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GN Cuttings Dryer and Hi-G Shaker For Africa

GN has rich experience on drilling slurry separation. Decanter centrifuges, shakers and cuttings dryers are manufactured by GN Solids.
Until now, GN Solids Control has provided drill cuttings managements systems as well as solids control equipments to nearly 70 countries. GN Solids Control is widely known by most of the global drilling companies and oil & gas service companies.

GN Cuttings Dryer 1
GN Solids Control has been working with many large oil and gas service companies in order to provide the best service to our clients. As one of the largest market for GN Solids Control, GN has cooperated with some domestic companies located in Africa to offer after sales service.
One African drilling company now is using GN Cuttings Dryer and GN Hi-G Shaker to treat the OBM and WBM in the rig site. These two systems are two sets paralleled systems which are put in front of the treating tank.
Drill cuttings discharged from the shaker, desander or desilter can be collected by a screw conveyor and feed into a Hi-G shaker. GN Hi-G shaker has a large G force which can reach to 8.0G. GN Hi-G shaker is mainly used for treating the WBM.
One set of GN Cuttings Dryer is parallel located near the Hi-G shaker. GN Cuttings Dryer is mainly used for treating the OBM. Generally speaking, when the oil in the cuttings treated by GN Cuttings Dryer, it can be changed from around 20% to less than 5%, the best result can reach to nearly 2.63% in the final cuttings.GN Hi-G Shaker
By using GN Cuttings Dryer and GN Hi-G Shaker, customers will be able to protect the environment and recycle oil from drill cuttings for reusing. When compared with the total cost of the GN equipments, clients can sell the oil and make money. And when the oil price goes higher, those recycled oil will be a large profit for them.

How to reduce the operation cost of a liquid mud plant for oil and gas drilling field

Liquid mud plant is a supporting base for oil and gas drilling rigs. Normally, a liquid mud plant will service some oil rigs nearby. It is essential to keep the liquid mud plant fluently and smoothly. Once there is a urgent request from drilling rigs, liquid mud plant should mix and offer qualified drilling fluids immediately.

Liquid mud plant is mostly used to make oil base mud. Diesel oil is widely stocked and used here as base oil. It has pollution to the environment. Government has strict rules and prohibits any oil leakage to environment.

So there will be a dam around the liquid mud plant to prevent any leakage come out of the liquid mud plant base. In normal conditions, it is ok. But when there is a raining, things will be difficult. As the government has rules, the raining water in the initial 15 minutes within the dam should be treated.


But there is so many difficult to relies it: it is difficult to control the time. which solids control equipment should be used? And should it be processed? The liquid mud plant need to use huge quality of pure water to make qualified mud. Even for the oil based mud, they need to use pure water. It should be a good idea to reuse the rain water for mud mixing system . If the rain water can be used to make oil based mud, it will be a big save. The liquid mud plant can save cost on rain water treatment, as well as water for mud mixing.

Another big cost is the storage of old drilling fluids. After some circulation, the drilling fluids will be not qualified for drilling, as there are too much ultra fine solids inside, the mud is weighted. Decanter centrifuge is very important at this stage, It can remove the fine solids inside the old drilling fluids and make it qualified to drilling rigs. The quality of liquid mud plant depends on the mud storage capacity of each liquid mud plant. It the old mud can be treated on time after arrive the plant site, they can save cost on old mud storage.

GN 500GPM Mud Treating System for HDD Construction

GN Solids Control provides standard and customized mud systems for No Dig Drilling areas. With these years’ fast development, GN Solids Control has provided hundreds of compact mud systems for HDD area.
GN Solids Control has 200GPM, 350GPM, 500 GPM and 1000PM mud system can be chose. Based on customer’s special demands, GN Solids Control also provides customized HDD mud recycling systems.

GNMS-500GL (a)
GN HDD mud treating systems are divided into two groups:
1. Economy Mud Recycling System: mud treating systems only have shakers and desander or desilters;
2. High Configuration Mud System: this type mud treating systems have storage tank and mixing tanks.
Today, we would like to give you an introduction based on the working process of GNMS-500GL high configuration mud system.
The main equipments in GNMS-500GL system including: shaker, mud cleaner (with desander and desilter cyclones) and mixing tank.
A submersible pump is usually used to pump the mud to the GN shaker, which is GNZS703E-DE with 3 panels’ shaker screens assembled on it. Drilling mud separated by the shaker will fall off to the bottom tank, which will be feed by one centrifugal pump to the 10inch desander cyclones for the next phase separation. Then the 4 inch desilter cyclones will help to remove much finer solids most of them are above 25mircons.

GNMS-500GL (b)
From the working function, the first shaker and mud cleaner tank is also called shaker tank, while for the rest part it is called mixing and storage tank. Clean drilling mud are stocking in the mixing tank, by adding some chemicals GN Solids Control mud systems provides effective drilling mud to the drilling rig. These drilling mud can be reused again.
All the above equipments can be put in one standard container, which will help to save shipping freight. As shaker screens are wearable parts when using in the shaker, GN Solids Control also manufactures the most cost effective shaker screens.

Mass Flow Meter in GN Mud Plant Usage

GN Solids Control has manufactured over thousands of mud plants for global oil and gas clients. With the usage of GN Mud Plants, drilling companies can make oil base mud and water base mud very effectively. Drilling cuttings can be also sent to GN mud plant for treating.
GN Solids Control manufactures various mud tanks, such as cylinder tanks and rectangular tanks. Generally speaking, most of the storage tanks such as oil base mud tanks, water base mud tanks, base oil tanks and water tanks are all cylinder tanks, fuel tanks are also cylinder tanks. While for the mixing tanks, most of them are rectangular tanks for convening shipping. Some of the projects we also provide cylinder tanks with customized mud agitators.

GN Mud Plants are quite popular in the world, many large drilling companies are using GN mud plants for mud manufacturing.
GN Mud Plants are effectively to make OBM, WBM with the adding of Bentonite or Barite etc. In order to control GN mud plants effectively, GN Solids Control provides a Center Control Room for all those mud agitators and feeding pumps etc. All the on and off status can be controlled by using a MCC room.
GN Mud Plant also uses world famous brands measuring equipments such as Mass Flow Meter and Weight Bridges. These two equipments play a vital important role in the mud plant working.
Mass flow meters are mainly fixed on the outlet of those storage tanks. GN Solids Control uses Coriolis type mass flow meter which can measure the flow precisely and steadily. Now there are some top brands GN Solids Control will choose, such as Emerson, VEGA or E&H.
Those above mass flow meters can all meet the IEC standard. Max flow handing capacity reach to 1200 Gallon per minute, while the mass flow accuracy is around 0.1% of flow rate. And repeatability can reach to 0.05% of flow rate.

GN Shaker Screen Stock Plan (B)

We have discussed on the GN shaker screen distributor agreement before, today we would like to pick up that topic can continue our conversation.
4. GN Distributor has the right to return maximum 500 pieces brand new GN shaker screens to GN houston warehouse at GN Distributor’s cost, return period is 7 days before the end of the first year’s stock agreement, example: if GN Distributor and GN signed the stock agreement on Aug. 10th,2016, then GN Distributor can return maxmim 500 pieces from Aug. 3rd to Aug.9th, 2017. All cost related to returning those screens to GN Houston warehouse will be borned by GN Distributor.
5. GN will accept those returned GN brand new screens. Stock plan will be proceed based on GN Distributor’s screen demands, so GN Distributor stock qty. can reach to 1000 pieces at the end of the first cooperation year.

composite screen
6. This stock agreement between GN and GN Distributor will be valid for 2 years unless GN and GN Distributor decide to extend the cooperating period. All the balance credit will be calculated and paid at the end of the second cooperation year within 7 days.
Notice: For some screens that not used a lot especially for those old screens such as National screens, they are usually not included in this stock agreement, 100% need to be paid before manufacturing. But for the other shaker screens, such as repalcement Venom screens, Mongoose screens, Derrick screens, GN Solids America LLC has no problem to stock for you.
In the future, GN Solids America LLC will stock composite material type (replacement Venom or Mongoose) for GN distributor. Compare to the metal frame screens, composite material screens can be stocked for a longer time (you could stock for over 2 years without any damage), the life period is longer and the separating performance is much better.

How to choose the suitable drilling waste management system

As more and more countries start to control the drilling waste and improve the standard of waste discharge in oil and gas drilling field, drilling waste management becomes more and more popular and important. Many companies have to or want to start their business for drilling waste management. But many clients do not have experience on it. They do not know how to choose the suitable equipment or systems for their activities.

As a worldwide famous brand on mud solids control and drilling waste management, GN Solids Control start its research and development department for drilling waste management and industry waste management for many years. Below is a brief introduction of normal drilling waste management equipment to help the users make decision.

drilling waste management system

1) High G drying shaker.

It is also named High G dryer, cuttings dryer. It utilizes high G force up to 8.0G to dry the cuttings. If there are big particles in the solids waste, high G shaker is requested. It can remove big size solids and even metal particles. The high G shaker can remove solids above 100 microns.

It is mainly used to treat the water base mud and water based mud cuttings. It can also be used for oil based mud treatment in some cases.

When the high G drying shale shaker is used to treat oil based mud and cuttings, it can only reduce the oil on cuttings (OOC) to 10 ~ 15%.

2) Vertical cuttings dryer

It is also called vertical centrifuge or vortex dryer. It utilizes centrifugal force up to 420G to separate the fine solids and recovery the usable drilling fluids. The screen opening of VG dryer is 0.5mm, 0.35mm and 0.25mm. It cannot allow big size sizes solids or metal particles; otherwise, it will be broken.

Vertical cuttings dryer is mainly used for oil base mud and cuttings. It can reduce the oil on cuttings to 3 ~ 5%. In this case, the solids discharge is on a very dry condition and it is easy for shipment. And the solids with 3~5% OOC can be discharged directly in many countries. If not, it is also easy for next treatment.

3) High speed centrifuge and big bowl decanter centrifuge

It utilizes the high centrifugal force to separate the very fine solids to 2~5 microns. It is used after high G shaker and vertical cuttings dryer, for further separation.

There are many other equipment used for drilling waste management, we will introduce in next file.