Tips on Slurry Treatment

The slurry flocculant can adsorb and bridge the solid particles or aggregates in the slurry, so that the fine particles can be bridged into flocs of large particle groups, so as to achieve the purpose of self-gravity settlement or removal by mechanical equipment.

At present, the technological process of sand mechanism sand in China is as follows: the pebbles or ores are broken by crushing machinery, and the sand and stone are washed by sand washing equipment to obtain fine sand with less mud content. This process produces a large amount of sewage, the main pollutant is sediment, in which sludge suspended in the water, difficult to settle, direct discharge of water pollution is serious. At present, the sedimentation tank method used in the industry covers a large area, treatment time is long, sediment extraction is not easy, tank car transport method, high cost, can not fundamentally solve the problem.

In recent years, most of them have adopted this kind of process system, such as mud water collection sedimentation tank, secondary settling tank, clear liquid tank, mud sand separation system, dosing system, drainage system and slag discharge system. The working principle is as follows: the mud water is collected into the sedimentation tank through the pipeline, and pretreated by the mud dehydrator to remove most of the fine sand and part of the mud in the mud water, and the filtrate enters the secondary settling tank through the drainage system. The mud water of the secondary settling tank is suspended mud, and the specific gravity difference with water is very small, it must be treated with flocculant. After the mud water is treated by dehydrator, the mud sand branch removal rate is more than 95%, and the water in the clear liquid tank can be returned directly to the sand washing system, and the real zero discharge can be achieved.

Slurry flocculant is usually used with water ratio between 0.1% and 0.3%, then after mixing dissolved into glue-like water, then added to the mud sewage sand washing circulating water outlet for mixing, can quickly precipitate the suspended matter in the sewage in a few seconds, sand washing yard mud sewage is a kind of water containing fine mud particles suspended matter, and the amount of mud content is very high, so it is recommended to do a small test, determine the proportion of mud precipitator after adding, can be large quantities of sediment washing.

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