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GN Employees Enjoyed in the Thailand Travel

GN Solids Control is the top 1 manufacturer for solids control equipments such as shakers, mud cleaners, desanders and desilters. GN also manufactures drill cuttings equipments such as decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers. Various feeding pumps are manufactured by GN.
GN Solids Control equipments are very popular in global countries, all of those ambulance achievements are achieved with the effort of GN employees’ hard work. Thanks for all GN employees, every year GN Solids Control rewards hundreds of employees who contribute to GN. Last year, there were 3 GN employees were given nice cars (total value is about 40,000 usd). Many employees also received large red pockets, and filled with cash of course.

This year, some GN employees are awarded to travelling. There are two teams, one is for Thailand and the other is for Europe for overseas travelling. While there are some employees travelling in domestically, which are Hong Kong and Macao.
GN Solids Control always treasure employees as the most precious assets. Actually, all GN employees are working like a large family, everyone tries the best to finish the work belongs to his duty. While if there’s a project need to work a little bit longer, all of them are willing to working after the closing hour. GN employees have been successfully provided many large projects with hundreds or even thousands of solids control and drilling waste management equipments in a pretty short period.

This year, the oil price is very low, many drilling companies have stopped to purchase new equipments. Compared to last year, GN Solids Control has the chance to relax for a while, so GN employees are paid by companies to travel and have fun. Actually, GN Solids Control are not just relaxing, there are still some large projects GN will finish in the near future. And some GN core products are also upgraded with those precious feedbacks collected from work sites. In the next year, GN can do much better!