GN Solids Control Mud Agitator

GN Solids Control manufactures various solids control and waste treating equipment, basically GN product line cover all the equipment in the oil and gas industry. Every year, GN Solids Control receives many inquiries on mud agitators, here is one inquiry we would like to share with you:

1 Project description:Purchase mud agitator for Rig NH9 to mud system.
2 Amount: mud agitator with electrical motor:5 SETs.
3 Installation for use position and application:mud pit.
4 Main Technical Parameter:
1) Need add more one mud agitator to 1、2、3、4、5# mud pit. Fluid Medium: Mud
2) Every mud pit size and height:
3) Volume of every pit

Mud Agitator Exploded View
4) According to the operation state of mud and mud pit size, the contractor needs to calculate the power of mud agitator and the motor to meet the aforementioned requirements, and it should meet requirements to prevent mud deposition, the contractor need to provide the agitator detail calculation report that meet the actual operation to rig before purchasing agitators.
The Electric Motor::AC460V, 60Hz; 3ph, 1800RPM, enclosure: FCXP, Severe IP55 Protection. Motors are squirrel caged with class ‘F’ insulation.
Classification: NEC/UL Class I Div I Gr C&D.
Low shear, High Pumping, Axial flow Impellers.
Gearbox: AGMA Quality 11 (ISO Grade 6). Lubricate: Oil.
Gearbox rpm: 45, clockwise rotation w/shaft and impellers in CS material and resist the corrosion of mud. Bearing life more than 200,000 hours.
Gear box: c/w splash lube system. Designed for fluid: ≥SG2.40 and Viscosity: 400cP.
Bending Moment: 8408 ftlb; Reaction Torque: 4155 ftlb; Weight: 1766.7lb
5) Environment Conditions: Apply to the high temperature mud environment
6) Related Accessories Configuration: N/A.
7) Other Requirement: One year guarantee period.
8) Requirements for Interface Connected: According to product standard.
9) Requirements of standard and Specifications: API RP 13C Recommended
Practice On Drilling Fluids Processing Systems Evaluation(current edition).
10) Appearance and Color Requirements: N/A
11) Documental Material Requirement: Equipment operation and maintenance manuals, Parts list. One original and four hard copies, two electronic editions.
12) Certificate and Reporting Requirements:
Impeller Material’s Certificate, 1set.
Mud agitator OEM’S certificate, 1set.

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