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GN Solids Control Mud Agitator

GN Solids Control manufactures various solids control and waste treating equipment, basically GN product line cover all the equipment in the oil and gas industry. Every year, GN Solids Control receives many inquiries on mud agitators, here is one inquiry we would like to share with you:

1 Project description:Purchase mud agitator for Rig NH9 to mud system.
2 Amount: mud agitator with electrical motor:5 SETs.
3 Installation for use position and application:mud pit.
4 Main Technical Parameter:
1) Need add more one mud agitator to 1、2、3、4、5# mud pit. Fluid Medium: Mud
2) Every mud pit size and height:
3) Volume of every pit

Mud Agitator Exploded View
4) According to the operation state of mud and mud pit size, the contractor needs to calculate the power of mud agitator and the motor to meet the aforementioned requirements, and it should meet requirements to prevent mud deposition, the contractor need to provide the agitator detail calculation report that meet the actual operation to rig before purchasing agitators.
The Electric Motor::AC460V, 60Hz; 3ph, 1800RPM, enclosure: FCXP, Severe IP55 Protection. Motors are squirrel caged with class ‘F’ insulation.
Classification: NEC/UL Class I Div I Gr C&D.
Low shear, High Pumping, Axial flow Impellers.
Gearbox: AGMA Quality 11 (ISO Grade 6). Lubricate: Oil.
Gearbox rpm: 45, clockwise rotation w/shaft and impellers in CS material and resist the corrosion of mud. Bearing life more than 200,000 hours.
Gear box: c/w splash lube system. Designed for fluid: ≥SG2.40 and Viscosity: 400cP.
Bending Moment: 8408 ftlb; Reaction Torque: 4155 ftlb; Weight: 1766.7lb
5) Environment Conditions: Apply to the high temperature mud environment
6) Related Accessories Configuration: N/A.
7) Other Requirement: One year guarantee period.
8) Requirements for Interface Connected: According to product standard.
9) Requirements of standard and Specifications: API RP 13C Recommended
Practice On Drilling Fluids Processing Systems Evaluation(current edition).
10) Appearance and Color Requirements: N/A
11) Documental Material Requirement: Equipment operation and maintenance manuals, Parts list. One original and four hard copies, two electronic editions.
12) Certificate and Reporting Requirements:
Impeller Material’s Certificate, 1set.
Mud agitator OEM’S certificate, 1set.

GN USA company’s solids control equipment

USA Solids Control system of GN america company  is for on-site treatment and removal of waste water-based mud slurry ultrafine solid development of skid-mounted physico-chemical treatment systems. 10 µg of mechanical separation of slurry separation of solid particles is very difficult, especially for about 2 μg of colloidal particles (low specific gravity solid-phase) can do about it. Whether on land or at sea, in waste management operations, treatment of waste mud face two issues: one is to reduce the volume of waste and subsequent processing costs, the other a recovery based liquid to achieve recycling. USA Solids Control system is necessary. Chemical treatment methods can make solid-free (clarification) water recovery from failure of drilling fluids, isolate and low rate of liquid-solid phase for further processing, these solid-state weight and volume than the original expiration of the mud becomes negligible, transfer and further processing costs are also much lower. In environmentally sensitive and water-poor regions in drilling operations, use of slurry dewatering system will bring about many benefits, and regulatory and economic considerations are almost essential.


The solids Control system for colloids or close to the colloidal particles, and factors that contributed to the solid phase precipitation is far from overcoming fluid relative to its suspension. Chemical treatment methods can change characteristics of mud, so that most of the suspended particles can be separated  by mechanical methods. Centrifuge feed stream of appropriate chemical (flocculation and other reagents) enables colloidal particles aggregation formation of floccules, resulting in slow precipitation under the action of gravity or centrifugal force. This principle has been widely applied in sewage treatment and other practice, but the nature of the solid-liquid system of mud and sewage are very different and, therefore, chemical reagents selection and isolation of structures are very different.

Drilling fluid solids control system is an important part of modern drilling. Drilling fluid solids control system is to ensure that the normal circulation of drilling mud in the process of drilling and stable performance of the important equipment, drilling fluid solids control The solid control system The solid control system System is mainly composed of mud tank, vibrating screen, vacuum degasser, desanding cleaner, silt cleaner, mixer, centrifuger, the funnel of mud gun, mixed, the sand pump, mud agitator, increase the pump, shear pumps, etc. All levels of solids control equipment. Production, workover, drilling mud solid control system. Especially the workover rig with solid control system, developed by crown to solid control, substantial and durable, unique anti-corrosion technology, very suitable for workover treatment of actual production.

operate the cuttings dryer system after long time off status

If we operate the cuttings dryer system after long time off status, we need to inspect motor rotary unit on insulation. Use 500V Ω gauge, get resistance is not larger than 0.5MSZ, we can run the shaker

Notice: ① If the motor doesn’t run at all, we must shut off the power immediately to avoid motor broken
② After starting motor, to inspect, whether this is any problem. If there is any break off or uncommon noise. If two motors are not running in-phase we need to stop the motors and get rid of problems then turn it on again for operation
③ When motor is under cold status, should not be started 5 times continuously; when motor is turned off under hot status, the restart can not be over 3 times continuously
Shaker screen maintenance
① Before every shut off, the shaker should run without any medium for 5-10 minutes, at the same time, use clean water to flush screen clean
② Every time finish operation, the shaker frame and screen should be flushed by water (summer) or steam (winter), there should be not much sediment on shaker frame and shaker screen. Especially when the drilling mud has large viscosity and high density or screen is finer than 60 mesh. Otherwise, the particles and fine sand on screen will block screen hole, when we start shale shaker, it will decrease filtration result and lead drilling mud flow away, lose much unnecessary cost.
cuttings dryer maintenance
Electric control cabinet is explosion proof magnetic starter, the electric principle is as fig VI, if there is any trouble we must shut off the power, and repaired by electrician or specific person
Spare parts for GNPS752
No. Name Model Unit Qty Remark
l Vibration motor MVE2400/15D Set 1 1.0kW
2 Vibration motor MVE1100/15D Set 1 0.4kW
3 Shaker screen 750×900mm PC 2 40/20目
4 Tension wedge PC 4
5 Spring PC 4
6 Damping horizontal strip PC 4
7 Damping vertical strip PC 4
8 Enclosed files for GNPS752
9 GNPS752 Shale shaker user manual 1 set
10 GNPS752 Quality certificate on shale shaker 1 set
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Gnsolidsamerica company produces high cost shale shaker

This section contains a summary of WARNINGS. The ZCQ Degasser has been designed to perform the stated functions safely.

All persons responsible for operation and maintenance of this equipment must read and understand all safety information in this manual prior to operating and/or maintaining the equipment. The safety warnings listed below are included in applicable procedures throughout this manual.

This section describes the recommended installation procedure for the ZCQ270/360 Vacuum Degasser. Instructions include site preparation, equipment leveling, feed

and discharge connections, and electrical connections.

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