Welcome to CIPPE 2016, GN booth in E2

As the coming of year 2016, comes the CIPPE 2016 in March soon. It is one of the largest and famous Oil Shows in the world.

There are 3 main oil shows which are held each year in 3 different places, one is OTC, based in Houston, Texas, the oil center of USA. In drilling industry, Houston is the technical center, and nearly all TOP manufacturers have their headquarters or branch offices there. GN Solids Control is the first Chinese solids control company who started the office and branch in USA. In Houston, Texas, GN Solids Control has the branch company with name of GN Solids American. You will see GN booth in OTC also, in May, 2016.

Another international Oil show is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, which is the oil field center of the world in Middle East. Abu Dhabi spread it’s affluence to the whole middle east. And Abu Dhabi oil show also attracted all the main oil and gas related companies in the world, and visitors are from many countries, including but not limited to middle east countries.

cippe 2016

Then, the CIPPE Oil Show in Beijing, held in each March. Since China has become the world manufacturer for a long time, lots of manufacturing for oil and gas related equipment and technologies are moved to China. Also the three giants of Chinese Oil companies are spreading their strength all over the world. Now CIPPE China is attracting more and more companies and visitors especially when the oil price is low.

GN Solids Control has attended CIPPE for many years, and each year, GN would bring the most advantaged equipment with the new design or improvement. Such improvements are based on the jobsite feedbacks and the suggestions from the old clients. Comparing with GN clients, GN knows better for manufacturing equipments, But the clients who use the products everyday in their work, knows much better how to improve them and how to make them to be more efficient.

If you need more information, welcome to visit our booth in CIPPE 2016, in Beijing in E2 Hall.

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