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Dual function unit with double deck shale shaker and mud cleaner

GNZY753E-Y4N double deck shaker is usually a dual-function unit which can be used both as shale shaker and mud cleaner, the bottom shaker is taken as shale shaker to separate big solids, the best shaker is acted as desilter flow shaker. The treating capacity is 50m3/h, we are able to also use 1pc of 10” desander cone instead of 4pcs of 4” desilter cone, the model quantity is GNZY753E-Y1S . It depends on the client’s requirement, if they have to have to separate fine solids, we’ll use desilter cone. If they only will need to separate solids larger than 45microns, desander cone is improved selection.
GNZY705E-Y8N is often a larger model than GNZY753E-Y4N, the bottom shaker is two.63m2 screen location with 3 panels. The best shaker is 3pcs screen panel with 750x900mm dimension screen. Also we’ve GNZY705E-Y2S with 2pcs of desander cone for choice.
The double deck shale shaker may also be utilized only as shaker, without the need of desilter or desander cones. In some cases such compact footprint can save location around the mud cleaner and save cash for the operator. We have two models for selection, GNZY753E and GNZY753E, it depends upon the treating capacity you necessary as well as your budget.
We make use of the dual function double deck shale shaker within the compact style bored piles desander unit, and make a mud cleaner, shale shaker, hydrocyclones, centrifugal pumo, mud hopper in a single skid. It may be utilized for HDD, bored piles desander unit, water well drilling, trenchless,and so on projects.
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