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Air Compressor for GN Decanter Centrifuge Application.

Air compressor is a very common unit in the drilling jobsite. Air compressor is widely used for the oil drilling site, water well drilling site, rock drilling site and mining drilling. Today, I am talking about the air compressor with our VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) control panel decanter centrifuge.

What is the GN VFD control panel decanter centrifuge?VFD

Pressurized Stainless Steel Electrical VFD (ABB Brand) Control Box is by PLC smart control and touch screen, the advanced system is for high temperature environment and dangerous zone application. We have ATEX and IEC Ex Certified VFD control panel available for North America and European standard. GN VFD control panel is used in GNLW363BG, GNLW453, GNLW553 and GNLW363BD model. VFD control panel is able to control the feeding pump, main motor and back drive motor of centrifuge in order to achieve the flexible speed and meet for different jobsite requirement. Take VFD GNLW363BG as a example, typical bowl speed is between 0 and 3200 RPM and differential speed is between 0 and 40 RPM under the VFD control panel.

Why does GN decanter centrifuge require air compressor?

It is widely acknowledged that there is some dangerous gas in the drilling site. When we start the decanter centrifuge on the drilling site, hazardous gas may cause the explosion in the control cabinet. Therefore, we need expel all the dangerous gas prior to start the decanter centrifuge. Air compressor plays an important role in kicking off dangerous gas and providing a safe working place. GN decanter centrifuge installs the air pressure sensor to automatically control starter of decanter centrifuge. There is no doubt that air compress is a necessary tool for the GN decanter centrifuge.

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