Solids control equipemnts for Hongkong client

Recently GN solids control shipped 2 shale shakers and 2 mud cleaner units for Hongkong clients, area is customized silver off white color which is different with normal green color, we can easily provide customized color, style, brand and nameplate to get client’s special requirement.
The particular desander cone, desilter cone and bottom shale shaker combination as mud cleaner, compared with single desander, desilter, the mud cleaner using bottom shaker which can obtain useful drilling fluids and prepare the discharged solids ground, and the footprint is scaled-down. Sometimes when shale shaker is not working, it can be likewise used as back up shaker.

shale shaker mud cleaner
With different quantity desander cone and desilter cone, the particular mud cleaner has several treating capacity, 1S8N having 1 of 10 in . desander cone with eight of 4 inch desialter cone, the treating ability is 500gpm, 2S12N using 2 @ 10 half inch desander cones and twelve @ 4 inch desilter cone with treating capability about 1000gpm, 3S16N together with 3 @ 10 half inch cone(sometimes with 2 connected with 12 inch desander cone) and 16pcs of some inch desilter cone, the particular treating capacity is 1500gpm. The Hongkong client ordered 2 units of 1500gpm capacity mud cleaner having 3 desander cone, sixteen desilter cones.
The shale shaker and mud cleaner bottom shaker are the same type, and use the same dimensions shaker screens, so the customers do not have to make different dimension screens for inventory. Each of our most sold shale shaker models including GNZS703 and GNZS594, the former model together with 3 panels screens regarding size 700x1250mm, the other model with 4 solar panels screens of size 585x1165mm.
Right now we have several sections of GNZS594E-HB shale shaker and mud cleaners with stock of Houston part, welcome to visit GN solids America. With the US Charlie brand vibration motor, high-quality and reliable performance is actually assured.

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