2 Sets GNDL-402 Screw Press Ready to Delivery

Screw press is one new designed GN equipment for dewatering. This screw press dewatering machine is very mature equipment in technology. However, GN start to design its own screw press from 2019 and and start on 2021. This machine is aimed to enrich the products line of GN dewatering system and provide more selection to our customer.

Last week we delivered 2 units GNDL-402 screw press dewatering machine to abroad customer for waster water treatment. Although it is a new know equipment of GN, but we understand this machine well. It was exported to lots country in the past 2 years. Different with Decanter centrifuge that utilize the separation G force to separate off the solids and liquid. Screw press dewatering is through press the sludge to reach the dewatering. From the electrical consumption. The power of screw press is lower much than Decanter centrifuge. And the discharged solids from screw press is dryer than Decanter as usually. However , both kind machine have different advantage and application. For Decanter centrifuge, which do not need chemical polymer as usually, but for screw press, the polymer using will directly affect the dewatering.

The sample work principle, makes the mechanical structure simple. and easy to maintenance. As usually, screw press will no damage. The main 2 core working part is move ring and fixed ring. The motor drive the shaft and make the ring move. The space between the move ring and fixed ring will decrease gradually .The liquid will be press out along with the ring move. After process by screw press, the moisture of discharged solids can reach 80%, this is dry enough for most dewatering project. Except screw press, we also can provide the matched polymer doing unit to prepare flocculant. The whole working program is automatic ,do not need worker to inspect.
GN has different model of screw press with vary treating capacity. If your project have demanded on these equipment, welcome to contact us.

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