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GN Won Great Success in MIOGE 2015

The great show MIOGE 2015 show in Russia just ended last week, GN Solids Control Co. Ltd won great success in this wonderful ceremony in Russia. For the decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer that exhibited in this show, many visitors showed interests and would like to try them in a proper time.
This year, GN Solids Control shipped advanced cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge to attend this show. Many large clients have been using GN equipments for a long time, and they are pretty satisfied with the working performance and treating capacity. russia oil show
In end beginning if this year, there were 4 sets of drilling waste management systems including the decanter centrifuges, cuttings dryers, skid, middle tank and screw conveyors using in Russia under the especially cold weather. All these 4 sets were purchase by Baker Hughes for the OBM (oil base mud) separating. Even the temperature was merely minus 40, all GN decanter centrifuges, cuttings dryers and screw conveyors were working perfectly well. GN decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer won great success in the Russia market, and now we have many other successful projects that are operating in Russia. For the other countries, such as America, Canada, Mexico, GN solids control and drilling waste management systems are also well known by most of the drilling companies.
The decanter centrifuge in this show is GNLW363CG, which is the C version. Compared with the former B version, the centrifuge has upgraded some parts for better separating results and larger treating capacity.
Besides, the cuttings dryer is a more compact new design with the rotating speed reach to 1200RPM. GN has provided many sets of cuttings dryer in Chinese market and global markets. Just several days before, GN Solids Control finished the manufacturing of 6 sets vertical cuttings dryer in Beijing factory. And those dryer will be sent to Algeria for the OBM treating.
GN Solids America always has cuttings dryers and decanter centrifuges available in Houston warehouse, welcome to reach us for more info. vertical cuttings dryer

Over 30 sets Drilling Waste Management Systems has been purchased

GN Solids Control has been provide drilling waste management systems for oil base mud, water base mud, synthesized base mud for many years. During the past five months, GN Solids Control has provided over 30 sets complete drilling waste management systems for domestic market only, which has totally proved the excellent working performance and good quality for GN equipments.

Closed loop Mud System
As the Chinese market has a restrict rule for the drilling mud, more and more companies are trying to find a suitable solution to for the drilling cuttings. Now GN get more and more orders from Chinese market than before. And GN has also convinced domestic clients with many global successful projects in over 60 countries.
Many large clients have been using our drilling waste management systems, Shell are using GN drilling waste management system for Shale gas exploration, Baker Hughes are using 4 sets of drilling waste management systems in Russia for OBM treating. GN equipments are also widely used in Europe, Africa etc.
For GN Drilling Waste Management Systems, GN has variable speed and fix speed type can be chose. The drilling waste management system is including decanter centrifuge, cuttings dryer, screw pumps, skid, mud tank, screw conveyors etc. Most of the parts can be customized based on customers’ demands. GN also has standard type which can be provide in a short period.
In order to serve clients much better, GN Solids Control invested GN Solids America which is in Houston, TX. GN Houston warehouse has some decanter centrifuges, cuttings dryer and some other solids control equipments storage in Houston. GN shale shakers, mud cleaners (desander, desilter), GN Hi-G shaker as well as some centrifugal pumps, jet mud mixer, mud gun, positive displacement pump etc are always available in Houston. Some spare parts such as bearing, pulley, inlet pipe, discharge ports, shaker screens can also be arranged for delivery from Houston.

cuttings dryer with skid

GN Shakers and Mud Cleaners for Mud Recycling

GN Solids America is a Houston based company, it’s located at 6710 Windfern Rd, Houston, TX 77040. As a branch company of GN Solids Control, GN Solids America get the fully support from its parent company.
Now GN Solids America has over dozens of shale shakers in Houston warehouse, as well as mud cleaners, decanter centrifuge, cuttings dryers and some other spare parts.
GN solids control and drilling waste management systems are widely used in over 60 countries. More and more American companies get to know GN and have been using GN equipments since the establishment.

GN Mud Cleaner
GN experienced engineers take turns to stay in Houston and provide technical support. All the GN equipments will be tested thoroughly when we get the container after 35 days’ sea travel. Repair and maintenance work are also executed in Houston warehouse.
As GN Solids America is renting various kinds of equipments for trial use, local clients have a good chance to learn the working performance and product quality. GN Solids America offer a two weeks’ free trial if anyone showed interest and has some doubt on GN products.
GN solids control and drilling waste management systems can also be rented at least three months, so GN clients will know GN products much better.
Recently, many clients in America have showed great interests to GN shale shakers and mud cleaners. Personally, we think it might be a good sign to oil and gas drilling industry which might means more and more drilling rigs will be begin to work after such as long time deduction.
GN Shale shaker GNZS594E-HB is one shaker that can use replacement shaker screens of Mongoose. Shaker screens can be made of steel frame or composite materials. GN mud cleaner separate the solids that larger than 20 microns, which can be used for recycling.
GN shakers and mud cleaners can be arranged for fast delivery. Welcome to visit our warehouse when you have time, please connect with Thomas via for more info. GN Shaker