Disposal of Drilling Waste in America

There’s absolutely considerable demand for the equipments applied for disposal of drilling waste in North America and South America. That’s undoubtedly undoubtedly not essentially related to oil & gas drilling, but also non-oil drilling, like mining diamond core drilling.

GN solids control is just your right choice to talk with for the solution of drilling waste management, even though we can not provide the service of drilling waste disposal, we can provide the right equipments for you to do the service, including decanter centrifuge, drying shaker, vertical cuttings dryer, drill cuttings collection box, screw conveyor, centrifuge platform, vacuum unit, feeding pump, and mud tank.

drilling waste management is the mostly used equipments for the solids control,We always have them in stock in Houston, TX, it is very convenient to ship to USA, the whole States and relevant country. The most popular drilling waste management used forĀ  solids control factory,we also have different API mesh size available in Houston warehouse,we can deliver equipment to every country,we have exported to many country,GN Solids Control have good product,shale shaker,shaker screen,desander,and so on,all can ship to there,GN High-G Shale Shaker for WBM Drilling Waste Management in Africa,of course we can ship to there.

Pls call us looking for a quote or check GN solids America website to submit your inquiry by email.

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