Operation Process and Advantages of Industrial Centrifuges

Centrifuge is a machine that uses centrifugal force to separate the components of a liquid from a solid particle or a mixture of liquid and liquid. Mainly used in chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. There are many kinds of centrifuges, let’s talk about the operation process and advantages of industrial centrifuges.

The characteristic of industrial centrifuge is that it can automatically carry on the cycle operation of feeding, separating, washing, drying, discharging, washing net and so on. The operating time of each process can be automatically controlled by the electrical hydraulic system according to the procedure according to the predetermined requirements, or it can be operated directly by manual.

When the industrial centrifuge is operated, the feed valve opens automatically, the suspension enters the drum running at full speed, the liquid phase is thrown out of the drum through the filter net and the small hole in the drum wall, and then flows out through the outlet of the casing. The slag left in the drum is evenly distributed on the filter surface by rake teeth. When the filter slag reaches the specified thickness, the feed valve automatically closes. Then the flushing valve is opened automatically, and the washing liquid is sprayed on the filter slag for a certain time, and the valve is automatically closed. After drying for a certain time, the scraper rises automatically, the filter slag is scraped and discharged through the inclined chute. When the scraper rises to the limit position, it automatically recedes, and the flushing valve is opened to flush the filter. For a certain duration After time, complete an operation cycle. re-start feed into the next operation cycle.

Industrial centrifuges have the advantages of strong adaptability to materials, the particle size of solid particles can be used from very fine to very coarse; the concentration of suspension and the change of feed is not sensitive; filter, washing time can be freely adjusted; filter slag dry, and can get very good washing; generally at full speed to complete each process, production capacity; can filter or settle some difficult to separate suspensions.

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