GN Mud Recycling System for ZJ30 Drilling Rig

As a leading manufacturer of drilling mud recycling system and equipment, GN Solids Control could provide the mud system for the drilling rig ranging from 350HP to 2000 HP. This article would give a brief introduction on GN’s drilling mud recycling system for ZJ30 rig.

The drilling rig ZJ30 is defined in China domestic market. This model is also defined as a 750HP rig that is widely known in the market out of China. GN’s ZJ30 drilling rig mud system is designed with the treating capacity of 180 cubic meters per hour and the total mud storage volume is 120 cubic meters.


This mud recycling system includes 3-unit tanks of processing tank, mud mixing tank and storage tank. All 3 tanks are same dimension and the onsite layout is linear type. The processing tank of the mud system includes all the 4 stages of solids control and 5 stages purification process. The first stage solids control is 2 unit shale shakers with 3-panel screens, the capacity of the shaker unit is 120 cubic meters per hour. After the shale shaker, the vacuum degasser is located to remove the gas in the drilling mud thus the working efficiency of the centrifugal pump could be greatly increased, Thus the cyclone would have sufficient pressure when the mud was fed. This ZJ30 rig mud system could be equipped with separate de-sanding and de-silting unit. The de-sanding unit and the de-silting unit is cost less. There is another option of mud cleaner could be installed to replace the de-sanding and de-silting unit. The under shaker of the mud cleaner could be used for further drying the solids particles.


According to the space on the mud tank top, the centrifuge unit is designed located on the second tank. This second tank is divided into 2 or 3 compartments, one of the compartments is used as the centrifuge compartments and the rest compartments are used to store the active drilling mud.

The mud mixing unit is installed on the third tank with 45 kw mixing pump to mix the drilling mud in all the mud storage compartments. Besides the mixing pump, this ZJ30 mud system is also equipped with shearing pump that is used to cut the polymers mud chemicals. This shearing pump would be connected with a chemicals tank which used to mixing the drilling mud chemicals.

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