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GN Made Great Success in the 20th International Trenchless Show

GN Solids Control just came back from the 20th International Trenchless Technology Conference 2016 with great success. The 20th conference was held in Beijing Conference Center, during this show there had been a large quantity of professional visitors come to this show and share experiences as well as exchange opinions.
During this show, GN Solids Control exhibited one set of 500GPM mud treating system and one set small centrifuge. GN Solids Control has designed and manufactured whole mud treating and recycling mud systems for global no dig industries for many years. Until now, GN Solids Control mud systems have been successfully used in over 60 countries. GN manufactures economy mud systems and high configuration systems, most of these systems are used by global large customer such as Vermeer, Major Drilling, Schrumm and CNPC etc.

With these years’ fast development, GN Solids Control has provided two choices for our customers: one is standard mud system, like to GNMS-500D exhibited in this show; the other mud system is all customized based on customers’ detailed demands.
For those standard mud systems, GN Solids Control is able to manufacture them in a really short period before leave factory. And they can be put into use immediately. GNMS-500D is designed and manufactured in a pretty compact structure: one desander is mounted on the top of settling tank where a centrifugal pump is fixed. Drill slurry is feed into the bottom shaker first, where the coarse solids will be separated out. Then centrifugal pump will be used to feed into the desander cyclone for further separation. There is also a second deck shaker with finer screens, slurry discharged from the cyclones with the treated by this deck again. A clean drilling fluid is stocked in the bottom declined tank and can be reused for drilling.
Sometimes, a mini centrifuge will be used for further separation. GN 9 inch rotating bowl decanter centrifuge can be used in this situation. While sometimes for large volume treating, you might need a 30inch bowl decanter centrifuge.

GN 500GPM Mud Treating System for HDD Construction

GN Solids Control provides standard and customized mud systems for No Dig Drilling areas. With these years’ fast development, GN Solids Control has provided hundreds of compact mud systems for HDD area.
GN Solids Control has 200GPM, 350GPM, 500 GPM and 1000PM mud system can be chose. Based on customer’s special demands, GN Solids Control also provides customized HDD mud recycling systems.

GNMS-500GL (a)
GN HDD mud treating systems are divided into two groups:
1. Economy Mud Recycling System: mud treating systems only have shakers and desander or desilters;
2. High Configuration Mud System: this type mud treating systems have storage tank and mixing tanks.
Today, we would like to give you an introduction based on the working process of GNMS-500GL high configuration mud system.
The main equipments in GNMS-500GL system including: shaker, mud cleaner (with desander and desilter cyclones) and mixing tank.
A submersible pump is usually used to pump the mud to the GN shaker, which is GNZS703E-DE with 3 panels’ shaker screens assembled on it. Drilling mud separated by the shaker will fall off to the bottom tank, which will be feed by one centrifugal pump to the 10inch desander cyclones for the next phase separation. Then the 4 inch desilter cyclones will help to remove much finer solids most of them are above 25mircons.

GNMS-500GL (b)
From the working function, the first shaker and mud cleaner tank is also called shaker tank, while for the rest part it is called mixing and storage tank. Clean drilling mud are stocking in the mixing tank, by adding some chemicals GN Solids Control mud systems provides effective drilling mud to the drilling rig. These drilling mud can be reused again.
All the above equipments can be put in one standard container, which will help to save shipping freight. As shaker screens are wearable parts when using in the shaker, GN Solids Control also manufactures the most cost effective shaker screens.

GN HDD Mud System is using in China

GN Solids Control is leading manufacturer from China who has been working on solids control for many years. Now GN Solids Control has two branch companies, one is GN Solids America LLC (which is located in Houston, TX), the other one is GN Solids Russia (which is located in Moscow, Russia). Many large companies are using GN mud systems to separate the solids from fluids.
Just some days before, GN Solids Control provided one set of GNMS-500GL mud system for one HDD client. The treating capacity of this system is 500 GPM. With an extra mud tank, it can be used to storage more mud when is HDD area.
GN Solids Control professional engineers went to the worksite and helped this client to set up this system, trained the onsite operators. All the after sales service was only last for 7 days, it can be used proficiently by the operators, the 7 days also including the guidance of the setup this mud system.
This 500 GPM mud system for HDD is including the following equipments:

GNMS-500GL mud system working at HDD rigsite
1. One set GN Shale Shaker
The mud after drilling the horizontal drilling rigs will be sent to the shaker in advance. By using different API no. shaker screens, GN shakers can be used to separating different solids size. Generally speaking, particles larger than 100 microns will be separated by shaker.
2. One set GN Mud Cleaner
Fluids will be pump in the mud cleaner for finer separation after treated by GN shaker. Two different size cyclones will separate the solids from 100 microns to 25 microns. Here is a 2 phase separation: the 10 inch cyclones separate solids larger than 50 microns, while the 4 inch cyclones separated solids larger than 25 microns.
3. One set GN Jet Mud Mixer
GN Jet Mud Mixer is effectively used to add chemicals in the drilling fluids so they can be reused for horizontal drilling again.
4. Three Sets GN Centrifugal Pumps
Two pumps are used to feed into the mud cleaner, while a third centrifugal pump is used to pump the chemicals in the mud tank.
5. One Set Mud Tank
There are also some light on the tank in order to provide a better working condition.

CNPC jobsite waste management centrifuge


HDD Machine for Pipeline Projects

The HDD mud system in GN solids control items series is varying from promising small to large by 150GPM to 1500GPM. The option of the mud recycling system to large degree is dependent around the type of the HDD machines.


There’s a large spread selection of HDD rig for trenchless market that is varying from the 1.5 tons to some 550 tons rig. 1.5 tons rig might be seen as an pit machine as the 550 tons unit could be mega rigs. The HDD machines within the type of 1.5 tons to 4 tons will always be employed for house connections and street crossing. With this class HDD machine, there always no requirement for drilling mud recycling system.


Probably the most frequently needed HDD rigs are individuals within the performance selection of 7 tons to twenty tons thrust and tugging energy. These kinds HDD machines are very dimensioned for traditional pipe installations within the areas and city center projects. The more house service frequently make use of the 7-10 tons relative more compact machine, as the bigger models can be used for drainage pipes installation, more compact sized under-water crossings along with other small pipeline projects.


For more than longer distances pipeline installation, the HDD machine needed come from 35 tons to the greatest machine existing on the market. The applying with this class HDD machine is frequently for middle and pressure pipeline.


Just about all obstacles across the pipeline traces like rivers, ponds, mountain side rails and traffic lines might be overcome using the HDD technologies. For that reasons from the environment and financial aspects, it’s get free from use for open crossing around the river or traffic line for pipeline projects. Usually, the specialist company will invariably choose the gear ideal for that project after talking to using the customer.


GN Solids Control knows the whole top quality HDD rigs manufacturer in China because of his position in the market. GN’s HDD mud system happens to be utilized in higher level market like Europe and Australia, to learn more, don’t hesitate to connection with us. The following link is our company’s website: