How to Maintain the Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is a continuous operation of settling equipment. Choosing a suitable decanter centrifuge can not only solve the production problem and improve the working efficiency, but also save the production cost and reduce the operating risk. The following is to introduce the main points of maintenance and maintenance of decanter centrifuge.

1. for bag type coarse effect or medium effect filter, under normal use condition, general use 7-9 weeks should replace new.

2. for sub-efficient filters, under normal operating conditions, the general use of 5-6 months, should also be replaced.

3. all kinds of filters before the device, do not promise to open the bag or packaging film; and according to the packing box marked on the biased storage filter; in the handling process, should be light, light release, to prevent violent vibration and collision.

4. for high-efficiency filters, the device bias must be accurate: when using corrugated plate combination filter in vertical device, corrugated plate must be perpendicular to the ground; filter in vertical and frame connection, strictly prohibited leakage, deformation, breakage and leakage of glue, etc., after the device must be wrapped inside clean, free of dust, oil, rust and debris.

5. the high efficiency filter is installed, the arrow on the outer frame should be consistent with the airflow direction; when it is installed vertically, the filter paper crease direction should be perpendicular to the ground.

6. transport and storage of efficient filters shall be shelved in accordance with the direction of the factory signs. Lying screw centrifuge in the transport process, should be light to take light release, to prevent violent vibration and collision, do not allow rough loading and unloading.

7. the high efficiency filter must be unpacked at the installation site before installation for appearance inspection, including: filter paper, sealant and frame damage; side length, diagonal and thickness dimensions meet the requirements; frame with or without burrs and rust spots; with or without product certification, technical performance meets the design requirements. Then according to the standard “clean room construction and acceptance code” the method of inspection, qualified should be installed immediately.

8. the cleanliness level is equal to and higher than the high efficiency filter used in the clean room of class 100, the detected according to the method specified in the clean room construction and acceptance code before installation, and the required requirements shall be met.

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