Vertical G Dryer Cuttings Treatment System in US

GN Solids Control new generation vertical G dryer has been tested successfully in Shell’s Sichuan project with oil based drilling cuttings, for more video and photos, pls refer to : . The expected oil content remained in the cuttings is lower than 5%, the actual OOC is 3.7%. Before we ever did test for verti-G with oil based drilling cuttings in our own factory successfully, pls check the video here:

The photo of Vertical Cuttings Dryer in Sichuan Shell Project

Not only for oil based drilling cuttings, we also did field test with water based drilling cuttings, for more information:

Compared with the 1st generation verti-G dryer, the new generation verti-G GNCD930C-VFD has the features below:

1 Unique flushing system: We use Germany NETSCH brand pump as the flushing pump

2 Lubrication system: Individual oil lubrication system with automatic alarm for pressure limit.The main motor and oil pump motor is interlocked with each other for avoiding the start of the main motor prior to the start of the oil pump motor

3 Air Knife system: High pressure air knife to clean the screen basket to avoid blocking

4 VFD: variable frequency drive control panel positive pressurized with stainless steel material, PLC smart control

5 Driving system: Consists of V-belt drive and rotor drive unit.

6 Protection system: There are 2 kinds of protection for the verti-G dryer-over-current protection on the VFD control panel and oil lubrication system protection.

Not only for the vertical G dryer, GN solids control also produce the telescopic stand for the vertical cuttings dryer, screw conveyor to collect the cuttings from the solids discharge port of the dryer, auger system for feeding the cuttings dryer, and decanter centrifuge for Solids Control, vertical cuttings dryer system.

GN solids control set up warehouse in Houston, Tx, we provide the rental and sales service of vertical G dryer cuttings treatment system, pls contact us at 713 320 3868 for more service.

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