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GN Solids Will Attend ADIPEC 2017

As one of the largest oil and gas show, ADIPEC draws attention to thousands of oil and gas professionals. APIPEC is short for Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference. Every year, many newly developed oil and gas equipment are exhibited in this show and new technology are shared by many experienced experts. The 2017 ADIPEC will be held from Nov.13th to 16th. This might be the largest oil and gas show besides USA OTC show in Middle East.
GN Solids Control will attend ADIPEC show, GN Solids booth no. is 10250 in Hall 10. GN Solids Control welcomes all GN friends to visit us, please feel from to connect with us if you would like to check our solids control and waste management equipment.
This year, GN Solids Control will exhibit some shaker screen in the ADIPEC show. Although the oil price is still pretty low, but GN Solids Control receives more inquires on shaker screens and selling more shaker screens. With the establishment of GN Solids America LLC and GN Solids Russia, more and more GN shaker screens and solids control equipment are purchased.

GN Solids Control will exhibit many different kinds of shaker screens, such as replacement King Cobra shaker screens, replace Venom shaker screens, replace Derrick shaker screens, replace Mongoose shaker screens and replace FSI shaker screens. Now GN Solids Control mainly manufactures composite frame shaker screens. Composite frame shaker screen frame is also metal frame, while the outside is covered with Composite Frame. GN Composite Frame screens are using 3 layers for screen API no. above API 60, while most of the shaker screen manufactures are using 3 layers for screens above API 120.
GN Solids Control only used top brand wire cloth to manufacture shaker screens. Feel free to check our shaker screens in thee 2017 ADIPEC. If you are located in USA, welcome to visit our Houston warehouse in Houston, TX.

GN Decanter Centrifuge Maintenance

GN Solids Control manufactures 9 inch, 14inch, 18inch and 20 inch decanter centrifuges. GN centrifuges are widely used for various solids and liquid separation areas, for example, industrial water, oil and gas drill cuttings, soil remediation, construction slurry etc.
All the workers must know how to operate centrifuge as different working parameters need to be adjusted which obviously affect the separating result. And know how to do some maintenance is also pretty important, here are 2 cases for reference:
1. The main motor belt alignment is not good. There is minor offset between the pulley on the gearbox and motor pulley. The motor pulley contacts the belt guard, because it is offset. Do you have any suggestion as to how we can fix this alignment?
Offset is a problem that we cannot ignore, as belt alignment will cause issues with the bearings or belts. This might happen when the centrifuge transported by long time transport without proper secure, but it’s very easy to adjust. Please check the following drawing for the motor position. Loose the 4 bolts (in red circle) under the main motor, and adjust the 2 bolts (in red rectangular) to adjust the position of the motor so you will have a better alignment.Decanter Centrifuge
2. We are having trouble locating a local supplier of SKF LGHP 2 grease for GN decanter centrifuge. Are there any other types of grease that are permitted to be used for the main bearings? Also, it seems like the greasing quantity is very high; about 270 grams for each bearing every 8 hours. The manual says that the grease amount should be 2/3 of the tank. Does this mean 2/3 of a 400 ml grease cartridge?
Some other grease can be used as long as they are suit for high speed working condition. Please DO make sure to use famous brands grease as the bearings are key components of the centrifuge.
Due to the high rotating speed of the bearing, the grease will lose a little every day, regularly lubricating helps to protect the SKF bearings. But I don’t think there is a large needing volume of the grease, only 25g and 86g for the small end and large end bearings, which is 111g for 2 bearings in every 8 hours. The reason amount is 1/3, which is also filled by our engineer when leave factory, you just need to add a little bit every day.

GN Solids Control Mud Agitator

GN Solids Control manufactures various solids control and waste treating equipment, basically GN product line cover all the equipment in the oil and gas industry. Every year, GN Solids Control receives many inquiries on mud agitators, here is one inquiry we would like to share with you:

1 Project description:Purchase mud agitator for Rig NH9 to mud system.
2 Amount: mud agitator with electrical motor:5 SETs.
3 Installation for use position and application:mud pit.
4 Main Technical Parameter:
1) Need add more one mud agitator to 1、2、3、4、5# mud pit. Fluid Medium: Mud
2) Every mud pit size and height:
3) Volume of every pit

Mud Agitator Exploded View
4) According to the operation state of mud and mud pit size, the contractor needs to calculate the power of mud agitator and the motor to meet the aforementioned requirements, and it should meet requirements to prevent mud deposition, the contractor need to provide the agitator detail calculation report that meet the actual operation to rig before purchasing agitators.
The Electric Motor::AC460V, 60Hz; 3ph, 1800RPM, enclosure: FCXP, Severe IP55 Protection. Motors are squirrel caged with class ‘F’ insulation.
Classification: NEC/UL Class I Div I Gr C&D.
Low shear, High Pumping, Axial flow Impellers.
Gearbox: AGMA Quality 11 (ISO Grade 6). Lubricate: Oil.
Gearbox rpm: 45, clockwise rotation w/shaft and impellers in CS material and resist the corrosion of mud. Bearing life more than 200,000 hours.
Gear box: c/w splash lube system. Designed for fluid: ≥SG2.40 and Viscosity: 400cP.
Bending Moment: 8408 ftlb; Reaction Torque: 4155 ftlb; Weight: 1766.7lb
5) Environment Conditions: Apply to the high temperature mud environment
6) Related Accessories Configuration: N/A.
7) Other Requirement: One year guarantee period.
8) Requirements for Interface Connected: According to product standard.
9) Requirements of standard and Specifications: API RP 13C Recommended
Practice On Drilling Fluids Processing Systems Evaluation(current edition).
10) Appearance and Color Requirements: N/A
11) Documental Material Requirement: Equipment operation and maintenance manuals, Parts list. One original and four hard copies, two electronic editions.
12) Certificate and Reporting Requirements:
Impeller Material’s Certificate, 1set.
Mud agitator OEM’S certificate, 1set.

GN Solids Control Products for Global Customer

Every year, GN Solids Control manufactures thousands of solids control equipment and waste management systems for global customers. GN Solids Control has many professional engineers who have been working on solids control and waste management equipment for a long period. Most of GN products are using in oil and gas area, industrial slurry treating area and some other solids and liquid separation areas.
Although the oil price is pretty low, GN Solids Control receives many inquiries on various solids control equipment, here is one prospect we received last year.



We have a government tender for next month and I would like to know if you can quote the following mini mud system, this will be used for water wells, but they already have the well drills.
Mini mud system:
_ At least 450 GPM
_ Solid up to 17.5 ”
_ Depth of 150 meters
1. Centrifugal pump
_ Variable speed 0-3000 RPM
_ Capacity of at least 0-500 GPM
_ 4 ” hose
2. System screening
_ Capacity 450 GPM
_ To screen 0149 particles millimeters (ASTM E11-61)
_ With hydraulic motor and speed control.
3. Mud Tank
_ 2800 liters.
_ With high strength metal of at least 3/16 ”
_ Separate panels and sand traps
4. Mud Pump
_ At least 250 GPM
5. Sand cleaning system
_ Screen of 0.15 micrometres
6. bentonite dispenser
_ hopper for 25 Kilograms.
_ ManualGN Shakers in Houston
7. Mechanical system
_ Diesel Motor
_ At least 74 Hp @ 2800 rpm
_ Fuel tank 25 gallons (20 hours)
_ Doors locked
8. Control Panel
_ Description lights, indicators
9. Hydraulic system
– Description
10. Trailer
_ electric brakes
_ hydraulic jack
_ spare tire
_ levelers
_ Total weight
11. Hose quick coupling 4 ”
GN Solids Control engineer provides all the above equipment, some of them are also stocking in Houston warehouse.

GN Solids Control Decanter Centrifuge

GN Solids Control has been working on manufacturing decanter centrifuges for many years. With the fast development, more and more customers are willing to choose GN decanter centrifuges, now GN Solids Control customers are widely in more than 70 countries.
Every year, GN Solids Control manufactures more than 300 sets decanter centrifuges. As decanter centrifuges are popular treating equipment which can be used in various solids and liquid separation area, now GN Solids Control decanter centrifuges are working in oil and gas drilling slurry separation, mining slurry treating, HDD slurry treating, diamond drilling slurry treating etc.
Every year, we receive hundreds of inquiries on decanter centrifuges. Here is one example we would like to share with you (sent by one prospect):

We specialize in supplying waste water treatment equipment in water and waste water treatment
Can you quote Decanter machine as below?
Capacity (max.): Capacity: 100 – 120m3/hr; 1000 – 2000 kg DS/hr
Bio-sludge, concentration 2% (bio sludge in thickener basin in Municipal waste water treatment system)
Type of waste water: Municipal WWTP
This project, customer would like to use new decanter to replace old one (Japanese product).
Our competitor is Alfa Laval, main driving: 160kw 3 phase x380Vx50Hz, and sub motor: 37kW including variable frequency each motor.
Some specification for detail below:
1/ Dry sludge: ≥ 28%.
2/ Screw: 1.4408 or AISI 316Ti
3/ Drum: SS Duplex or 1.4463
4/ Variable frequency for each drive
5/ supervisor instrument control vibration, bearing etc.
6/ Control panel with HMI (Siemens S7)

GN Solids usually don’t provide 3 phase treating decanter centrifuge as the working efficiency is pretty slow. And the price of GN decanter centrifuge is almost 3 times of one 2 phase centrifuge. Actually, most customers will still need one 2 phase coarse centrifuge in the front. So there we recommend our customer to use 2 sets GNLW553-VFD (22inch rotating bowl): coarse centrifuge and polish centrifuge. Just need to add another oil and water separator. So the whole treating system is more cost-effective.