Vibrating Screen for Mining Industry

As we all know , shale shaker is the most featured equipment with mature technology. Drilling mud shale shaker helped GN win lots reputation from his customer, and also served lots project in all over the world. However ,the drilling mud shale shaker most time used for petroleum well drilling. The treating capacity is about 90~140 cube meter per hour. It equipped 2 units 1.75 kw vibrators of Italy OLI brand. In mining industry ,shale shaker is also widely used for minging slurry treatment, both types shaker utilize same principle.
2023.10.10 Large Banana Screen

2023.10.10 Large Linear Vibrating Screen
Last week GN completed one unit vibrating screen for Chile exhibition. This shaker used 2 big power vibrator motor. And installed PU screen for anti-wear and longer lifetime. This vibrating screen can treat more than 60 cube meter mining sludge with high density per hour. In this vibrating screen design, all the connector part are fixed with bolt to instead of welding. This design can cancel the strain ,and along with the shaker running, bolt will be tighter and tighter. The deck angle is adjustable through increase or reduce the quantity of the flat of support foot. Actually this mining vibrating screen is not only used for mining , but also good for some other deawtering project, such as hydrovac sludge treatment. The installed PU screen can replace into different opening size according to particle size of material.

GN has the different model of vibrating screen for minging industry. Some of them are for dewatering, some of them for classification. What ever you need, we can provide a whole solution for your mining project. In 2o23, GN will participate in the Las vegas exhibition and also Chile exhibition. We will take our vibrating screen. We hope to meet different client of all over the world and introduce our equipment, communicate with every body about the technology. If you want to know more , welcome to contact us.

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