The Introduction of Large Banana Screen for Mining Industry

GN Separation just developed his own Banana vibrating screen, with a screen in its name, is naturally a screening device. But it is not normal shaker screening, but a new type of screening equipment in the mining industry, which can be either dry or wet, and can replace our conventional inclined screen and horizontal screen.

The banana screen has a special shape, which can be used for grading large and medium-grained materials with a large content of fine particles (particle diameter is less than half of the size of the screen hole), and can also be used in dewatering, dewatering, desilting and other operations.

Working principle of banana screen
The banana screen is named because of its special shape. The slope at the feeding end is relatively large, generally 34 °. As the material moves forward and down, the slope becomes slower and slower, until the material outlet, the slope drops to about 10 °, so it looks like a banana from the side. The design of gradient decline makes the flow rate of materials different at different stages of the screen. The feeding end has a large tilt angle and a large flow rate, so that the bulk materials can pass quickly, so that the fine materials can get closer to the screen surface and pass through the screen hole earlier. The advantage of this design is that the screening efficiency of the banana shaped vibrating screen is 50% – 100% higher than that of the traditional classification screen, and the floor area is also controlled
Wide scope of work
Banana screen can be used for both dry screening and wet screening, particle size classification and desliming, dehydration and media removal. Compared with traditional screening equipment, the size of the screen is increased but the floor area is not increased. At present, it is widely used in large coal preparation plants and concentrators. If your project has demanded on this device, welcome to contact us..

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