Application of Mud Precipitator

Mud precipitator is an organic polymer, which can quickly separate and precipitate all kinds of mud sewage and achieve the purpose of mud water separation. It is a good mud pressure mud dehydrator.

Mud precipitator, can be used for rapid precipitation of mud wastewater such as washing mud, sand washing mud, piling mud and so on. In the process of sand washing production in mine sand washing yard, a large amount of waste water, solid sediment and sludge will be produced. The main pollutants are a large number of sediment suspensions with different particle sizes. Generally, more than 2 sedimentation tanks are used to filter out larger suspended matter or particles.

Mechanism of sedimentation agent action: it is very practical and simple to make rapid flocculation sedimentation of mud wastewater adopt mud rapid sedimentation agent, mud rapid sedimentation agent also known as mud precipitator, mud sewage flocculant, in the sand washing mud wastewater treatment process due to different water quality, composition, need to choose the corresponding mud rapid sedimentation agent products, can quickly adsorb suspended matter in mud wastewater to form condensed particles, these flocs in the process of settling, will catch new mud particles, and become a tight structure of large flocs after collision.

Experimental selection: in order to speed up the sedimentation rate of mud waste water in mine, sand washing yard and other production processes, reduce the sedimentation time of sediment, reduce the content of suspended matter in sewage and reduce the cost of sewage treatment, the types, structure, molecular weight and ionic strength of mud precipitator, dehydration and peeling property of filter different. In practical production, in order to select the appropriate slurry rapid precipitator and its addition amount, the following methods are usually used to determine.

  1. In the beaker containing sewage such as crazy or sand washing yard gradually add mud precipitator after stirring.
  2. When the amount of its addition reaches a certain value, the flocs formed by flocculation in the mud sewage begin to disperse again, and the quantitative value is the appropriate amount of the slurry rapid precipitator. After many tests.
  3. Appropriate amount of mud precipitator and its addition can be selected.

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