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GN Pumps in Solids Control area

GN Solids Control is a Chinese leading manufacturer providing various pumps including shear pump, centrifugal pumps, submersible pump or displacement pumps. All of these pumps are equipped on GN mud recycling systems with different working functions.
1. GN Shear Pump
Shear pump is especially designed for mixing bentonite and polymer to former the active drilling fluid. In order to decrease the mixing time, more and more oil and gas companies are paying great attention to the mixing process. As we all know, the drilling fluids need to be strictly and carefully mixed and sheared in order to have an effective drilling fluids property.
By using GN shear pump, the bentonite and polyer can be dispersed thoroughly in the water. It can help to increase the hydration degree largely. GN shear pump also helps to reduce the use of water by over 15% and reduce the usage of more than 30% bentonite. On the other side, GN shear pump dilutes the high molecular weight polymer largely. GN shear pump provides highly efficient shearing drilling fluids pretty fast.

shear pump
2. GN Centrifugal Pump
Centrifugal pump is mainly used to provide drilling fluids and transfer drilling fluids to different equipments as trip pumps. GN centrifugal pumps are can be used to replace Mission Pumps.
GN centrifugal pump is using mechanical seal which is made of tungsten carbide. All the bearings are using world famous bearings. GN centrifugal pumps can also be used for feeding desander, desilter or some other equipments.

centrifugal pump
3. GN Submersible Pump
GN submersible pump is used to pump the drilling fluid with large density in a deep tank. The pump is made of wear proof alloy for long time usage.
GN Solids Control also has positive displacement pumps also called screw pumps are also very popular in transfer drilling fluids without agitating or shearing. Welcome to connect with GN Solids America LLC if you need more info.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

GN Mud Recycling System for ZJ30 Drilling Rig

As a leading manufacturer of drilling mud recycling system and equipment, GN Solids Control could provide the mud system for the drilling rig ranging from 350HP to 2000 HP. This article would give a brief introduction on GN’s drilling mud recycling system for ZJ30 rig.

The drilling rig ZJ30 is defined in China domestic market. This model is also defined as a 750HP rig that is widely known in the market out of China. GN’s ZJ30 drilling rig mud system is designed with the treating capacity of 180 cubic meters per hour and the total mud storage volume is 120 cubic meters.


This mud recycling system includes 3-unit tanks of processing tank, mud mixing tank and storage tank. All 3 tanks are same dimension and the onsite layout is linear type. The processing tank of the mud system includes all the 4 stages of solids control and 5 stages purification process. The first stage solids control is 2 unit shale shakers with 3-panel screens, the capacity of the shaker unit is 120 cubic meters per hour. After the shale shaker, the vacuum degasser is located to remove the gas in the drilling mud thus the working efficiency of the centrifugal pump could be greatly increased, Thus the cyclone would have sufficient pressure when the mud was fed. This ZJ30 rig mud system could be equipped with separate de-sanding and de-silting unit. The de-sanding unit and the de-silting unit is cost less. There is another option of mud cleaner could be installed to replace the de-sanding and de-silting unit. The under shaker of the mud cleaner could be used for further drying the solids particles.


According to the space on the mud tank top, the centrifuge unit is designed located on the second tank. This second tank is divided into 2 or 3 compartments, one of the compartments is used as the centrifuge compartments and the rest compartments are used to store the active drilling mud.

The mud mixing unit is installed on the third tank with 45 kw mixing pump to mix the drilling mud in all the mud storage compartments. Besides the mixing pump, this ZJ30 mud system is also equipped with shearing pump that is used to cut the polymers mud chemicals. This shearing pump would be connected with a chemicals tank which used to mixing the drilling mud chemicals.

GN Economic Mud Recycling Unit

Most of the drilling project will need a drilling mud recycling unit to reduce the drilling cost and promote the drilling process. In normal oil and gas drilling project, always the usage of the drilling fluids is very large that need several mud tanks to store the drilling mud. Different from this type drilling, there are several other drilling projects that no need a large drilling mud volume. The footprint and cost are the key factors the contractor will consider.

As a leading drilling fluids recycling equipment manufacturer and supplier, GN solids control also has a good reputation in the HDD and piling market. This type drilling project need compact structure and cost economic mud recycling unit.


GN has a self-contained drilling mud system  designed especially for HDD project. As per the flow capacity, the mud system design is classified into 200GPM, 350GPM, 500GPM, 800GPM, 1000GPM and 1500GPM. Most of the design only has one skid with all primary solids control equipment installed on one tank. According to the mud storage capacity requirement, additional storage tanks may be needed. Some users request decanter centrifuge for fine solids separation. Always this type mud system has all mud recycling equipment, transferring pump and mud mixing equipment. Comparing with oil drilling mud system, the HDD mud system has smaller footprint and the cost is less.

For some drilling project like the piling process or TBM drilling, the separation of drilling mud is not so strict. The contractors only need a de-sanding unit to remove the large size solids in the drilling mud. GN’s this type de-sanding unit includes shaker unit and de-sander cyclone installed on over the shaker. This separation unit can process 2 stages solids control. Under the shaker, a catching tank can used to temporally store the active drilling mud; it also has a transferring pump to pump the mud to drilling rig or to storage tank.  The contractor can use other type storage tank to connect with this de-sanding unit and get a skid mounted jet mud mixing unit to compose a drilling mud recycling system that has larger mud storage capacity and mud mixing function.

If you need a drilling mud separation system for small drilling project, please don’t hesitate to contact with GN solids control for a quote and design.

GN Solids Control Equipment

GN Solids Control provided many shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges, cuttings dryers to worldwide clients. Many spare parts are also welcomed by our clients due to the good quality and satisfied working performance.

GN Drilling Waste Management System

GN Drilling Waste Management System

As the oil price is going down, many large oil and gas drilling companies are trying to cut cost by finding the most cost effective suppliers. Although one thousand suppliers may have one thousand prices, we all understand the lowest price products are not always the best choice for oil and gas companies. We have the belief that the oil price will go up higher finally, but before we have a profitable oil and gas business, how to choose a good supplier for a long time win-win cooperation?
In China, there is an old provoke: Seeing is believing. We strongly recommend our clients to visit our Chinese factory or GN Houston warehouse before they place the final order, especially when they are decided to purchase many sets of solids control or drilling waste management systems.
GN Solids Control is a world famous leading manufacturer on solids control and drilling waste management. Although many solids control manufacturers are suffering the low oil price, GN Solids Control is still selling many sets of large mud recycling systems including shakers, decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers. GN spare parts such as shaker screens, hydrocyclones are also hotly welcomed by many drilling companies.

GN Shaker

GN Shaker and Mud Cleaner in Houston Warehouse

GN hydrocyclones (also called cyclone separators sometimes) are made of polyurethane. With the characteristics of high efficiency, large treating capacity and longer wear life, GN hydrocyclones are effectively used to separate finer solids or particles.
GN hydrocyclones have two models:
1. 10 inch desander cyclones, separate solids larger than 40 microns.
2. 4 inch desilter cyclones, separate solids larger than 20 microns.
GN Solids America LLC has many solids control equipments and drilling waste management systems storaged in Houston. For clients in North America and South America, they can get these spare parts really fast. GN shaker screens are also effectively used to replace Mongoose, Derrick shaker screens.