Happy Marriage for GN Solids Control And Akros

As the leading solids control manufacturer and drilling waste management provider, GN Solids Control just signed a win-win cooperation agreement with one famous service company from Russia which is Akros LLC. This will definitely be a happy and exciting marriage between strong companies.
In the future, GN Solids Control and Akros will work as a close team and strategic partner to develop the Russia market together. With the fully support from each other, GN Solids Control can provide the most cost-effective solids control equipments and cuttings management systems for Akros, and Akros will have the most suitable equipments to develop Russia market with the current channels.

GN & Akros Team
GN Solids Control is the leading solids control provider, most of GN equipments are exported to over 60 countries. Now GN Solids Control has one American branch company locates in Houston, TX and one Moscow office. With the cooperation agreement with Akros, GN Solids Control will be able to provide our equipments with the best after sales service.
GN Solids Control has provided over 4 sets of decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers to Baker Hughes in 2014, and they are very satisfied with the working performance. Some other drilling companies are also showed great interests to use GN products. In the future, clients in Russia will be able to have GN solids control and drilling waste management equipments from our partner across Russia.

GN & Akros Oil Show
GN Solids Control always opens to discuss on the long time win-win cooperation with global clients. Actually, now GN Solids America LLC is looking for distributors in America, Canada and Mexico for selling shaker screens. Welcome to connect with us for become a long time partner.
GN Solids America LLC has a warehouse in Houston which keeps thousands of shaker screens in stock, some other equipments are also widely stocked such as shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers etc.

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