GN Composite Material Shaker Screens for Sale

GN Solids America now has composite material frame shaker screen for sale to show our thanks to old and new clients.
GN is specialistnot only in equipments like shale shakers and centrifuges, but additionally in shaker screen. Together with thebeneficial feedbacks from our shale shaker finishusers, GN gathered much morefacts and ideas, with theseinformation, GN in no way stops its step for enhancing the good quality and prolong the service life of shaker screens. Comparing with steel frame pretension screens, composite material screens are improved sealed and can serve a longer time.
GN composite material shaker screen are developed for GNZS594 series shale shakers and mud cleaners. Screen region of GNZS594 is usuallyup to2.73 square meters by utilizing4 panels of such screen.
Under are detailed parameters of this screen:
Mesh: API 20-API 400
Dimension: 1165(L) 585(W) 40(H)mm
Weight: 12kg
Layer of mesh cloth: two or three layers per API number
Screen mesh cloth material: SS316
Screen frame material: Composite material
Besides above mentioned shaker screens, GN Solids Managetends to make other models of screens of premium quality and reasonableprice tag. Lots ofrenowned shale shaker userssupply from GN the replacement shaker screens for a lot more cost-effective.
GN Solids Americagenerally have promotion for shaker screen. Welcome to add me into your contact for updated for sale facts.

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