The Application of GN Flip Flow Screen

The flip-flow screen is a kind of equipment used to screen the fine, sticky, wet (such as the classification of the medium and fine size of the high moisture raw coal and coke with high viscosity) and other difficult-to-screen materials. Its design principle is that the double vibration is generated by a single drive, that is, through resonance, two vibrations are provided by a driver: the linear vibration generated by the fixed frame driven by the vibration exciter and the vibration generated by the floating screen frame, The two move relative. Especially when the processed material is easy to block the screen, the flip-flow screen can achieve very high screening efficiency with relatively small screen area and ensure that the screen is not blocked. It is widely used in coal, electric power, coal chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and other industries.

The flip-flow screen is developed from the traditional circular vibrating screen and adopts the double vibration principle of basic vibration and additional vibration. The basic vibration is circular vibration generated by the rotation of eccentric block, and the additional vibration is elliptical vibration generated by the basic vibration. The two vibrating masses vibrate relatively at the same frequency. Since both ends of the screen surface are installed on the fixed frame and floating frame respectively, the polyurethane screen surface continuously expands and contracts, thus obtaining higher acceleration. The relative linear motion of the two vibrating masses is adjustable, and all necessary parameters can be adjusted according to different screening materials. Technical characteristics and advantages of the flip-flow screen:
2323.10.10 Large Flip Flow Screen
1. The high frequency pool tension movement of the screen surface can transmit 50g acceleration to the material, effectively solve the screening of sticky and wet materials, and ensure that the screen hole is not blocked.
2. The eccentric flywheel vibration exciter with high reliability has large bearing capacity and long service life.
3. High-performance pool screen plate has good wear resistance and excellent physical properties, long service life and good screening effect.
4. Strong adaptability to coal quality fluctuation and low operation cost.
5. The high elastic polyurethane sieve plate has excellent wear resistance, and its designed service life exceeds 4000 hours. The screen plate is installed by pressing in and prying out to facilitate the replacement and maintenance of the screen plate.
6. Low noise, design vibration isolation effect more than 97%.
7. The screening equipment with the same screening area requires small motor power.
8. The screening efficiency can reach more than 95%.
9. The vibration intensity can reach 50g, which can solve the screening of sticky and fine materials.

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