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Suck Dangerous Gas from Fluids-Vacuum Degasser

GN Vacuum degasser is a special equipment for purifying drilling fluid. Vacuum degasser plays an important role in drilling fluid viscosity and stability of drilling fluids density. Even the drilling fluids does not contain harmful gases, it could work as a big mud agitator

GN Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum Degasser Working Principle:

Firstly, the vacuum pump suction is generated in the negative pressure zone sealed container, under negative pressure, the fluids will be sucked by the tube into the hollow shaft of the rotor, By the collision between drilling fluids and units, the dangerous gas within fluids will be pump to be discharged into the safety zone . the fluids will flow back to the mud tank. Therefore, the vacuum is able to complete separate the harmful gas and recovery the drilling fluids.

The feature of vacuum degasser

1 uses negative pressure degasser, reasonable design structure of science, to achieve effective gas-liquid separation, filter out impurities, ensure the exhaust pipe is always smooth;

2 using a belt drive, avoiding the complicated gear mechanism to ensure long working hours;

3 water ring vacuum pump(used on the decanter cenfuge) in the work process, always in isothermal state for flammable gas pumping, safe and reliable performance;

4 degassing efficiency is over 95% and maximum kick out the dangerous gas

GN Solids America degasser is a self-contained unit, which suck the fluids by itself. GN degasser is monitored by level sensor to protect over sunction of the fluids.

GN Solids America is the first API & ISO certified solids control supplier in China. We fabricates a full line of products for the solids control industry including shaker screens, mud cleaners, dryer shakers and closed loops system. GN is dedicated to remove impurities and recover reusable drilling fluid, transfer the recovered drilling fluid to and ultimately return it to our clients mud tank. Give us a call, GN will give you more option.

Shale Shaker and Mud Cleaner to South America

Not too long ago four sets of shale shaker and 1 set of mud cleaner were dispatched from Houston Warehouse hold by GN Solids America LLC to South America. GN Solids America LLC is a branch company registered by GN Solids Control China with 30,000 SF warehouse. The South America shoppers come towards the warehouse for the inspection of the solids handle equipment. They soon make the selection to order the shale shaker plus the mud cleaner for their upcoming project and request us to provide the goods to theirs as soon as you possibly can.
The shakers ordered is four panel screen shaker with treating capacity up to 600GPM. It is fitted in with MI Swaco mongoose screen. The client can invest in the screen replacement from GN or supply it conveniently at regional area. Usually, this unit may be use as high G dryer shaker for drilling cuttings therapy.
Despite shale shaker and mud cleaner, GN Solids also stocked decanter centrifuge, screens and spare components at the warehouse. The consumers from USA, Canada, South America and Africa can take the goods from Houston. This can guarantee the fasting delivery and shipping to meet the client’s urgent request. Also GN solids service men and women in Houston can fly to the jobsite straight away if a trouble shooting is requested.

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shale shaker

GN Shale Shaker


shale shaker

GN Shale Shaker separates solids from liquids by utilizing a vibrating basket, that might be outfitted with specially-designed and -sized screens. Shaker is regarded primarily essentially one of the most necessary tool for removing drilled solids. These units take away the majority of drilled solids generated through the widespread drilling course of action. Shale shakers normally create involving 5 to more than eight G-forces of energy for removing solids in the mud plan.

GN Solids America manufactures really a handful of models of shale shaker, each single targeting a particular segment within the market. These shakers are employed on rigs ranging in size from compact work-over land rigs to substantial offshore platforms.

As a crucial a a part of solids handle program, screens are utilized in linear motion shale shaker, desander, desilter, high efficient mud cleaner to take away the solids inside the drilling fluids. Countless corporations who cope with solids deal with gear invest substantially income and personnel in development of shaker screen technologies, which incorporate Derrick, Brandt, GN, and so on.


As China’s important linear motion shale shaker manufacturer, GN not merely manufactures shale shaker, shaker screen, Decanter Centrifuge,vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, and so forth., but on best of that could provide screens for other shale shakers in line with customers’ specifications.