Mass Flow Meter in GN Mud Plant Usage

GN Solids Control has manufactured over thousands of mud plants for global oil and gas clients. With the usage of GN Mud Plants, drilling companies can make oil base mud and water base mud very effectively. Drilling cuttings can be also sent to GN mud plant for treating.
GN Solids Control manufactures various mud tanks, such as cylinder tanks and rectangular tanks. Generally speaking, most of the storage tanks such as oil base mud tanks, water base mud tanks, base oil tanks and water tanks are all cylinder tanks, fuel tanks are also cylinder tanks. While for the mixing tanks, most of them are rectangular tanks for convening shipping. Some of the projects we also provide cylinder tanks with customized mud agitators.

GN Mud Plants are quite popular in the world, many large drilling companies are using GN mud plants for mud manufacturing.
GN Mud Plants are effectively to make OBM, WBM with the adding of Bentonite or Barite etc. In order to control GN mud plants effectively, GN Solids Control provides a Center Control Room for all those mud agitators and feeding pumps etc. All the on and off status can be controlled by using a MCC room.
GN Mud Plant also uses world famous brands measuring equipments such as Mass Flow Meter and Weight Bridges. These two equipments play a vital important role in the mud plant working.
Mass flow meters are mainly fixed on the outlet of those storage tanks. GN Solids Control uses Coriolis type mass flow meter which can measure the flow precisely and steadily. Now there are some top brands GN Solids Control will choose, such as Emerson, VEGA or E&H.
Those above mass flow meters can all meet the IEC standard. Max flow handing capacity reach to 1200 Gallon per minute, while the mass flow accuracy is around 0.1% of flow rate. And repeatability can reach to 0.05% of flow rate.

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