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GN Composite Material Shaker Screens for Sale

GN Solids America now has composite material frame shaker screen for sale to show our thanks to old and new clients.
GN is specialistnot only in equipments like shale shakers and centrifuges, but additionally in shaker screen. Together with thebeneficial feedbacks from our shale shaker finishusers, GN gathered much morefacts and ideas, with theseinformation, GN in no way stops its step for enhancing the good quality and prolong the service life of shaker screens. Comparing with steel frame pretension screens, composite material screens are improved sealed and can serve a longer time.
GN composite material shaker screen are developed for GNZS594 series shale shakers and mud cleaners. Screen region of GNZS594 is usuallyup to2.73 square meters by utilizing4 panels of such screen.
Under are detailed parameters of this screen:
Mesh: API 20-API 400
Dimension: 1165(L) 585(W) 40(H)mm
Weight: 12kg
Layer of mesh cloth: two or three layers per API number
Screen mesh cloth material: SS316
Screen frame material: Composite material
Besides above mentioned shaker screens, GN Solids Managetends to make other models of screens of premium quality and reasonableprice tag. Lots ofrenowned shale shaker userssupply from GN the replacement shaker screens for a lot more cost-effective.
GN Solids Americagenerally have promotion for shaker screen. Welcome to add me into your contact for updated for sale facts.

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Shale Shaker and Mud Cleaner to South America

Not too long ago four sets of shale shaker and 1 set of mud cleaner were dispatched from Houston Warehouse hold by GN Solids America LLC to South America. GN Solids America LLC is a branch company registered by GN Solids Control China with 30,000 SF warehouse. The South America shoppers come towards the warehouse for the inspection of the solids handle equipment. They soon make the selection to order the shale shaker plus the mud cleaner for their upcoming project and request us to provide the goods to theirs as soon as you possibly can.
The shakers ordered is four panel screen shaker with treating capacity up to 600GPM. It is fitted in with MI Swaco mongoose screen. The client can invest in the screen replacement from GN or supply it conveniently at regional area. Usually, this unit may be use as high G dryer shaker for drilling cuttings therapy.
Despite shale shaker and mud cleaner, GN Solids also stocked decanter centrifuge, screens and spare components at the warehouse. The consumers from USA, Canada, South America and Africa can take the goods from Houston. This can guarantee the fasting delivery and shipping to meet the client’s urgent request. Also GN solids service men and women in Houston can fly to the jobsite straight away if a trouble shooting is requested.

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High Speed Centrifuge for Fine Solids Separation

GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge can provide all range for application.
High speed decanter centrifuge: GNLW363BG-VFD, this is experienced for fine solids separation.
Middle speed decanter centrifuge: GNLW452, that is expert for big solids separation, like barite.
Reduced speed decanter centrifuge: The variable speed centrifuge can reach reduced speed to acquire each and every speed request from end user.
Decanter centrifuge has numerous generally three kinds, high speed decanter centrifuge, middle speed decanter centrifuge, low speed decanter centrifuge; Diverse model centrifuge have different applications.
Other typical brand centrifuge as below:
1) Brandt HS2717: The HS-2172MM centrifuge is fed in the liquid end of the conveyor. Mud is introduced in to the feed chamber by means of a feed tube and, using the help of built-in “S” shaped accelerators, exits into the bowl by way of two (two) elongated windows. A Canadian version with the HS-2172MM is out there and utilizes 575V, as opposed to 480V. Each the HS-2172L plus the HS-2172MM models are in a position to exert up to 2,684 G’s around the mud.
2) Swaco 518: The M-I SWACO 518 CENTRIFUGE may be the premier high-speed, decanting centrifuge for drilling-mud and fluids-handling applications. Ruggedly constructed for oilfield and industrial service, the 518 Centrifuge it really is in particular efficient in environmentally sensitive regions. It delivers higher fluid-recovery rates and efficient solids manage to substantially decrease the costs of makeup fluids and disposal.
Formerly, a lot of client only use US brand centrifuge, like Brandt centrifuge or Swaco centrifuge. But now a growing number of client source from GN Solids Manage. For any requirement on decanter centrifuge, pls get in touch with GN Solids Handle Co.

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Dual function unit with double deck shale shaker and mud cleaner

GNZY753E-Y4N double deck shaker is usually a dual-function unit which can be used both as shale shaker and mud cleaner, the bottom shaker is taken as shale shaker to separate big solids, the best shaker is acted as desilter flow shaker. The treating capacity is 50m3/h, we are able to also use 1pc of 10” desander cone instead of 4pcs of 4” desilter cone, the model quantity is GNZY753E-Y1S . It depends on the client’s requirement, if they have to have to separate fine solids, we’ll use desilter cone. If they only will need to separate solids larger than 45microns, desander cone is improved selection.
GNZY705E-Y8N is often a larger model than GNZY753E-Y4N, the bottom shaker is two.63m2 screen location with 3 panels. The best shaker is 3pcs screen panel with 750x900mm dimension screen. Also we’ve GNZY705E-Y2S with 2pcs of desander cone for choice.
The double deck shale shaker may also be utilized only as shaker, without the need of desilter or desander cones. In some cases such compact footprint can save location around the mud cleaner and save cash for the operator. We have two models for selection, GNZY753E and GNZY753E, it depends upon the treating capacity you necessary as well as your budget.
We make use of the dual function double deck shale shaker within the compact style bored piles desander unit, and make a mud cleaner, shale shaker, hydrocyclones, centrifugal pumo, mud hopper in a single skid. It may be utilized for HDD, bored piles desander unit, water well drilling, trenchless,and so on projects.
For more facts, pls make contact with with GN solids America.

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Structure and Applications of GN Desander for Oil and Gas Drilling

The desander would be the two-level solids handle gear used for drilling fluids treatment. As one particular in the indispensable and crucial devices for stabilizing and regulating those technical indicators with the drilling fluids, the drilling mud desander has also been extensively applied inside the purification in the drilling fluids.
Desander would be the second step in separation gear for treating drilling liquid. It separates solids and liquid treated after shale shakers, recycles the barite of weighted drilling and removes the surplus cuttings that happen to be larger barite particles. As the mixture of your hydrocyclone desander plus the vibrating screen, the drilling mud desander would be the three-level solids handle gear made use of in the solids control program on the drilling fluids. It truly is primarily created up of the vibrating screen, the distribution manifold at the same time as the hydrocyclones. The drilling mud desander is primarily employed to remove the damaging strong phase using the granularity of more than 45μm so as to make sure the fantastic properties with the drilling fluids.
The desander is mostly and broadly applied within the petroleum business, the oil and gas drilling, the exploration sector, the trench-less engineering, the geotechnical engineering, mining, metallurgy, coal as well because the hydroelectric business.
Structure of GN Desander
The desander system is created up of the screening system, the adjusting and supporting method, the aqueduct, the foundation, the pressure gauge at the same time as the desander hydrocyclones.
The desander is made around the basis of particle setting principle. The separated medium-drilling liquid enters along the inner wall of clone spirally, depending on the stress and speed created by centrifugal pump. Beneath the function of centrifugal force and gravity, the larger particles are sunk along the inner wall of clone spirally and drained from bottom outlet to be separated in shale shaker with smaller sized mesh. Other mediums are ascending along clone spirally to enter the second separation device from overflow outlet for additional purification.
Functions & Benefits of GN Desander
1. Polyurethane ( PU ) material or high-chromium cast iron for desander cones with longer using life.
2. Clamp type for easy maintenance.
3. Compact design with small footprint.
4. Flexible options for 1, 2 or 3 for different capacities.
5. Flexible fast connection is available for user assembly.
GN is a professional solids handle solution company which specializes in solids handle program,GN Service Co., Ltd,can serve the desander projects in the locality and its surrounding countries.

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Disposal of Drilling Waste in America

There’s absolutely considerable demand for the equipments applied for disposal of drilling waste in North America and South America. That’s undoubtedly undoubtedly not essentially related to oil & gas drilling, but also non-oil drilling, like mining diamond core drilling.

GN solids control is just your right choice to talk with for the solution of drilling waste management, even though we can not provide the service of drilling waste disposal, we can provide the right equipments for you to do the service, including decanter centrifuge, drying shaker, vertical cuttings dryer, drill cuttings collection box, screw conveyor, centrifuge platform, vacuum unit, feeding pump, and mud tank.

drilling waste management is the mostly used equipments for the solids control,We always have them in stock in Houston, TX, it is very convenient to ship to USA, the whole States and relevant country. The most popular drilling waste management used for  solids control factory,we also have different API mesh size available in Houston warehouse,we can deliver equipment to every country,we have exported to many country,GN Solids Control have good product,shale shaker,shaker screen,desander,and so on,all can ship to there,GN High-G Shale Shaker for WBM Drilling Waste Management in Africa,of course we can ship to there.

Pls call us looking for a quote or check GN solids America website to submit your inquiry by email.