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The Introduction of Large Banana Screen for Mining Industry

GN Separation just developed his own Banana vibrating screen, with a screen in its name, is naturally a screening device. But it is not normal shaker screening, but a new type of screening equipment in the mining industry, which can be either dry or wet, and can replace our conventional inclined screen and horizontal screen.

The banana screen has a special shape, which can be used for grading large and medium-grained materials with a large content of fine particles (particle diameter is less than half of the size of the screen hole), and can also be used in dewatering, dewatering, desilting and other operations.

Working principle of banana screen
The banana screen is named because of its special shape. The slope at the feeding end is relatively large, generally 34 °. As the material moves forward and down, the slope becomes slower and slower, until the material outlet, the slope drops to about 10 °, so it looks like a banana from the side. The design of gradient decline makes the flow rate of materials different at different stages of the screen. The feeding end has a large tilt angle and a large flow rate, so that the bulk materials can pass quickly, so that the fine materials can get closer to the screen surface and pass through the screen hole earlier. The advantage of this design is that the screening efficiency of the banana shaped vibrating screen is 50% – 100% higher than that of the traditional classification screen, and the floor area is also controlled
Wide scope of work
Banana screen can be used for both dry screening and wet screening, particle size classification and desliming, dehydration and media removal. Compared with traditional screening equipment, the size of the screen is increased but the floor area is not increased. At present, it is widely used in large coal preparation plants and concentrators. If your project has demanded on this device, welcome to contact us..

The Application of GN Flip Flow Screen

The flip-flow screen is a kind of equipment used to screen the fine, sticky, wet (such as the classification of the medium and fine size of the high moisture raw coal and coke with high viscosity) and other difficult-to-screen materials. Its design principle is that the double vibration is generated by a single drive, that is, through resonance, two vibrations are provided by a driver: the linear vibration generated by the fixed frame driven by the vibration exciter and the vibration generated by the floating screen frame, The two move relative. Especially when the processed material is easy to block the screen, the flip-flow screen can achieve very high screening efficiency with relatively small screen area and ensure that the screen is not blocked. It is widely used in coal, electric power, coal chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and other industries.

The flip-flow screen is developed from the traditional circular vibrating screen and adopts the double vibration principle of basic vibration and additional vibration. The basic vibration is circular vibration generated by the rotation of eccentric block, and the additional vibration is elliptical vibration generated by the basic vibration. The two vibrating masses vibrate relatively at the same frequency. Since both ends of the screen surface are installed on the fixed frame and floating frame respectively, the polyurethane screen surface continuously expands and contracts, thus obtaining higher acceleration. The relative linear motion of the two vibrating masses is adjustable, and all necessary parameters can be adjusted according to different screening materials. Technical characteristics and advantages of the flip-flow screen:
2323.10.10 Large Flip Flow Screen
1. The high frequency pool tension movement of the screen surface can transmit 50g acceleration to the material, effectively solve the screening of sticky and wet materials, and ensure that the screen hole is not blocked.
2. The eccentric flywheel vibration exciter with high reliability has large bearing capacity and long service life.
3. High-performance pool screen plate has good wear resistance and excellent physical properties, long service life and good screening effect.
4. Strong adaptability to coal quality fluctuation and low operation cost.
5. The high elastic polyurethane sieve plate has excellent wear resistance, and its designed service life exceeds 4000 hours. The screen plate is installed by pressing in and prying out to facilitate the replacement and maintenance of the screen plate.
6. Low noise, design vibration isolation effect more than 97%.
7. The screening equipment with the same screening area requires small motor power.
8. The screening efficiency can reach more than 95%.
9. The vibration intensity can reach 50g, which can solve the screening of sticky and fine materials.

Vibrating Screen for Mining Industry

As we all know , shale shaker is the most featured equipment with mature technology. Drilling mud shale shaker helped GN win lots reputation from his customer, and also served lots project in all over the world. However ,the drilling mud shale shaker most time used for petroleum well drilling. The treating capacity is about 90~140 cube meter per hour. It equipped 2 units 1.75 kw vibrators of Italy OLI brand. In mining industry ,shale shaker is also widely used for minging slurry treatment, both types shaker utilize same principle.
2023.10.10 Large Banana Screen

2023.10.10 Large Linear Vibrating Screen
Last week GN completed one unit vibrating screen for Chile exhibition. This shaker used 2 big power vibrator motor. And installed PU screen for anti-wear and longer lifetime. This vibrating screen can treat more than 60 cube meter mining sludge with high density per hour. In this vibrating screen design, all the connector part are fixed with bolt to instead of welding. This design can cancel the strain ,and along with the shaker running, bolt will be tighter and tighter. The deck angle is adjustable through increase or reduce the quantity of the flat of support foot. Actually this mining vibrating screen is not only used for mining , but also good for some other deawtering project, such as hydrovac sludge treatment. The installed PU screen can replace into different opening size according to particle size of material.

GN has the different model of vibrating screen for minging industry. Some of them are for dewatering, some of them for classification. What ever you need, we can provide a whole solution for your mining project. In 2o23, GN will participate in the Las vegas exhibition and also Chile exhibition. We will take our vibrating screen. We hope to meet different client of all over the world and introduce our equipment, communicate with every body about the technology. If you want to know more , welcome to contact us.

2 Sets GNDL-402 Screw Press Ready to Delivery

Screw press is one new designed GN equipment for dewatering. This screw press dewatering machine is very mature equipment in technology. However, GN start to design its own screw press from 2019 and and start on 2021. This machine is aimed to enrich the products line of GN dewatering system and provide more selection to our customer.

Last week we delivered 2 units GNDL-402 screw press dewatering machine to abroad customer for waster water treatment. Although it is a new know equipment of GN, but we understand this machine well. It was exported to lots country in the past 2 years. Different with Decanter centrifuge that utilize the separation G force to separate off the solids and liquid. Screw press dewatering is through press the sludge to reach the dewatering. From the electrical consumption. The power of screw press is lower much than Decanter centrifuge. And the discharged solids from screw press is dryer than Decanter as usually. However , both kind machine have different advantage and application. For Decanter centrifuge, which do not need chemical polymer as usually, but for screw press, the polymer using will directly affect the dewatering.

The sample work principle, makes the mechanical structure simple. and easy to maintenance. As usually, screw press will no damage. The main 2 core working part is move ring and fixed ring. The motor drive the shaft and make the ring move. The space between the move ring and fixed ring will decrease gradually .The liquid will be press out along with the ring move. After process by screw press, the moisture of discharged solids can reach 80%, this is dry enough for most dewatering project. Except screw press, we also can provide the matched polymer doing unit to prepare flocculant. The whole working program is automatic ,do not need worker to inspect.
GN has different model of screw press with vary treating capacity. If your project have demanded on these equipment, welcome to contact us.