Common Failures & Solutions of Mud Treatment Equipment

Mud treatment equipment as a kind of separation device used to treat mud and separate liquid and solid in various sectors. Due to the facts that mud usually has the property of corrosiveness, or the treatment equipment has been in service for a certain period, some improper operation is made in use or other reasons, it is avoidably easy to cause some malfunctions or equipment failure, resulting to the device cannot work properly as expected. What are the common failures of mud separation equipment? What should be done when the mud separation equipment fails? Here are listed some common failures and corresponding repair methods for your reference.

1.Mud separation equipment idling
If the main motor idling occurs during the operation of the mud separation equipment, the power supply should be cut off first in this situation, and then the cover should be opened to check whether it is due to the material stuck in the equipment.

2.The effect of mud dehydration weakened compared with before
When the separation equipment is not able to handle the mud at run time to achieve the previous separation effect, operator can try to change a parameter at a time, or do some simple debugging to see if the failure can be accordingly solved or not. If not, then turn to the technical staff or the equipment supplier for help, and the pre-requisit is to ensure safety.

3.Mud separation equipment stops running for unknown reason.
In response to this situation, new mud separation equipment accessories can be used to replace suspicious accessories for testing, which is a relatively simple and effective treatment methods. Such method is suitable for some circuit board systems and other aspects of the problem solving. If the replacement of suspicious parts with new components can not solve the existing malfunction, operator should get the original parts back, which is less costly and more effective.

The above introduces several common failures of mud treatment equipment. In addition to the timely solution after the failure, in order to ensure the normal and safe use of mud separation equipment, operator should also carry out routine maintenance, carry out refueling maintenance for rotation of the fittings once a month , and at the same time check the lubrication of the bearing operation whether there is wear phenomenon, or whether the parts in the brake device is worn. Seriously worn parts should be replaced in time.

The mud treatment equipment produced by GN has the advantages of strong environmental adaptability and low failure rate, and generally has low requirements for the working environment and operators. If there are minor failures in peacetime, attend it timely repair, do a good job of maintenance, and the basic equipment can ensure a long service life.

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