -1 to 5 degree.

mud cleaner
4 panels screens are using in one GNZS594 shaker. Every screen is fixed with two wedges, which can be easily taken out by using hammer. Only one worker can change GN screen by himself compared to other shaker screens they usually demand the cooperation work of two people. Mongoose screens can be also used on GN 594 shaker.
Now GN Solids America LLC has a large promotion policy for shakers and shaker screens. If customers buy some shaker screens from us, we will provide a very competitive price on the shakers. Welcome come to GN Houston warehouse and discuss details.

GN Mud Recycling System for ZJ30 Drilling Rig

As a leading manufacturer of drilling mud recycling system and equipment, GN Solids Control could provide the mud system for the drilling rig ranging from 350HP to 2000 HP. This article would give a brief introduction on GN’s drilling mud recycling system for ZJ30 rig.

The drilling rig ZJ30 is defined in China domestic market. This model is also defined as a 750HP rig that is widely known in the market out of China. GN’s ZJ30 drilling rig mud system is designed with the treating capacity of 180 cubic meters per hour and the total mud storage volume is 120 cubic meters.


This mud recycling system includes 3-unit tanks of processing tank, mud mixing tank and storage tank. All 3 tanks are same dimension and the onsite layout is linear type. The processing tank of the mud system includes all the 4 stages of solids control and 5 stages purification process. The first stage solids control is 2 unit shale shakers with 3-panel screens, the capacity of the shaker unit is 120 cubic meters per hour. After the shale shaker, the vacuum degasser is located to remove the gas in the drilling mud thus the working efficiency of the centrifugal pump could be greatly increased, Thus the cyclone would have sufficient pressure when the mud was fed. This ZJ30 rig mud system could be equipped with separate de-sanding and de-silting unit. The de-sanding unit and the de-silting unit is cost less. There is another option of mud cleaner could be installed to replace the de-sanding and de-silting unit. The under shaker of the mud cleaner could be used for further drying the solids particles.


According to the space on the mud tank top, the centrifuge unit is designed located on the second tank. This second tank is divided into 2 or 3 compartments, one of the compartments is used as the centrifuge compartments and the rest compartments are used to store the active drilling mud.

The mud mixing unit is installed on the third tank with 45 kw mixing pump to mix the drilling mud in all the mud storage compartments. Besides the mixing pump, this ZJ30 mud system is also equipped with shearing pump that is used to cut the polymers mud chemicals. This shearing pump would be connected with a chemicals tank which used to mixing the drilling mud chemicals.

GN Shakers and Mud Cleaners for Mud Recycling

GN Solids America is a Houston based company, it’s located at 6710 Windfern Rd, Houston, TX 77040. As a branch company of GN Solids Control, GN Solids America get the fully support from its parent company.
Now GN Solids America has over dozens of shale shakers in Houston warehouse, as well as mud cleaners, decanter centrifuge, cuttings dryers and some other spare parts.
GN solids control and drilling waste management systems are widely used in over 60 countries. More and more American companies get to know GN and have been using GN equipments since the establishment.

GN Mud Cleaner
GN experienced engineers take turns to stay in Houston and provide technical support. All the GN equipments will be tested thoroughly when we get the container after 35 days’ sea travel. Repair and maintenance work are also executed in Houston warehouse.
As GN Solids America is renting various kinds of equipments for trial use, local clients have a good chance to learn the working performance and product quality. GN Solids America offer a two weeks’ free trial if anyone showed interest and has some doubt on GN products.
GN solids control and drilling waste management systems can also be rented at least three months, so GN clients will know GN products much better.
Recently, many clients in America have showed great interests to GN shale shakers and mud cleaners. Personally, we think it might be a good sign to oil and gas drilling industry which might means more and more drilling rigs will be begin to work after such as long time deduction.
GN Shale shaker GNZS594E-HB is one shaker that can use replacement shaker screens of Mongoose. Shaker screens can be made of steel frame or composite materials. GN mud cleaner separate the solids that larger than 20 microns, which can be used for recycling.
GN shakers and mud cleaners can be arranged for fast delivery. Welcome to visit our warehouse when you have time, please connect with Thomas via thomas@gnsolidscontrol.com for more info. GN Shaker

GN Solids Control is Shinning in this dark period

As the oil price is going down, many oil companies are suffering from this great pain deeply. Some the oil and gas companies are cutting cost by various methods, some drilling companies are trying to find a more cost effective solutions for their solids control and drilling waste management systems.
Some companies might thought solids control equipments or drilling waste management systems made in China are always very cheap with poor quality. But the truth is many large manufacturers pay great attention to the quality control, one of the largest solids control manufacture such as GN Solids Control Co. and GN Solids America LLC have been exported to over 60 countries due to the excellent quality and rest assured after sales service.

Although the oil market is pretty tired, GN Solids Control Co. is getting more and more chances to win large clients for over abroad clients. In this Jan., GN has selling over dozens decanter centrifuges to one drilling mud client in Africa. Trying to find a much more reliable supplier in China might be one of the best way for continuing the oil and gas drilling temporarily, and it will be getting to known by more and more famous oil companies globally. For GN, we have provided many solids control equipments and drilling waste management systems to large clients such as Shell, Baker Hughes etc. This will be a golden chance to proven that not all the equipments made in China are always with poor quality. At least, it’s obviously to know, most of the Apple iphones are made in China. Who dare to the say the quality is not good?
And GN also has also got some large bids in the domestic market since the beginning of this New Year. Several weeks before, GN Solids Control just provided three sets of drilling waste management systems to one Sichuan drilling company. More and more drilling companies are showing great confidence to GN products. Welcome to see our Beijing factory for everyone that is interested in our equipments, you can reach us by thomas@gnsolidcontrol.com.