High Speed Centrifuge for Fine Solids Separation

GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge can provide all range for application.
High speed decanter centrifuge: GNLW363BG-VFD, this is experienced for fine solids separation.
Middle speed decanter centrifuge: GNLW452, that is expert for big solids separation, like barite.
Reduced speed decanter centrifuge: The variable speed centrifuge can reach reduced speed to acquire each and every speed request from end user.
Decanter centrifuge has numerous generally three kinds, high speed decanter centrifuge, middle speed decanter centrifuge, low speed decanter centrifuge; Diverse model centrifuge have different applications.
Other typical brand centrifuge as below:
1) Brandt HS2717: The HS-2172MM centrifuge is fed in the liquid end of the conveyor. Mud is introduced in to the feed chamber by means of a feed tube and, using the help of built-in “S” shaped accelerators, exits into the bowl by way of two (two) elongated windows. A Canadian version with the HS-2172MM is out there and utilizes 575V, as opposed to 480V. Each the HS-2172L plus the HS-2172MM models are in a position to exert up to 2,684 G’s around the mud.
2) Swaco 518: The M-I SWACO 518 CENTRIFUGE may be the premier high-speed, decanting centrifuge for drilling-mud and fluids-handling applications. Ruggedly constructed for oilfield and industrial service, the 518 Centrifuge it really is in particular efficient in environmentally sensitive regions. It delivers higher fluid-recovery rates and efficient solids manage to substantially decrease the costs of makeup fluids and disposal.
Formerly, a lot of client only use US brand centrifuge, like Brandt centrifuge or Swaco centrifuge. But now a growing number of client source from GN Solids Manage. For any requirement on decanter centrifuge, pls get in touch with GN Solids Handle Co.

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