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Primary Safe Unit for Drilling Fluids-Mud Gas Separator

We could see the mud gas separating installed in many drilling rig jobsite. Regarding to complicated geologic environment of drilling site, mud gas separator is used for separating the hazardous gas from the drilling fluids.  Mud gas separator not only is used for oil & gas drilling site, but also it is applied for the deep mining drilling jobsite.

How is GN mud gas separator working?

The drilling fluids/mud from down hole goes into mud gas separator (poor boy degasser).Due to the gravity force, the mud drops down on the 1000mm diameter vessel of poor boy degasser. Mud collides on buffer plate of pipe so the dangerous gas will be relieved from the drilling fluids. Obviously, gas flows to the top of 8 inch vent line which is connected with the flare igniter to burn out. Normally, flare ignition device is about 160 ft away from the poor boy degasser to assure the safe distance burning. Meanwhile, the mud would go down and accumulated at the bottom of mud gas separator, and subsequently flow to the into the solids control system including shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge etc

Why we choose GN mud gas separator?

1.GN is recognized world-wide for accuracy, durability, from easy to complex and standard to cuMud Gas Separatorstomize in order to design and manufacture the most reliable mud gas separator .

2. GN design, application, and manufacturing engineers have designed custom products to fit every single application. Such as, we could horizontally fold the mud gas separator on the skid for easy transportation.

GN provide the economic, environment and safe closed loop system including mud gas separator, shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud conditioner, vacuum degasser and decanter centrifuge
etc. We not only just provide you a single unit or system, but also focused on the best solution for your mud, fast response and convenient spare part delivery. Call us today to save your time and money.

GN linear Motion Shale Shaker VS Derrick Shale Shaker

There is not doubt that shale shakers/scalping are the first phase for separating solids in the mud recycle system. Today, GN shale shakers are not only used in the oil & gas drilling project but also largely applied for the HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling), water well drilling and dredge slurry system etc.Shale Shaker

GN a variety model of shale shaker applied for different purpose of drilling project.

1. Normally, GN double deck shale shaker or two-panel shale shaker are mainly used for the HDD, water well drilling and TBM drilling. First of all, dual shaker and two-panel shaker have the compact design and small footprint matching with small treating capacity and dual function requirement.

2. GN 3-panel and 4-panel shale shakers are largely used for the oil & gas drilling and dredge slurry application. Large treating capacity and fast replacement shaker screens are main advantages.

GN 3- panel shale shaker VS Derrick FLC503 model shale shaker.

The main difference between GN shale shaker and derrick shale shaker is the shaker screen. GN uses pretensioned shaker screen as the similar as MI-Swaco shaker screen. Derrick choose their own patent pyramid shaker screen or the new hyperpool shaker screen

For the rest of technical configuration, GN shale shaker is really similar to derrick shale shaker such as
1. Both G force of shale shaker is under 7.5G.

2. GN 703E-HB weir feeder is 895mm and derrick is with 650mm

3. GN shale shaker 703 treating capacity is 530 GPM under API 40 shaker screen, Derrick flc503 shale shaker is 560 GPM of a 17.8 PPG fluid

4. GN Screen area is 2. 63㎡ and Derrick screen area is 24.9 square foot (2.3㎡)

In Summary, there is not much difference between GN Shale shaker and Derrick shale shaker. GN Solids America also supplies desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, vertical cutting dryer and centrifugal pump etc.

Suck Dangerous Gas from Fluids-Vacuum Degasser

GN Vacuum degasser is a special equipment for purifying drilling fluid. Vacuum degasser plays an important role in drilling fluid viscosity and stability of drilling fluids density. Even the drilling fluids does not contain harmful gases, it could work as a big mud agitator

GN Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum Degasser Working Principle:

Firstly, the vacuum pump suction is generated in the negative pressure zone sealed container, under negative pressure, the fluids will be sucked by the tube into the hollow shaft of the rotor, By the collision between drilling fluids and units, the dangerous gas within fluids will be pump to be discharged into the safety zone . the fluids will flow back to the mud tank. Therefore, the vacuum is able to complete separate the harmful gas and recovery the drilling fluids.

The feature of vacuum degasser

1 uses negative pressure degasser, reasonable design structure of science, to achieve effective gas-liquid separation, filter out impurities, ensure the exhaust pipe is always smooth;

2 using a belt drive, avoiding the complicated gear mechanism to ensure long working hours;

3 water ring vacuum pump(used on the decanter cenfuge) in the work process, always in isothermal state for flammable gas pumping, safe and reliable performance;

4 degassing efficiency is over 95% and maximum kick out the dangerous gas

GN Solids America degasser is a self-contained unit, which suck the fluids by itself. GN degasser is monitored by level sensor to protect over sunction of the fluids.

GN Solids America is the first API & ISO certified solids control supplier in China. We fabricates a full line of products for the solids control industry including shaker screens, mud cleaners, dryer shakers and closed loops system. GN is dedicated to remove impurities and recover reusable drilling fluid, transfer the recovered drilling fluid to and ultimately return it to our clients mud tank. Give us a call, GN will give you more option.

Air Compressor for GN Decanter Centrifuge Application.

Air compressor is a very common unit in the drilling jobsite. Air compressor is widely used for the oil drilling site, water well drilling site, rock drilling site and mining drilling. Today, I am talking about the air compressor with our VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) control panel decanter centrifuge.

What is the GN VFD control panel decanter centrifuge?VFD

Pressurized Stainless Steel Electrical VFD (ABB Brand) Control Box is by PLC smart control and touch screen, the advanced system is for high temperature environment and dangerous zone application. We have ATEX and IEC Ex Certified VFD control panel available for North America and European standard. GN VFD control panel is used in GNLW363BG, GNLW453, GNLW553 and GNLW363BD model. VFD control panel is able to control the feeding pump, main motor and back drive motor of centrifuge in order to achieve the flexible speed and meet for different jobsite requirement. Take VFD GNLW363BG as a example, typical bowl speed is between 0 and 3200 RPM and differential speed is between 0 and 40 RPM under the VFD control panel.

Why does GN decanter centrifuge require air compressor?

It is widely acknowledged that there is some dangerous gas in the drilling site. When we start the decanter centrifuge on the drilling site, hazardous gas may cause the explosion in the control cabinet. Therefore, we need expel all the dangerous gas prior to start the decanter centrifuge. Air compressor plays an important role in kicking off dangerous gas and providing a safe working place. GN decanter centrifuge installs the air pressure sensor to automatically control starter of decanter centrifuge. There is no doubt that air compress is a necessary tool for the GN decanter centrifuge.

GN Solids Control is a leading manufacturer of Solids Control Units and experts in the decanter centrifuge industry. More information, plz contact with

Solids Control centrifuge for sale with big discount

GN Solids America have 3 sets of Fixed speed & high speed centrifuge for sale. The centrifuge is fabricated in the end of last year. It is our former design with two electric motors in two end. This centrifuge is working in many oilfield, the performance is good.  For the new design, there is better performance on the oil lubrication system and also two motors on one end give more space for operators.

452 Decanter Centrifuge 2

After we issue the promotion information, we have got active inquiry on the centrifuge. Now we have customer from Middle East who will give us orders and down payment within 3 days. This customer is also our old customer who have 2 sets variable speed control panel desander from GN Solids Control. That means, only one set centrifuge is remaining for sale. Pls act quickly if you have real requirements.


GN Solids America will attend ADIPEC in Nov. 2014 and NOG in Feb.2015, which is hosted in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Abuja, Nigeria separately. We will also take some centrifuge to the exhibition. This centrifuge is also for sale with big discount. If you are customer from middle east and close to UAE, pls contact our Middle East Sale Man for quotation. If you are from Nigeria or Ghana Or Gabon, pls contact our Africa Sale man for quotation.  After the show close, you can transport the centrifuge away.


GN Solids America as the leading manufacturer of solids control centrifuge and waste management centrifuge can satisfy the requirement from most of the customer. The specified requirement on decanter centrifuge, we can customize for customer. ( Like color, LOGO etc.)

GN Solids Control Attend CIPPE 2014 Shanghai

GN Solids Control participate on Sixth CIPPE 2014 (from August 26th to August 28th ) held in Shanghai. GN attracts a heap of clients and buyer attention.

Why is GN the second to none in Chinese solids control industry?2014.09.06 shanghai Oil Show

GN Solids Control carries a full line of products for the solids control industry. We also offer equipment from shaker screens, shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuge to the complete closed loops system. Our commitment to an unparalleled level of equipment and service has enabled us to enjoy tremendous growth and a leading position in our field. Under the fierce competition, it is our quality units and fast service that we believe makes us number one.

What GN display on the OTC Shanghai

GN Big bowl decanter centrifuge is showed on the OTC. GN big bowl decanter centrifuge is with maximum 484 treating capacity and 22 inch bowl diameter. Typical speed is able to reach 2500RPM and 35:1 rational gearbox. There is no doubt that durable SS316L stainless steel and tungsten carbide alloy of solids discharge gains the public eyes.

Why we choose GN Solids Control?

GN Solids Control implements reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy handle with drilling fluids, combining our solids control units and fast services. We are commitment to responsive fluid control and are able to recycle more drilling fluid than our competitors. Our integrated portfolio of cutting-edge solids control technologies are engineered to optimize drilling performance by reducing fluid losses and costs. GN Solids Control is dedicated to the supply of quality products including, shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner (mud conditioner). Centrifugal pump and mud agitators. GN also offers new decanter centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer. Proven reliability and continued customer support is demonstrated with worldwide installations to some of the largest company in the world.

Talk with GN Solids Control, you will find more solutions for your drilling fluids.