GN Economic Mud Recycling Unit

Most of the drilling project will need a drilling mud recycling unit to reduce the drilling cost and promote the drilling process. In normal oil and gas drilling project, always the usage of the drilling fluids is very large that need several mud tanks to store the drilling mud. Different from this type drilling, there are several other drilling projects that no need a large drilling mud volume. The footprint and cost are the key factors the contractor will consider.

As a leading drilling fluids recycling equipment manufacturer and supplier, GN solids control also has a good reputation in the HDD and piling market. This type drilling project need compact structure and cost economic mud recycling unit.


GN has a self-contained drilling mud system  designed especially for HDD project. As per the flow capacity, the mud system design is classified into 200GPM, 350GPM, 500GPM, 800GPM, 1000GPM and 1500GPM. Most of the design only has one skid with all primary solids control equipment installed on one tank. According to the mud storage capacity requirement, additional storage tanks may be needed. Some users request decanter centrifuge for fine solids separation. Always this type mud system has all mud recycling equipment, transferring pump and mud mixing equipment. Comparing with oil drilling mud system, the HDD mud system has smaller footprint and the cost is less.

For some drilling project like the piling process or TBM drilling, the separation of drilling mud is not so strict. The contractors only need a de-sanding unit to remove the large size solids in the drilling mud. GN’s this type de-sanding unit includes shaker unit and de-sander cyclone installed on over the shaker. This separation unit can process 2 stages solids control. Under the shaker, a catching tank can used to temporally store the active drilling mud; it also has a transferring pump to pump the mud to drilling rig or to storage tank.  The contractor can use other type storage tank to connect with this de-sanding unit and get a skid mounted jet mud mixing unit to compose a drilling mud recycling system that has larger mud storage capacity and mud mixing function.

If you need a drilling mud separation system for small drilling project, please don’t hesitate to contact with GN solids control for a quote and design.

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