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GN Dredging Dewatering System

GN Solids Control has been working on manufacturing varieties of mud systems, some turnkey solutions such as dredging dewatering mud system, HDD mud system, TBM slurry separation system etc are also widely manufactured.
GN Solids Control is especially good at providing slurry separation or solids control. GN has provided over thousands of mud systems for global industries. With the fast development of solids separation, GN Solids Control is getting to known by more and more clients.

Dredge Dewatering
GN Solids Control now has one branch company in USA and one office in Russia. Many partners are also working with GN Solids Control and providing after sales service on behalf of GN Solids Control.
Recently, GN Solids America LLC has received many inquiries on dredge dewatering mud systems in North America. As there are many lakes and rivers in North America, it’s very popular in North America to use dredge dewatering mud system.
GN Solids Control built GN Solids America LLC in 2013, which is still a pretty young company right now, but many companies knew GN before due to those excellent mud systems that GN provided before.
For the dredging mud system, GN Solids Control has some different solutions based on customers’ demands. Generally speaking, there should be one scalping shaker, one finer shaker (with assembled with cyclones most of the time). Double deck shakers are widely used as the system will be more compact. Flocculation systems are also commonly used to adding into the slutty with finer solids before feeding into GN decanter centrifuge.

GN Decanter centrifuges are mainly used to separate solids larger than 2-5 microns, with the use of flocculation system, finer solids can be separated out. Some clients will use filter press or pressing machines. If you compare the working efficiency and treating capacity, you will find that using one set of GN VFD decanter centrifuge will be more cost effective.

High Standard Decanter Centrifuge with ATEX as well as DNV Certificates Sent to European countries

Friends and clients who had been keeping their eye about GN will find that more and even more giants in this oil sector started their contact with GN Solids Control, some of them perhaps already placed orders to help GN. The reason for this enjoyable situation is GN increasingly more focus on providing equipment with good standard, just like, in this article, the actual decanter centrifuge was brought to Europe with DNV moving certificate and ATEX regarding explosion-proof.

How to Understand the Type of GN Decanter Centrifuge
Often the model of the centrifuge is definitely GNLW363CG-VFD. Editor thought it may be necessary to explain what the type number means to help clients’ understanding and better deciding on on GN decanter centrifuge. LW in Chinese indicates horizontal spiral type centrifuge that is typically used in necessary oil industry. C tells your third generation of GN centrifuge shows in the past nearly several years, GN solids control was always keeping in upgrading and improvement. The particular G means this design is a high configuration together with bowl material of de dos niveles stainless steel 2205 which is greater than other China based company who still use SS304. Inside the bowl, screw propeller are made of SS316 and protected simply by 4mm thick tungsten carbide tiles. Comparing with other China and taiwan manufactures’ spray welding 2mm protection, GN’s screw propeller has much longer lifetime that could greatly reduce the future maintenance charge. For more flexible operation objective, the client chose the variable occurrence drive for different working pace.

Decanter Centrifuge

What Certificate GN is wearing providing the Equipment
Clients with Europe are cautious for you to get machinery from China manufacturer, as numerous certificated would be requested from the safety department when jogging the machine. In order to eliminate the client’s worry, GN provided the particular decanter centrifuge with The european countries certificate of comply. All of the electric motors and VFD control panel are provided together with ATEX certificate. DNV can also be requested very commonly simply by clients from Europe.

GN decanter centrifuge is slowly accepted by the clients via high standard market having strict request. All the vouchers obtained well proved this particular. Actually, GN now has one particular unit solids removing device working in London including both decanter centrifuge and shale shaker unit.

GN Employees Enjoyed in the Thailand Travel

GN Solids Control is the top 1 manufacturer for solids control equipments such as shakers, mud cleaners, desanders and desilters. GN also manufactures drill cuttings equipments such as decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers. Various feeding pumps are manufactured by GN.
GN Solids Control equipments are very popular in global countries, all of those ambulance achievements are achieved with the effort of GN employees’ hard work. Thanks for all GN employees, every year GN Solids Control rewards hundreds of employees who contribute to GN. Last year, there were 3 GN employees were given nice cars (total value is about 40,000 usd). Many employees also received large red pockets, and filled with cash of course.

This year, some GN employees are awarded to travelling. There are two teams, one is for Thailand and the other is for Europe for overseas travelling. While there are some employees travelling in domestically, which are Hong Kong and Macao.
GN Solids Control always treasure employees as the most precious assets. Actually, all GN employees are working like a large family, everyone tries the best to finish the work belongs to his duty. While if there’s a project need to work a little bit longer, all of them are willing to working after the closing hour. GN employees have been successfully provided many large projects with hundreds or even thousands of solids control and drilling waste management equipments in a pretty short period.

This year, the oil price is very low, many drilling companies have stopped to purchase new equipments. Compared to last year, GN Solids Control has the chance to relax for a while, so GN employees are paid by companies to travel and have fun. Actually, GN Solids Control are not just relaxing, there are still some large projects GN will finish in the near future. And some GN core products are also upgraded with those precious feedbacks collected from work sites. In the next year, GN can do much better!

GN Dredging System

GN Solids Control has provided many dredging systems for our clients. Almost all the GN dredging mud systems are customized in order to meet customers’ needs perfectly well. GN also manufactures standard mud systems for dredging.
For dredging, typical slurries have the following composition ranges. There are different layers in the sediment. For natural lakes, coarse debris is found near the river inlet and fine material builds up near the outlet. UAT customers also use the dredges for many man-made water bodies that can have unusual layers of materials.
Solids: 0-30%, typically 5-20%
Coarse debris (>6mm): 0-70%
Sands (0.07 – 6 mm): 10-100%
Clays/Silts/Organics (<0.07 mm): 0-100%

GN Dredging System
It is better to size the dewatering equipment for the majority of production, instead of the most difficult requirements. Design the dewatering equipment to handle only the 20% MAX solids slurry at the specified flow rates; the dredger using UAT’s small equipment can decrease the flow rate for the occasions where they are processing high-solids slurries.
1. GN Solids Control manufactures a scalper in the system before sending the sands/clays/silts to the shale shaker. Coarse debris includes rocks up to 10cm, trash, leaves, twigs, and sea shells. Screens on GN scalper are made from metal or polyurethane.
2. For the 4 stages separation, after separated by the scalper, GN Solids Control provides one shaker for second phase separation. The shaker will be a double deck shaker with different API Nos. shaker screens.
3. GN cyclones are used based on the mud they are separating. Bottom shaker will be the same as the shaker using in the front.
4. Generally speaking, GN equips one polymer adding unit before sending to GN decanter centrifuge. By adding polymer, fine solids will gather together and it will help the centrifuge to separate them out. GN Solids Control also manufactures standard dosing unit which the same size a 20 ft container.

Happy Marriage for GN Solids Control And Akros

As the leading solids control manufacturer and drilling waste management provider, GN Solids Control just signed a win-win cooperation agreement with one famous service company from Russia which is Akros LLC. This will definitely be a happy and exciting marriage between strong companies.
In the future, GN Solids Control and Akros will work as a close team and strategic partner to develop the Russia market together. With the fully support from each other, GN Solids Control can provide the most cost-effective solids control equipments and cuttings management systems for Akros, and Akros will have the most suitable equipments to develop Russia market with the current channels.

GN & Akros Team
GN Solids Control is the leading solids control provider, most of GN equipments are exported to over 60 countries. Now GN Solids Control has one American branch company locates in Houston, TX and one Moscow office. With the cooperation agreement with Akros, GN Solids Control will be able to provide our equipments with the best after sales service.
GN Solids Control has provided over 4 sets of decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers to Baker Hughes in 2014, and they are very satisfied with the working performance. Some other drilling companies are also showed great interests to use GN products. In the future, clients in Russia will be able to have GN solids control and drilling waste management equipments from our partner across Russia.

GN & Akros Oil Show
GN Solids Control always opens to discuss on the long time win-win cooperation with global clients. Actually, now GN Solids America LLC is looking for distributors in America, Canada and Mexico for selling shaker screens. Welcome to connect with us for become a long time partner.
GN Solids America LLC has a warehouse in Houston which keeps thousands of shaker screens in stock, some other equipments are also widely stocked such as shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers etc.

GN Solids Control working for oil drilling field

Recently, we just export one batch of solids control equipment to Middle East. The equipment including some sets shale shaker, some sets mud gun, some sets mud agitator, some sets of centrifugal pump etc.  The entire product is going to Middle East for land rig operation mud system.

Except above equipment, GN Solids Control also have other super star equipment to give high efficiency working performance, and with very lower price.

1) Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is necessary equipment working for oil drilling mud system. Most of client will need 2 sets centrifuge for operation. The dual centrifuge system including one set high speed centrifuge for lower gravity solids removal; one set lower speed or middle speed centrifuge for high gravity solids removal; screw pump for feeding the dual centrifuge will be also concluded, as well as telescopic high skid for installation.

decanter centrifuge

2) Vertical cuttings dryer

Vertical cuttings dryer is to deal with the waste discharge from shale shaker, recycle the valuable drilling fluids and dry the solids. This vertical dryer is very good use for oil based mud drilling cuttings. The OOC can reduce down to below 5%, much convenient for following transportation or next stage treatment.

3) High G drying shaker

If for water based mud, most of client choose High G drying shaker. The performance of High G drying shaker is not that good as vertical cuttings dryer, but much lower purchase cost and maintenance cost. GNZS594HGE-LD HIGH G drying shaker is used in many different drilling rig site. And the high working efficiency performance and less maintenance give good reputation for GN Solids Control. The shaker screen is replacement for SWACO mongoose shaker, composite material. If the client have GN this model shaker and need shaker screen urgently, the client can buy Mongoose shaker screen to mount it on GN shale shaker.

However, we recommend clients to buy some shaker screen in stock for use in advance. Because the price of original Mongoose shaker screen is much higher cost.