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Merry Christmas to GN Friends

The 2015 Christmas is coming near, we’d like to give our sincere thanks to all GN friends. Merry Christmas! And wish everything is good in the new year.
GN Solids Control has been manufacturing Solids Control equipments and systems such as shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer for many years. GN equipments are widely used in more than sixty countries and regions, which covers North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

GN Solids Control has opened two branch companies in Houston, Texas and Moscow, Russia. With the establishment of these two branches, GN can provide a much better lead time, especially because GN Solids America LLC has a warehouse and office. In the next New Year, GN Solids Control will establish another branch company in Middle East. Besides, GN has some partners are working together with GN Solids in Canada, Argentina, Australia and some other countries. All of these partners have been working with GN for many years, and they are pretty familiar with GN equipments.
All GN employees would like to give their since thanks to our friends. We would like to thank for all your support even the oil price is very low right now. Many oil drilling companies have suspended for drilling activities, while in some other regions, they are still drilling everyday in order to provide enough opportunities.
During the past 2015, GN has passed the quota with all the persistent working on GN people. GN engineers have also worked on to upgrade all those solids control and drill cuttings management systems. GN decanter centrifuges have been largely improved which have a much better working performance. From all the feedback provided by our clients, the new C generation decanter centrifuge probably can be listed the most cost effective decanter centrifuge in the world.
Welcome to visit GN Houston warehouse if you have any needs on the solids control.

GN Mud Cleaner

Quantity of Shale Shaker Screen to Middle East

Shaker screen is wearing elements of shale shaker, and the consumer need to replace it frequently according to drilling speed and going conditions. To serve far better of our client, GN Solids Control start the design in addition to manufacture of shaker screen from the foundation of company. You can offer GN model shaker screen, and also we can offer you replacement shaker screen usually brand shale shakers, like. replacement screen for Derrick shaker, replacement screen to get Swaco Mongoose shaker, substitute screen for NOV brandt king cobra shaker. In accordance with the jobsite feedback, our replacing screen is accepted nicely with jobsite engineers, life span and performance is similar to original company shaker screens.

shaker screen

Recently, we all export one large quantity connected with replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose shaker to Center East. The client is GN VIP client; they get same quantity of screens not too long ago, and repeat order as soon as they know the good performance through drilling site acceptance. The customer came to GN factory regarding shaker screen inspection; they are really very satisfied with the shaker screen quality, appearance, bundles, etc . shipping status.

Apart from replacement screen for Mongoose shaker screen, the client in addition show keen interest in GN decanter centrifuge. “In our country drilling internet site, most of brand are YOU brand like Swaco centrifuge, Derrick centrifuge, but I actually happen to see GN company centrifuge once. And the overall performance is OK; After the screen order, we will bid considerably more tenders and will put considerably more manpower and energy about centrifuge rental / centrifuge service project”. In the conference, we show our decanter centrifuge project list with past years, as well as our own centrifuge working video together with mud in rigsite. Your client is very impressed with GN high quality decanter centrifuges.

GN Solids Control is primary solids control equipment provider from China. Our product normal is same as US/Europe model product, the price is much better. Contrary to other China brand, most of us target on high end product or service and only produce high quality products with longer lifetime and good working performance. Most of us don’t waste time to produce decrease quality product with more affordable price to mislead customer.

Solids control equipemnts for Hongkong client

Recently GN solids control shipped 2 shale shakers and 2 mud cleaner units for Hongkong clients, area is customized silver off white color which is different with normal green color, we can easily provide customized color, style, brand and nameplate to get client’s special requirement.
The particular desander cone, desilter cone and bottom shale shaker combination as mud cleaner, compared with single desander, desilter, the mud cleaner using bottom shaker which can obtain useful drilling fluids and prepare the discharged solids ground, and the footprint is scaled-down. Sometimes when shale shaker is not working, it can be likewise used as back up shaker.

shale shaker mud cleaner
With different quantity desander cone and desilter cone, the particular mud cleaner has several treating capacity, 1S8N having 1 of 10 in . desander cone with eight of 4 inch desialter cone, the treating ability is 500gpm, 2S12N using 2 @ 10 half inch desander cones and twelve @ 4 inch desilter cone with treating capability about 1000gpm, 3S16N together with 3 @ 10 half inch cone(sometimes with 2 connected with 12 inch desander cone) and 16pcs of some inch desilter cone, the particular treating capacity is 1500gpm. The Hongkong client ordered 2 units of 1500gpm capacity mud cleaner having 3 desander cone, sixteen desilter cones.
The shale shaker and mud cleaner bottom shaker are the same type, and use the same dimensions shaker screens, so the customers do not have to make different dimension screens for inventory. Each of our most sold shale shaker models including GNZS703 and GNZS594, the former model together with 3 panels screens regarding size 700x1250mm, the other model with 4 solar panels screens of size 585x1165mm.
Right now we have several sections of GNZS594E-HB shale shaker and mud cleaners with stock of Houston part, welcome to visit GN solids America. With the US Charlie brand vibration motor, high-quality and reliable performance is actually assured.

GN Replacement Mongoose Shaker Screens In Houston

As we all know, GN Solids Control is famous for providing turnkey solutions for oil and gas, dredging, HDD, TBM, Bored Pile Drilling, Core Drilling areas. GN solids control equipments such as decanter centrifuges, shakers, cuttings dryers are also widely used in many countries.
GN manufactures several different kinds of shakers to meet different usage, from min shaker GNZS752E to large shaker GNZS594, treating capacity can be choose from 200GPM to 610 GPM. Different size of hydro cyclones can be also assembled on the shaker to compose desander or desilter. GN also manufactures various shaker screens which can be used on GN shaker, desander, desilter. Some other types of shaker screens are also manufactured for world famous shaker screens, such as Derrick 500, Derrick 2000, Mongoose, King Cobra, VSM 300 screens.
GN replacement shaker screens are cost effective, they are frequently ordered by GN clients in order to cut cost especially when the oil price is pretty low right now.

GN shale screen

GN shale screen

GN Solids Control now manufactures about 5000 pieces shaker screen every month. With the opening of GN no.2 factory, GN will be able to manufacture more shaker screen by using automatic machines.
Now GN provides these types shaker screens:
1. GN replacement Mongoose shaker screens
Due to GN also manufactures shaker GNZS594, this shaker is using the same size shaker screens as MiSwaco. It uses for pieces shaker screens, all the screens are fixed with GN patented wedges for fast changing shaker screens.
Shaker screens are divided by different materials such as metal frame shaker screens and composite material shaker screens.
2. GN replacement derrick shaker screens
For the PMD shaker screens and PWP shaker screens, GN can provide a cost effective replacement screen.
3. Some other replacement shaker screens such as fluids system, King Cobra, VSM 300 etc, GN can also manufacture. For the not well know shaker screens, if client can advise the size and provide the picture, GN can also provide replacement shaker screens.
GN Houston warehouse has many shaker screens in stock, welcome to connect with GN Solids America LLC for more details.

GN Solids America LLC API RP 13 C screens

As solids control machinery manufacture, one wear and tear parts we manufacture is the shale shaker screen.  Such screen is critical for maintain consist operation cost for various type of drilling.  GN Solids America’s shale shaker screen comply API RP 13C standard from API. The America Petroleum Institute screen labeling practice, API RP 13C standard:

  • API RP 13C uses particles to measure the coarsest particle that passes through the screen, resulting in a measured value of D100.
  • Historically API RP 13E’s D50 was considered the primary cut-point of the screen. Currently, API RP 13C uses D100 to compare two different screens.
  • Separation curves show that the D100 value is always coarser than the D50 value.

As we mention before, shale shaker screen is the wear and tear parts of shale shakers.  GN Solids America LLC produce steel frame and composite frame. The frame was made with 2 or 3-layer stainless steel wire cloth. The wire cloth can be combined with the frame with metal rubber lining, or directly bonded on the frame. The main feather of the screen is every layer of wire cloth has different meshes, accurately and reasonable making screening more micromesh.





High-strength frame structure and the moderate tension screening cloth that create a reliable whole, greatly enhance the tolerable fluid flow.  The wedge tensioning devices make screen installation more convenient, and save the time of machine-stop for screen changing.  The

wire cloth is divided into several independent small cloths to prevent excessive expansion of  damage. Excellent constructed frame and high-strength injection frame enhance corrosion resistance, have good shock absorption and extend working life of screen. GN Solids America LLC keep consist stock of various type of screen for not only GN Solids America’s GNZJ594 shale shaker but also many popular models from various brand manufactures.

GN Decanter Centrifuge and Cuttings Dryer Stock for sale.

GN Solids America LLC is a Houston side company of GN Solids Control. With the fully assistance from its parent firm, GN Solids America LLC is widely known by To the north America and South America customers.
GN Solids Control is located in Langfang, which is merely 40km from Beijing air port. Now GN Solids Control has 2 branch corporations: one is GN Solids America in Houston, the other is usually GN Solids Russia with Moscow. With the fast marketplace expanding, GN is going to determine another branch company with Middle East. In the next calendar year, the Middle East Company are going to be put into use. And the No . two factory near Beijing may also start to manufacture decanter centrifuges and shale shaker screens. For your American customers who likewise have business in Africa and also Middle East, GN can offer short lead time for several solids control and punch cuttings management systems.
As a way to meet customers’ demands for a short lead time, GN Solids America LLC possesses storaged many shale shakers, decanter centrifuges, cuttings washer dryer combos as well as many spare parts throughout Houston warehouse. GN skilled engineers in Houston may be also sent out for soon after sales service and difficulty shooting.

2015.12.02 vertical cuttings dryer
In GN Beijing headquarter, many decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers are manufactured for urgent orders placed.
1 . GN decanter centrifuge
GN decanter centrifuges usually are widely used in over 70 countries for solids control and drill cuttings management. There are 9inch, 14inch, 18inch and 22inch decanter centrifuge if you divide them by diameter of rotating serving.
When running at various speed, GN centrifuge can be employed for different usage. Lets’ get GNLW363 centrifuge (14inch) for instance:
a. 2200RPM is suggest to recovery barite;
c. 2700RPM is recommend to minimize mud weight;
c. 3200RPM is recommend to drill down cuttings management.
2 . GN cuttings dryer
GN cuttings dryer is especially designed to different the OBM, WBM or even SBM. Many large internet businesses are using GN cuttings washer dryer combos for drill cuttings separating, such as Shell, Baker Gaines.
Welcome to visit GN Solids America warehouse or GN Beijing factory. GN machines are always available for urgent requirements.

GN Mini Decanter Centrifuge is Getting More and More Popular

GN Solids Control has manufactured decanter centrifuges for many years. GN professional engineers are devoted to provide the best quality decanter centrifuges to the world. GN Solids Control is the first Chinese company who can provide solids control and drill cuttings management systems. With so many years fast development, GN Solids Control and GN Drill Cuttings Management Systems are getting to known by the world famous clients.
Recently, GN Solids America LLC received many inquiries on GN decanter centrifuge. Actually, GN Solids Control manufactures and sells 250 sets to 300 sets decanter centrifuges to over 60 countries every year.

GN Mini Centrifuge
The following shows one client who is interested in our 9 inch centrifuge GNLW223.
We are interested in the decanter centrifuge GNLW223. The intention is to separate finer partials from dewatering fluid. This fluid should contain partials less than 75 micros. 2-5 micron will ideal. The flow capacity is about 30 to 50 GPM.
For planning and field connection, please provide details on all connections, overall size, any installation requirements.
Is there any restraint at the water discharge port and muck discharge port? In the other words, how to keep the slurry in the bowl long enough before it gets discharged?
a. The differential speed between the rotating bowl and screw propeller will determine the time of the slurry inside the centrifuge. Differential speed is 35:1, you can change the speed by using different pulley and belt. Generally speaking, the higher of the running speed of the screw propeller, the shorter of those slurry will be stay inside. Working principle is as following shows.
Is a tank needed to collect discharge water under the centrifuge? Can the 3” discharge port be connected to a 3” pipe and deliver water ~100’ away under a certain pressure?
From theory, it will make sense. Actually, all the water (or fluids) will be collected by a tank first, and then GN use another pump to transfer it to somewhere.
However, when you treat different fluids with different density and viscosity, the separating parameters are not the same, all the above parameters are just for reference. GN Solids America can send our engineers for after sales service if you need. GN mini shaker are also used to separate the solids before feeding into decanter centrifuge.

mini shaker

Centrifuge for Solids Control and Waste Management

In oil and gas industry for solids control equipment, the centrifuges are more and more used for separating out the fine and extra fine particles from the drilling mud system. In fact, they are taking over the former position of hydrocyclones like the desander cones and desiter cones.

Depending on the applications, the centrifuges could be divided as following items. And GN Solids Control, as the leading centrifuge manufacturer in China oil and gas industry, GN has a complete series of centrifuges, and such centrifuges cover all applications needed in the solids control and waste management systems as below:

1. solids control centrifuge. This is the centrifuge used in solids control system, as the fourth step for separate out the solids from the drilling mud. Normally, there are 2 centrifuges used in a solids control system for a large horse power system, one is for separating the valuable drilling material barite, which is expensive in price and could be re-used in future projects, the other is for separating out the particles which are too fine for the desilter cones. In most cases, GN clients use GNLW452 for barite recovery and GNLW363-VFD for extra fine particles in solids control system.

GN Detcanter Centrifuge


2. waste management centrifuges, for further treatment of the drilling liquid, the dewatering centrifuge. When the drilling fluid is used and reused for several times, there are extra fine particles in the drilling fluid are too fine for the centrifuge itself to get them out. So the end users need to add chemicals to merge them to be bigger, big enough for the centrifuges. In this case, GNLW363CG-VFD is recommended as the dewatering unit. And also, GN has dewatering unit available.

3. waste management centrifuge for further treatment of the solids discharged from the solids control system. When the solids are collected from the solids control system, they are not dry enough and couldn’t be discharged directly. So for the water based mud, there’s a drying shaker of High-G force and for the oil based mud, there’s a vertical cuttings dryer before the decanter centrifuge. GNLW363CG-VFD of high speed decanter centrifuge is ideal for this application. And GN also has GNZS594HGE-LD drying shaker and GNCD930CD Vertical cuttings dryer for the complete system.

Mud pit drill cuttings management system for oil field drilling

GN Solids Control is Chinese leading maker mud solids control devices & systemas well since oil field drilling squander mud pit waste management equipment and system.
Features of GN made solids control equipment
After mud comes out from well crown, the dirty mud could enter into GN Solids control system, and treatment simply by GN solids control gear, First step shale shaker separating, second step desander parting, third step desilter spliting up and The forth step decanter centrifuge separation.
Other GN solids control equipment: fly mud mixer for mud mixing system , poor by degasser and vacuum degasser in order to kill the gas coming from mud.
In many jobsite, we will see some mud pit with rig site. After divided by above solids control equipment, the clean mud will enter into mud system for drilling activities, often the dirty mud will released into the mud pitfor waste material treatment.

2015.07.17 solidification unit
Most popular GN manufactured equipment for mud abyss drilling waste management
1) High G drying shaker. It can be mainly used for water dependent drilling cuttings treatment. Its normally 4-panel shale shaker with high G force.
2) Vertical cuttings dryer. It is mainly utilized for oil based cuttings cure. But GN made straight cuttings dryer can be used to take care of both water based going cuttings (WBM) as well as oil-based drilling cuttings (OBM). People can use one system for everyone steps of drilling activitites.
3) High speed decanter centrifuge and big bowl big level high speed centrifuge. After handled by high G dryer shaker or vertical cuttings dryer, the fluids period will be treated by decanter centrifuge with high speed to part ways the fine solids.
Various other GN made mud ditch waste management equipment.
1) Dewatering unit (Chemical enhancing system).
2) Drill cuttings solidification system
3) Thermal desorption unit (TDU). It is used to further cure the cuttings discharged through vertical cuttings dryer. Immediately after treatment by TDU, often the oil on cuttings could be reduced to 0. five per cent.

GN Decanter Centrifuge in Houston Warehouse

GN Solids America LLC is established in 2013. It’s the first solids control and drilling waste management manufacturer from China who establish one USA branch company. With the fast development, GN Solids America is widely known by North America and South America.
GN Houston branch company also has many decanter centrifuge and shakers in stock, as well as cuttings dryer. Many replacement shaker screens such as Mongoose, King Cobra, VSM-300 are also storaged in Houston for fast delivery.

1005 us solids control equipment (1).jpg
Recently, GN Solids America LLC got many inquires on decanter centrifuge, the following shows the rough separating process:
Our client will set up a primary jaw crusher to refuse the ore to minus 1.5 inches, then they will feed all the feldespar material -1.5 inch to a horizontal impactor on a closed circuit with a screen to have the material passing 4 mesh here with help of water. From here GN come in with our equipment, at this point our client need a product for a costumer -4 mesh x + 14 mesh, all this size will leave the line as a product.
The rest of the run of the feldespar -14 mesh will have to be desilted on GN secondary equipment and be cut to -250 mesh or -270 mesh ( 14x-270) this is another product and will leave the line and be stacked also by conveyor means.
The rest which is -270 mesh is considered Kaolin clay. This will be treated in GN machines like we do with mud cyclone it centrifuge it and dry it.
GN decanter centrifuge can help to separate the solids that larger than 2~5 microns, so all the solids that below -270 mesh can be separate out. And for the first phase separation, GN can use opening mesh shaker screens to separate those large particles, while for the smaller solids, GN can use desilter cyclones to separated them out.