The Value of Decanter Centrifuge in Tailings Washing Industry

Before the introduction of decanter centrifuge into the field of tailings recovery, the traditional way is to discharge a large amount of unqualified tailings. With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, the mineral processing industry can not find a balance between water pollution control and production, which seriously restricts the healthy development of tailings washing industry. The following three advantages of decanter centrifuge in tailings washing field are discussed to discuss the adaptability value of centrifuge to industry.

Separation and recycling of tailings solid-liquid by decanter centrifuge:

The decanter centrifuge is introduced into the field of washing washing and pollution control. The sewage pretreatment is added with precipitator flocculant and then entered into the purification tank. First, the concentrate powder in the tailings washing wastewater is separated by the horizontal screw centrifugal solid liquid, which increases the utilization efficiency of resources and reduces the waste of resources.

Regeneration and utilization of mineral processing wastewater by decanter centrifuge:

The pretreatment water quality of tailings washing wastewater by decanter centrifuge can participate in production again, and participate in production recycling again to save cost or discharge. The recycling of water resources reduces the consumption of water resources in the industry, not only reduces the cost, but also saves energy and is more environmentally friendly;

Adding added value to tailings particle classification by decanter centrifuge:

Recovery of concentrate powder, in the decanter centrifuge solid-liquid separation stage can be selected and graded ore powder particle size, purification and classification of concentrate powder quality, increased the value-added deduction cost to create value;

GN decanter centrifuge separation precision high processing capacity is small, the use of decanter centrifuge to treat wastewater to the original sedimentation tank transport pipeline compatibility, no major changes to reduce the cost of capital construction, Because of the advantages of simple operation, low processing cost and reliable operation, solid-liquid separation has been widely used in sewage treatment industry.

The above is about the case of decanter centrifuge turning waste into treasure into profit in the separation of solid liquid from tailings of concentrator. Through the input-output ratio of decanter centrifuge to demonstrate the value of creating wealth of centrifuge equipment, Wealth is around only in the pitch between hope to inspire you!

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