Working Principle of Centrifuge in Coal Washing Plant

1. Working Principle of Vertical Vibration Discharge Centrifuge

In general, the vertical and horizontal centrifuge structure is not different, the difference is mainly arranged in different ways, vertical is vertical. The working principle of vertical centrifuge is that the staff put the material into the machine through the funnel, pay attention to the distribution must be evenly when placed. When the machine is running, the material can be thrown into the cone of the sieve basket by centrifugal force at high speed. Among them, because its vibration is axial, its material also moves from top to bottom with the whole sieve surface, and then realizes the separation of solid and liquid. The separated liquid can be discharged through the sink. In addition, the vibration of the machine can keep the material loose  state, so that the overall dehydration effect is more obvious.

2. Working principle of Horizontal vibrating discharge centrifuge

In horizontal high-speed vibration dynamic discharge axial centrifuge, the material is mainly subjected to two axial centrifugal forces. One main force is the axial centrifugal force which rotates at high speed along the rotating direction of the inertia diameter of the vibrating animal material; the other is the centrifugal force which comes from the direction of the inertia axis of the vibrating material along the rotation direction of the material diameter. because the internal \915; centrifugal gravity of the material and the factor of its separation rate are usually much smaller compared with the centrifugal force factor of the material axis upward, the axial centrifugal force factor is negligible.

The direction and numerical value of the two vibrating inertial friction forces on the internal movement of the various materials to be processed can always change. The centrifugal force can C be divided into two forces, that is, Cp and Ct,. The inertial force of vibration can also be decomposed into JP and Jt.. If the result is greater than the friction between the input material and the sieve surface, the material will move outward, that is, the discharge.

3. Working principle of scraper discharge centrifuge

In general, scraper discharge centrifugal opportunities according to the distribution of sieve basket in which the distinction is horizontal and vertical. The operation principle of the machine is mainly through centrifugal force to achieve filtration, when the wet coal enters, it will reach between the sieve basket and the scraper of the screw, and then through centrifugal force, the centrifugal liquid is discharged through the whole material from the screen and into the sink, and finally out of the machine, the material that drains the water will remain inside the screen. But there is a certain speed difference between the sieve basket and the screw scraper, which makes the scraper can scrape out the coal particles and finally get the dry coal.

The spiral corner spacing on the scraper shaft refers to the angle between the trajectory of the centrifuge coal flow motion and the centrifuge sieve strip. at present, assuming that the measured value β=45~60°, the effective width of the sieve seam is determined to be Bβ=b/sinβ(where, b/snβ is the scraper pitch of the centrifuge). It can be seen that the correct selection of appropriate scraper pitch is very important for the dehydration of centrifuges [2]. moreover, the gap between the scraper and the sieve basket is required to be (2±1) mm, this gap can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the mat on the flange of the shaft or decrease the scraper.

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