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GN Desander and Desilter for Arizona Client

GN Solids America LLC is a branch company of GN Solids Control Co. Ltd. From the beginning of establishment, GN Solids America has devoted to providing the most cost-effective solids control systems and drilling waste management systems.
GN Solids America LLS is located in Houston, TX. Although it’s still a new company in America, with the great support from its parent company, GN Solids America has witnessed the fast development in the American market.
Now many drilling companies are getting to know GN, and GN has won great reputation for the excellent performance, satisfied using life and guaranteed after sales service. GN has sold many sets of mud systems to the USA market since the establishment. The large inventory in GN Houston warehouse also helps to win customers. And all the spare parts are storage in Houston for fast delivery. GN experienced engineers also can be send out for trouble shooting and commissioning.
GN Solids America just delivered one sets of desander and desilter to one client in Arizona. This client will use this desander and desilter to separating the solids in mine area.

GN Mud Cleaner
GN Mud Cleaner: type is GNZJ594E-2S12N
1. GN Shaker
This mud cleaner has one bottom shale shaker with 4 pieces of shaker screens. The screens are totally compatible with Mongoose screens. Now GN has two types of shaker screens can be chose: one is steel frame, the other is composite material. Generally speaking, the composite material screens are much more cost-effective.
2. GN Desander
There are two sets of 10 inch cyclones on the shaker. These cyclones are used to separating the solids that larger than 40 microns.
3. GN Desilter
It consists of 12 sets 4 inch cyclones on the shaker too. Solids that larger than 25 microns can be separated out by these 4 inch cyclones.
When using this GN mud cleaner, two centrifugal pumps will be needed to pump the fluids to desander and desilter.

GN Mud Cleaner

GN Shakers and Mud Cleaners for Mud Recycling

GN Solids America is a Houston based company, it’s located at 6710 Windfern Rd, Houston, TX 77040. As a branch company of GN Solids Control, GN Solids America get the fully support from its parent company.
Now GN Solids America has over dozens of shale shakers in Houston warehouse, as well as mud cleaners, decanter centrifuge, cuttings dryers and some other spare parts.
GN solids control and drilling waste management systems are widely used in over 60 countries. More and more American companies get to know GN and have been using GN equipments since the establishment.

GN Mud Cleaner
GN experienced engineers take turns to stay in Houston and provide technical support. All the GN equipments will be tested thoroughly when we get the container after 35 days’ sea travel. Repair and maintenance work are also executed in Houston warehouse.
As GN Solids America is renting various kinds of equipments for trial use, local clients have a good chance to learn the working performance and product quality. GN Solids America offer a two weeks’ free trial if anyone showed interest and has some doubt on GN products.
GN solids control and drilling waste management systems can also be rented at least three months, so GN clients will know GN products much better.
Recently, many clients in America have showed great interests to GN shale shakers and mud cleaners. Personally, we think it might be a good sign to oil and gas drilling industry which might means more and more drilling rigs will be begin to work after such as long time deduction.
GN Shale shaker GNZS594E-HB is one shaker that can use replacement shaker screens of Mongoose. Shaker screens can be made of steel frame or composite materials. GN mud cleaner separate the solids that larger than 20 microns, which can be used for recycling.
GN shakers and mud cleaners can be arranged for fast delivery. Welcome to visit our warehouse when you have time, please connect with Thomas via thomas@gnsolidscontrol.com for more info. GN Shaker